Friday, 21 April 2017


Good Morning lovely people, Friday already - 16th of 2017 and time to take stock 

First up a week off work, always a blessing particularly when you are juggling 2 jobs! 

Friday was a bank holiday as it was Good Friday, so we decided to head to the cinema, Fast 8 is out and as we've loved all the others we wanted to see this one, plus if we leave it too long we end up knowing about the story so wanted to see it early.  We then popped to get some lunch before heading home.  My Mum and sister popped up and hubby went and collected items from the gardening centre. 

As the weather was good over the bank holiday weekend (I know unheard of), we decided to continue working on the back garden, the plan is to go grass free as the lawn often looks pretty awful and the high maintenance factor means that it has driven me mad over recent weeks.  That and the fact we took the grass out of the front garden last year and literally haven't looked back! 

Hubby repaired the fence on the right hand side, it needed a little TLC, then I set to with a fence paint - country cream!   Then hubby set to making a raised deck platform whilst me and said 16 year old worked on the slate in the garden.  As we already had quite a lot of slate down, but the membrane underneath was no good, we decided to put down new membrane and put the old slate through a riddle to get rid of the soil and debris leaving only the bigger pieces of slate to reuse, a thankless task but worthwhile given how expensive slate is and how much we managed to reuse. 

The photo is at the end of the day where said 16 year old decided to try out the decking! 

Sunday was more of the same when it came to the garden, although we also had an evening wedding reception to attend.  

Here we all are at the do. 

I made the happy couple a book in a box to fill with photos from their happy day

And me and my sister got a photo together 

Easter Monday came and went and we had quite a lazy day. 

Tuesday arrived and our 19th wedding anniversary - scary how time flies!  

This is a photo from the day

And another, I remember laughing in this photo because hubby was hiding a glass of bucks fizz in all the photos!

We went up to Yorkshire Sculpture Park for our anniversary 'date' said 16 year old had gone to the cinema with a school friend. 

We did the full circuit which is in excess of 5 miles.  It was utter bliss!

And we managed a selfie despite the bright sunshine 

I loved seeing the cherry blossom in flower. 

And this installation is now in, but we couldn't get close due to filming! 

Me and hubby photobombed our own piccie

And found this beautiful bench with the beginning of a favourite poem on it!

We found the new art - which is actually painted over the old art which said - Art makes Children Powerful - it now says - All Schools should be Art Schools

Wednesday was a strange day, hubby back at work and said 16 year at school all day finishing off coursework and doing some revision, he was the only one in for the full 6 hours! 

I did a little mini book, managed a single 12 x 12 layout and then made a start on an art doll.  Said 16 year old has his original book from art at home at the minute whilst he makes improvements to it.  The original project was an art doll and I thought, well I've never made an art doll.  I've been pinning lots of examples on Pinterest recently and thought I'd have a go, so this is the beginning of my art doll. 

I have since done another face which is just as strange. 

Thursday I went for a walk as I needed some fresh air and captured this photo, hubby detests this particular crop as it always triggers his hayfever.  We seem to be surrounded by it this year!

I came home and enjoyed a cup of spiced ginger tea in one of my favourite cups bought for me by a friend. 

The rest of Thursday was spent playing on the sewing machine, said 16 year old joined in when he eventually got up and we put Fantastic Beasts on the TV whilst we were working. 

Once hubby was home, he took items to the tip from the garden and off the drive and picked some more slate up on the way back. 

Me and said 16 year old had planted out a couple of pots I had and they needed a bit more compost so they picked me some of that up too, whilst I stayed home and made tea. 

And then you find me here on Friday morning, a bit later than normal, I've been food shopping as the cupboards were bare. 

I hope you've had a grand week, if you fancy joining in.  Pop a post together, pop back and link up and we shall come and visit. 


  1. Snap! hahaha....was our 31st wedding anniversary on Wednesday...and we spent last weekend working in the back garden too*presently buttering some shelving from the bedroom to make shelves in the green house*. Can't wait to see how your first art doll turns out :D XXX

  2. Oh you had a wonderful week! Isn't it great to have a day all to yourself!
    Belated happy anniversary. Great photos from 19 yrs ago. I love your wedding dress. Jacobean style. Very unusual.
    Your garden looks very stylish. You will enjoy using your garden for your leisure and not thinking about the dreaded awful lawn (and the mowing of). Said 16 yr old is setting the example here.Now all you need is a bit of decent weather.
    The photo book you made is stunning. Well done you. I am making a book for my friend's wedding (I don't know if I told you or not). But it's nothing like as fancy as yours as I don't have pretty stencils.
    Thank you for taking me through the sculpture park again. I can't get enough of it and am determined to visit it this summer when we are in the UK. I have now booked the ferry and I also know we will be in the Manchester area on the last weekend of August (is that a Bank holiday?). I've looked it up and it is only 60 miles from Congleton, where we are staying. After my sister's wedding (on the Saturday), we will probaly welcome a long walk. My hubby is not so art minded but will appreciate the walk, the fresh air and good company.
    I'll give the spiced ginger tea a miss. I am not a lover of ginger. I tried it in all forms during my chemo, but it made me sick just smelling it.
    Have a lovely weekend,

  3. The garden is coming along well. Lovely wedding photos Virginia.
    Mmmm, spiced ginger tea is a favourite. I'm a really coffee addict but I do love a drop of ginger tea.
    Toni xx

  4. April must have been a busy month. It was our anniversary yesterday too, but we don't make a lot of fuss about it, but it was a special day all the same. Your doll faces are 'odd' to me. I can't get my head around that style of art, but to each his own! I am glad you had some good family time and managed to do some more work in the garden. I always find that very satisfying.
    It must be tough trying to run two jobs all the time, but at least you managed to co-ordinate them to get your weeks holiday from both at the same time. I love to see the fields of rape in flower, but I think if I had it growing around me, I would get hayfever from it too.
    have a good week. Kate x