Friday, 14 April 2017


Good morning, tis Friday time to take stock, look back at the week and count the silver lining 

Visits from family, my Mum, sister and niece popped over on Friday last week when I was off.  We had a good natter, catching up and putting the world to rights, I rarely remember to take photos (talking too much), but when my sister was trying out the snapchat filters she had me giggling (I don't do snapchat) for reasons that are fairly obvious in the photos!  

We are still enjoying the cooler evenings which enable us to have the fire lit, we enjoyed sitting and enjoying the warmth, chatting and reading and I was impressed with my new reading light that attaches to my book preventing me having to put the main light on! 

Saturday we decided to make a start on our garden, but first up the side of the house, there is a tiny gap between us and our neighbours and it has become overgrown and rather untidy in recent years so hubby and said 16 year old set about sorting it out.  This was the start of the day

And this was the end - doesn't it look better.  Weeds and rubbish removed, weed suppressant fabric laid (double layer) and then gravel on top!  

Whilst the boys were busy with this I made a start on the actual back garden, this was the start of the day

and this was the end, I decided to paint it a light cream as our garden is tiny and north west facing so trying to make the most of the garden is a priority.  After working on the front garden last year, our mission this year is to sort the back garden.  This is only the beginning! 

Sunday morning and said 16 year old had one of his keep warm team building activities with NCS.  This time out at a country park, strangely enough I haven't visited this one before, but know my sister likes it for the occasional walk.  We left him to it (it was RAF team building so we knew they would put him through his paces) and we set off on the circular walk around the reservoir.  Whilst it is a lovely walk near the water, I wasn't awfully keen on the flies in the areas where it was quite sheltered if I'm honest so I might head here again, but perhaps before the weather starts to warm up! 

We did however enjoy the blue skies! 

Hubby wasn't impressed with this lot as it sets off his hay fever, but I loved the fact that it looked like there was nothing beyond

The sun was mighty bright as the selfie shows

There were a few sheltered areas and we spotted a swan nesting in the middle of some bullrushes.

Talking of swans, I didn't spot this one when I took it but it fair made me chuckle afterwards

Said 16 year old really enjoyed the activity and despite there being a couple of friends there, the team were sensible enough to mix them up so they were forced to start chatting with other people, he enjoyed having new friend requests pop up on facebook during Sunday afternoon. 

Being a finance person for two charities, means the rest of the week has been pretty much wall to wall work if I'm brutally honest.  I had done in excess of 30 hours between Monday and Wednesday and then had another mighty long day on Thursday.  Grateful hubby went and sorted the food shop on Tuesday so I could finish some work off. 

Thoroughly enjoying Broadchurch at the moment, last episode next week, for some strange reason hubby keeps falling asleep to it - goodness knows why!  But then I fall asleep to some of the stuff he puts on so I suppose I shouldn't grumble. 

Bumping into family at the supermarket last night twas fab, haven't seen either of them in an age. 

Said 16 year old getting on with the old revision, he's been into school twice this week for revision sessions.  Monday it was DT food and finishing off a bit of coursework.  Wednesday it was a full day of biology revision and Thursday he had a friend over for RE and history revision!  I can't fault his work ethic, I'm hoping it will give him the results he needs in the summer. 

And that my people is that, I find myself at Friday morning, Good Friday and a long weekend stretched out in front of me.  I hope your weekend is a good one.  If you fancy joining in pop a post together and pop back and link up.  


  1. Gosh you have had a busy week!
    Great that you had a bit of a natter with your sis and niece. I have no idea what snapchat is. But then I don't really use my phone that much so I am out of the loop so to speak.
    I'm glad said 16 yr old liked his team building excursion. I always like to hear what he is up to. Little does he know that women all over the world are 'following' him and rooting for him too. Lol.
    I hope you have a lovely weekend (an extra long w/e as it is Easter).
    Wow! What a difference a little cleaning up can do. We are in the throws of tidying and cleaning too. Poco a poco as they say in Spain (little by little).
    The space in between the properties looks a 1000% better. And the back garden will be lovely too. I like the lighter colour. It gives a sense of (more) space.
    Aren't those reading lights amazing. We have them in our travel bags. Not everywhere you go there is a decent bed light. Also in the campervan we used them as we could then turn the main light off and reasd. I also find it handy to read in bed when hubby wants to sleep, so I don't bother him with the light.
    The park looks lovely but I can image it triggers all sorts of allergy things and gnats too. (Being near water) A bit like Holland I might say.

  2. bombed by a swan...classic :D We too have been attacking the garden this we start fencing the "pincic area" XXX

  3. I sympathise with your husband and the rapeseed flowers, but doesn't it look fabulous.
    I like your little reading light. I have a simlar one for my Kindles because it is an older model without a backlight, but usually I have ll the lights on so I can do my crochet etc while we watch TV. I am with you Broadchurch and so far we have both managed to follow it.
    Th reservoir looks lovely, but I agree with you that the flies are not!
    Well done on the garden work. The cream paint certainly brightens up that corner.
    I hope you have time over the Easter weekend to rest before you are back to work again. Enjoy the holiday. Kate x

  4. looks like you had a very productive time in the garden - love the light cream fencing. The photos from the resevoir are gorgeous - love them all, especially the swan! the oil seed rape is a nightmare for hay fever (luckily I don't suffer) but I really like the photo. Happy Easter

  5. Great photos Virginia.
    Rapeseed is terrible for hayfever sufferers but doesn't it look fabulous.
    I have lots of fencing that needs staining this weekend - fingers crossed the wind drops as I don't feel like wearing forest green wood stain LOL
    Toni xx