Friday, 31 March 2017


Good Morning lovely people time to count the blessings/silver linings and positives from the week that was 

First up was catching this photo when I got into work last week, the sun was shining and this is one of my colleagues view from her desk - my view is no where near as pretty! 

Next up the grape hyacinths in my pots outside, I grew these when we lived in Stafford many years ago, as they are a corm and not a bulb they continue to increase in numbers year on year and I love love love the colour.  I hadn't realised that even the bees manage to get pollen from them as I managed a few bouts of sitting and enjoying the sunshine on the front of the house over the weekend watching the bees enjoying themselves!

As you can tell from the light levels, the sun was really bright

I had a giggle at the weekend trying to find my foam dots on my desk! 

Said 16 year old presented me with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for Mother's day, so I grabbed this photo of him!

Here they are close up - aren't they pretty! 

Hubby and said 16 year old went to get supplies for his final art exam, I sat on the front waiting for their return!  Note they both roll their sleeves up - 2 peas in a pod I tell you! 

And then the weekend was art art and a bit more art - not in a fun crazy expressive kind of way, but in a gathering supplies and cajoling said 16 year old to get his art book up to date ready for his exam on Monday next week! 

He even tried a bit of smocking - something I've never done, but he seemed to manage quite easily. 

Trialling coloured Powertex proved challenging! 

Trying out ideas on a mini maquette for him seemed to be quite fun though

I was treated to a beautiful morning sky when I put my make up on before work on Thursday

We got this on Monday and watched it that evening - we saw it at the cinema and loved it, but said 16 year old didn't.  He was of the same view as us after the film though - we want to own a niffler - the cutest of creatures in the film. 

I had a day this week where I just forgot to make lunch.  Thinking I would be OK and survive a rather long day I was offered this - all I can say is life saver!

The rest of the week has been busy busy busy, mainly ensuring that said 16 year old is as ready for his art exam as he can be, last night he was gathering supplies and bagging them up according to his plan.  This morning he has taken said supplies, canvases, board etc to school with hubby together with the world's heaviest bag for his weekend revision residential and I am now trying to reclaim the house.  My next task is to attack my art table - which has been used as a general dumping ground as you can imagine this week! 

I hope you've had a great week too, that the sun has been shining for you and that you have some positive elements to focus on.  If you fancy popping a post together, come back and link up and I can come and visit, comments are always lovely to - it means I'm not technically just talking to myself! 


  1. Busy Busy Busy! Everything evolves around Said 16 yr old and his exams. I wish him all the best as he seems to work really hard.
    That is so sweet to receive a lovely bunch of flowers, and also the Double Decker was such a (lit) sweet gesture.
    No you're not talking to yourself. I have no idea what you voice sounds like but in my mind I can hear you speak with your lovely northern accent!
    Have a great weekend (just the two of you),
    Keep smiling,

  2. Lots of super photos Virginia.
    I can't believe we are heading into April already. All I seem to be doing at work at the moment is staff performance reviews - groan.
    Toni xx

  3. Chocolate is always a good lunch replacement...and that's a fact lol
    I didn't know bees liked grape hyacinth either...must add to my garden immedately :D XXX

  4. Hope said 16 year old's exams go well.. he seems to work hard so I am sure he will do well. Love the morning sky, and the sunny aspect from the office window (shame it's not yours!) Have a great week to come.

  5. You are not talking to yourself Virginia. I love that we are miles apart, both enjoying the skies, both sitting watching the bees on our flowers, and both owners of the messiest work desks where nothing can be found without a fight! It's a small world.
    I hope the lad's exam goes well for him after all that work. There are some interesting materials to work with these days.
    Must rush now. Sorry I will miss next week's post, but I can't see me managing one. I'll be back though. Kate x