Friday, 17 March 2017


Good Morning/evening/afternoon lovely people 

tis the 11th Friday of 2017 

So time to check out the positive moments, silver linings etc that made the last 7 days more manageable

First up is having some crafting time, actually setting myself some time to craft, I decided to have a play and had a fun morning it has to be said.  

Friday afternoon I managed an impromptu catch up with my sister, but alas - again no photos - ARGH - I really do have to get my act together on this now! 

Next up a jaunt out with hubby, we went in search of a large frame for said 16 year old's final art piece - alas we didn't find any - we came home with a mirror (a potential but definitely not what we set out to get), a metal wall hanging (again a potential but not what we set out to get) and the second series of Gossip Girl which said 16 year old has been binge watching when he's downed tools from his revision escapades!   

When we ventured into town, we found they'd painted up this beautiful part of town, unfortunately the footfall in town is simply not what it used to be!

Saturday evening spent catching up with the Six Nations - oh how we yelled and shouted as is the norm with me and hubby, we've officially won - now to see if they can do a back to back grand slam!  We shall see! 

Sunday saw us having a jaunt out to Yorkshire Sculpture Park - one of my all time favourite places to visit.  A new exhibition, blue skies and good company (we even managed to prize said 16 year old out of the house for some fresh air). 

The exhibition is by Tony Cragg - I loved this one reminded me of a giant tooth!

Managed a selfie with said 16 year old 

And hubby!

Giggled at the Highland Cattle hiding behind the post!   I did tell him on the way past that we could still see him! 

The underground gallery was full of more sculptures and we had permission to take photos! 

And the sun was still shining as we headed back towards the centre having hit 10,000 steps on the fitbit! 

Inside there was great debate on how he had cast this!

I loved the laminated wood sculpture

And the dice sculpture - how many board games did he have to buy to make this! 

Some of the sculptures were huge!

I loved the vibrant colour of this.  Hubby said the work reminded him of ants nests. 

I also loved the smaller sculptures 

And his sketches

this was a favourite - hubby thought it looked like something out of Alien

But when we read it - it said Church, which initially confused us 

Until we saw it from a different angle - do you see it?

Other happies - blue skies and sunshine make for happy flowers apparently 

This morning I was treated to a beautiful sky as I put my make up on! 

And my flowers that hubby bought are lasting so well

So there we have it, positive moments and silver linings, I hope you've had a fabulous week too, if you fancy joining in pop a post together come back and link up and we shall come and visit, leave me a message so I know to come and check out the link! 


  1. fabulous photos, although I can't see any dice... great sculptures!

  2. Beautiful photos Virginia. A bit of sunshine really makes a difference; doesn't it. Have a super weekend.
    Toni xx

  3. Fabulous week all in all then :D ...and those sculptures are so tactile. They remind me at the stalactites and stalagmites in underground caves XXX

  4. I thouroughly enjoyed your post as always. Thank you for taking me to the sculpture park. I love to see all those sculptures.The one with the dice is very clever and beautiful, and the wooden one is def my favorite. I also liked the ice cube sculpture. And the church... I didn't see it... until....I held my head sideways!
    I love your little daffodils (I assume that's what they are) with their two colours.
    Have a great week with lots of smiles,

  5. Wow. Some of those sculptures are huge! They are very interesting. I hadn't realised one was made of dice, but when I enlarged it, I could see them. I wonder why he up-ended his church?
    You managed a lovely sky this week, which is more than I did. Pretty flowers in the garden and indoors. Your roses have lasted so well. Hugs. Kate x