Friday, 10 March 2017


Good morning/evening/afternoon (delete as appropriate) - hello lovely people - 'tis Friday which means it is time to see what's

First up a re-paint - courtesy of hubby (and a little bit of my time).  He made these Celtic knots out of wood an age ago, they've been cream in their time and then cream and red, but with the change in decor in the TV room last year we decided to go for a neutral colour but still wanted to show the two different strands in the central knot, so we've opted for grey and black and here they are back over the TV in the TV room and I have to say I'm really pleased with them!

A fab catch up with family on Saturday - the downside, so busy chatting we never got any photos - this is becoming annoying so I must remedy when we next catch up, but needless to say it was me, hubby and said 16 year old, my Mum, my sister, my niece, my brother and my brother's girlfriend, we put the world to rights for quite a few hours - which was bliss.  I drove so hubby could have a pint or two (or three or four - we were there a while)

We enjoyed watching Deep Water Horizon which we'd bought recently and the Art of Getting By, I've also enjoyed Broadchurch which is superbly acted as always, we have attempted to watch the first episode of Legion - no idea what's going on but may attempt a couple more episodes before we give up on it!

Next happy this week, was an away day at work, we couldn't get the meeting room in the building we are based in, so we had to book a venue nearby, which is a church, how beautiful is that window! 

I also loved the sculptures either side of the windows, in metal work

Next happy is the flowers in the front garden - in full bloom - look how happy these looked when the sun shone earlier in the week!

We've also started ordering items for said 16 year old's final art piece - here is the mirror foil fabric we ordered which arrived this week

Next up - impromptu flowers from hubby - just because he knew I was having a hard day - they certainly raised a smile! 

Said 16 year old finally getting his NCS pack through the post (the original got lost), he seems to have a busy year coming up on all sorts of fronts.

Thursday night, the week had been long and hard work and we seemed to have done a repeat mode of wake/work/eat+clean/TV/bed - repeat - so hubby decided to break the cycle and asked if we fancied a bar meal out - not something we do very often. 

We are blessed to have a fabulous pub only about a mile away that serves fantastic food.  

So off we toddled

I love the decor inside - the lights create a fabulous pattern on the ceiling

And hubby managed to grab this photo of me and said 16 year old

And likewise - the view from our side of the table - hubby and that all knowing look he gets, I swear he can read my mind sometimes! 

The rest of the week as I've already mentioned has been hard work, a little bit too much work and not enough down time and creativity, however, I've been banned today from cleaning by said 16 year old and hubby - so I'm going to craft - the question is what - with time on my hands that can often prove quite difficult if I'm honest! 

I hope you've had a fabulous week, if you fancy joining in, pop a post together, pop back and link up and we shall come and visit! 


  1. You are a hard working girl and you do need to relax some time so those were well deserved outings. Family gettogethers are always nice and what a dear hubby you have to take you out for a pub meal! And buying you flowers just like that. You have a treasure of a man there!
    I am excited for said 16 yr old! He is going to have such a busy and exciting year. Keep us updated on that. I want to know all! The material looks very nice and I can't wait to see what he is going to do with that.
    The celtic knot is beautiful. It was a good idea to show the different strands.
    The films you mentioned don't mean anything to me, but I'm going to google them in a minute. (Or are they TV programmes?)
    Oh that church is beautiful. Modern can be beautiful and tastefdul too. It's difficult to get it right in a church, but it looks like they did in this church.
    Well, don't work too hard! Have a good week,

  2. Beautiful photos Virginia. That bar has some super décor.
    Toni xx

  3. Lovely roses from hubby, and a bar meal. He is a good man!
    I have watched a bit of TV this week as I can sit there and do some of my little bits of crochet.I am following Broadchurch. I used to live in Dorset as a child and one of our favourite days out was to West Bay where the series is set.
    I love the Celtic knots. I bet they look stunning on your wall.
    It is good to have had some family time and even better that you were having a too good time to remember to take photos. That's how it should be really. You do work so hard, so you deserve some time off too. Kate x

  4. Your positivity is contagious :D I love visiting your blog. Somethng to look forward to...ts nearly "Whispering Wood Folk" Season XXX