Friday, 17 February 2017


Good Morning lovely people, tis Friday which means it is time for 

First up a happy from last Friday, when I was tucked up on sofa, with a streaming cold feeling very sorry for myself, I got this lovely photo of my Mum and sister at the cinema, out on a birthday treat, for my Mum it made me smile and for those asking how she is doing, she is doing grand at the moment, thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers they are always needed.

Next up playing with photos on my phone I use an app called Pxlr which provides filters to add to photos, they had some fun temporary Valentines filters which I was more than happy to use! 

Saturday morning greeted me and I was still streaming, there has been a pronounced lack of crafting creativity recently, so I set to trying to make a dent on a pile of half done picture that I'd created for Christmas cards - this was my desk!

Hubby decided he want to get on and do something as well, so he set to putting in the quote on the wall that has been missing since we redecorated at the end of last year! 

On Saturday afternoon he brought home not one but two dozen red roses as an early valentine's gift - so I had fun photographing them and playing with more filters.

I promised said 16 year old I would make him a shepherd's pie for tea - one of his favourites, he polished off half on Saturday and the remainder on Sunday, it was fun to cook him the meal! 

Said 16 year old's doorstep sandwich - cutting bread made us giggle! 

The weekend six nations - fab stuff!  

Coming home from work early and finding sun on the front garden and the fact there was a sheltered spot for me to enjoy a coffee

Tuesday was hubby's birthday and my Mums, popped in to see Mum on the way home and then had a lovely evening with hubby enjoying an M&S Valentine's meal for two - the soundtrack by the way was hubby's new Disturbed album! 

We even managed a selfie!

Wednesday was a very long day at work - I didn't get home until 8.10pm so there aren't any photos or anything exciting to talk about for Wednesday. 

Thursday a day off, waiting for a parcel to be redelivered.  I stayed in PJ's didn't see the point in getting dressed.  Spent several hours of my first day off doing work - not sure how that works if I'm honest.

Parcel arrived about 11 - which serious upset the day as I'd psyched myself up for being stuck in all day.  

I attempted to finish off a few more Christmas cards, but I think I'd lost heart a little bit - so shockingly I did a scrapbook layout, now if only if I could find the foam dots I might actually be able to finish the layout! 

And my final positive for the week - said 16 year old coming home all enthused about the NCS project that he can apply for over the summer holidays.  I'd already had a brief discussion about it, but he was a little reluctant to join, however, a school assembly means he has come home all enthused and is signed up - Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you've all had a great week and that you've got some positive moments and silver linings to look back on. 

If you fancy joining in then pop a post together pop back and link up so we can come and visit! 


  1. Your weeks' reviews always make me feel so lazy! I get home from work and generally do ... nothing! I am blaming the cold dark evenings, although to be honest it's not much different in summer! Glad your Mum is doing ok for now, long may it continue. Love the roses (and your filter fun on the phone!) Hope the cold is gone now - I am feeling as if I am coming down with one which is a pain as there is a big "thing" going on at work this time next week! xx

  2. Hope you are well over your cold now - there have been so many bugs about.
    Love your photos with your App. Said 15yr old's "doorstep" sarnie reminds me of how my Dad used to slice bread.
    Have a great weekend.
    Toni xx

  3. I hope you are feeling better now (since you were in bed on Friday). Your mum looks good by the way. I'm glad she's doing well.
    That certainly is a find those filters. I love what you have done with the bunch of roses. You made me smile at your romantic dinner with 'romantic' music, lol.
    Shephard's pie! Oh yum! Haven't had that for ages. I'll make it next week. Well it will have to be cottage pie as we can't get lamb's mince here, unless I find a Maroccan butcher in the nearby town...
    Spring is certainly coming. I have sat outside as well this week. Can't wait!
    I can't quite remember what the NCS project for the summer was, but it is great that said 16 yr old can get enthused about it. That will keep him busy during the holidays.
    Have a good week with many smiles,

  4. You really do pack a lot into each week Virginia. I am sorry you felt so poorly for the first half of it. I hope your cold is passing now.
    I think shepherd's pie must be a boy thing. All my lads want me to make it when they come over even in the middle of summer, and it is always a 'clean plates' day.
    Good for your lad, making Summer plans and committing to them. I hope it is a good course.
    I am in the middle of making a couple of Christmas cards for a blog challenge, but I really wan to find the time for some scrapbooking very soon. take care of yourself. Kate x

  5. ...and that is why I get Morrisons to slice my tiger loaf for me :D

    Oh I loved reading this. Such lovely moments. I need to find a way to document my rocking moments again, mebbe a private blog.

    Much love to your gorgeous fam. x x