Friday, 10 February 2017


Good Morning lovely people, tis Friday (again - already) and its time for 

First up on the list is 6 Nations Rugby, thankfully still covered by the freeview channels, it is a sign of February when 6 nations arrive and it always makes me happy as it usually means a little more crafting time! 

Hubby finishing off a second set of angel wings at the weekend, now to find them somewhere to live, they look fabulous, but the couple of places that we've tried up to now mean that they aren't quite right, so we shall continue our quest to find the perfect place for them. 

Catching up with my Mum, sister and niece last Friday, this time rather than garden centre we did shopping centre and enjoyed a chat over a cuppa at Starbucks putting the world to rights.  We then had a little mooch around the shops picking up things we needed, a fun time was had by all. 

Monday arrived all too soon and a day split between two jobs meant that I worked from home in the morning, the joys of a good workplace.  Meaning that I also managed to get in to see the Doctor again.  I walked around and enjoyed a rather brisk cold morning, I loved how pretty the world looked covered in frost, in the sunshine it was lovely, in the shade it was bitterly cold.  I enjoyed the walk nonetheless. 

A very wintry sun low in the sky on my way there. 

A favourite place to photograph of mine, I love seeing this tree in its different cycles through the year. 

And the sun peeping over the hillside was lovely! 

Oh I forgot to mention being evicted from our house at the weekend by said 16 year old. 

He wanted to ask a friend to be his prom date. 

He went to a lot of trouble to ask as you can see. 

You'll be pleased to know the answer was yes, they are really good friends and wanted to go together on this special occasion - which I think is mighty sweet! 

We were eventually told we could return to the house!  

Tuesday night saw me and hubby on a date night, we went to the cinema for the encore performance of The Tempest from the RSC.  It is such a strange play, the first part of which can be deemed tedious as it is so wordy!  I must admit to dosing in the first half (as did hubby), that's what a very busy day at work will do for you.  Thankfully the second half was much more lively and we'd had a coffee in the interval so the caffeine helped. 

We didn't get home until about 10.30pm - but both agreed it had been a lovely evening! 

They are doing the Rome season at the RSC so we might have to happen along and see another play later in the year. 

Thursday saw said 16 year old going to Science Live at the City Hall.  There were only 25 students that went, which is a shame because it was a chance to hear from scientists (including Professor Robert Winston) and hear from the exam boards about how to revise and hints and tips for the summer!   Said 16 year old came back very enthused and said it had been a good day! 

And that my people brings us to Friday, where I find myself looking at snowfall outside the window - not helpful when I have to get to my second job for a critical meeting with a grant funder - wish me luck! 

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  1. Hope you journey didn't hit any problems due to the snow.
    We just seem to be getting sleet down here but it is mighty cold.
    Have a great weekend.
    Toni xx

  2. How lovely to read that romance is still thriving in the youth of today :D she must have been so impressed that he didn't just text her lol Glad you and hubby also managed a romantic interlude...even if he did doze off :D XXX

  3. Wow, snow Virginia. Your photos are beautiful, but the frost looks sooo cold. It makes me wonder why we moan when we get single figures on the thermometer. the trouble is, when it has been in the upper teens all day, a drop of ten degrees at tea-time, and a house with ill fitting windows and stone floors, it feels very cold!
    It sounds as though you had a good time with family again at the start of the week. your lad makes me smile. he sounds so very different from any of my boys at his age.
    I admire you holding down two jobs. I hope the weather didn't cause too many problems for you.
    There is something very cosy about two of you nodding off through the theatre production, but I can quite understand. You were warm and comfortable, and very tired. At least you enjoyed the second half!
    Don't work too hard this week. Kate x

  4. I'm up for a few minutes. Thanks for your kind comment Virginia. It had me smiling. Although I have never met you, I can just hear your talk with a northern accent. I read it out loud to my hubby, trying to do it in a northern accent and failing terribly. That got him laughing!
    Lovely photos of the wintry landscape. (That takes me back...)
    Said 16 yr old going to the prom! Aww! How sweet.
    I'm going back to bed now,
    have a great weekend,
    PS hope your grant interview went well.

  5. It sounds like you have had a great week. I love the effort said 16 year old went to for his intended date. I know I would have been impressed!
    Have a wonderful week!