Friday, 3 February 2017


Good Morning lovely people - tis Friday - the first Friday of February and it's time to see what's 

First up is my Mum, she is an amazing lady at the best of times, but she doesn't half make me chuckle, here she is in the butchers.  As she is watching her weight she wanted to know if they did chipolata sausages - as the butcher didn't have any she got him to make her some!  Like I said amazing! 

It was lovely to catch up with my sister, Mum and later on my niece last Friday.  We put the world to rights in the coffee shop before heading into the garden centre to have a wander.  We enjoyed smelling all the scents from the scented candles.  I'm not one for having them in the home, but enjoyed seeing if they did actually smell like freshly cut grass!

Here is the three of us outside in the garden, me and my sister having to bob down as my Mum is only 4 foot 10 inches! 

The gardens at the garden centre are beautiful, part of the historic gardens of Wentworth Woodhouse, I love gates and loved this one in particular

My Mum had a new coat and my sister tormented her by putting up her hood when I was trying to take a photo - hence the blurry shot we were laughing so much!

My Mum was not amused!

Eventually I did manage a decent one of them both

We spotted deer in their enclosure

And the first signs of spring - I love snowdrops! 

We giggled at this deer who appeared to have his head on backwards

And these two were being naughty when we got to the bear pit

I loved the tones on the day - really beautiful but so very very cold.

Saturday found us in Sheffield, searching for a new guitar for said 16 year old, there is a second hand music store that me and hubby had been in previously.  He found two he liked and finally picked one that fit the bill.

We spotted them taking down the Grosvenor Hotel which used to have the Wapentake club underneath, famous for all its rock music and an old haunt of hubbies, sad to see a landmark go. 

On our way back up we spotted a Chinese Dragon dance taking place as part of the Chinese New Year Celebrations

At home I set up with plenty of paints with said 16 year old, he was working on his art book and I was working on my Wanderlust pages.

Here is one of my finally finished Wanderlust pages - it took long enough but I was happy once it was done. 

I received mail art from Donna

Tuesday I was on a course in Sheffield on Employment Law, it wasn't very interesting so I needed a good start to the day as it were, a strong coffee did the trick!

Wednesday I got home to fabulous post from the lovely Chris, I put out a plea recently on our group on UK Scrappers and on Facebook to see if anyone knew where I could buy reasonably sized fabric letters.  There were a few ideas but nothing that made me jump for joy as it were, until the very lovely Chris - yes that's the lady who sent  me the gorgeous journal before Christmas, sent me a message to say she had dies that were about the size I needed and could she send me some - so this fabulous parcel is those letters arriving including the negative which I'm sure said 16 year old will be able to use - Chris - thank you, you are a star! 

Hope everyone has had a fabulous week and looking forward to the weekend, if you fancy joining in pop a post together pop back and link up and we shall come and visit. 


  1. A lovely blog as usual today. Full of feel-good factors. Scented candles sure are. Well, like you I don't like them in the house (I get a headache) but they look and smell great. I had fun trying to decipher the names: Wild Jasmin, Party Time, Bliss etc
    Your mum is looking good. She and your sister messing about had me smiling. I's the sort of thing my sis and I would do with our mum.
    The garden (and gate) looks lovely, even in winter.
    So what guitar did your said 16 yr old get then? No photo? Tell him I would love a photo in classic rockstar
    Your journal looks fab. I love the colour combination of the 'flowers'.
    The Chinese New Years parade with the dragon is fun. I have never seen a parade like that in real life. Probably they did them in Bristol too when we lived there but I worked shifts and I never got to see one.
    I've been to Sheffield several times as one of our twins used to study there and the first year he lived in student accommodation which he had to empty of his possessions each holiday, so he couldn't come home on the train with all his stuff. We had to drive up there each holiday to collect him and take him back as well. My sister lives in the Macclesfield area so we would combine it with a visit to my sister. In winter it was always a pain getting across the Peaks in bad weather!
    Great that Chrissie sent you the large letters. Is that her in the photo?
    That's it from me. It's 11 a.m. and I am still in my dressing gown. Off to have a shower. Have a good day and a great weekend,
    Hugs, (love to your Valencia),

  2. Wonderful photos Virginia - love the ones of your mum & her hood.
    Sounds like you have had a fabulous week.
    Toni xx

  3. It sounds like you have had a lovely week! The photos of your Mum and sister fooling around gave me a chuckle. And the snowdrops made me long for spring to come around.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my cards.
    Have a wonderful week!

  4. I wrote a rather long comment this morning, but it is nbot showing. Do you vet them when you come home from work? It´s 5 pm, so I will wait a bit longer to see if it appears. Otherwise I will write another one.

  5. I love the gateway too. Your mum cetainly is an amazing woman. She has been through so much but still finds fun and enjoyment in the simple things. I laughed about her sausages!
    We saw a wonderful dragon dance in the streets of Hanoi when we visited there, but I've never sen anything like it in UK.
    I love that you an share an afternoon of painting with your son. That's great. And how kind of Chris to send you your letters. Hope it warms up a bit for you soon. Kate x

  6. How lovely to see you and your family so happy together :D The demolition pic looks really think how many times I've walked by that building in the past, freaky.
    Adore your wanderlust pages...they remind me of medieval tapestry :D XXX