Friday, 25 November 2016


Good morning lovely people, tis Friday and time for 

So its been a bit of mixed week, I'm still not 100% and undergoing tests which seem to be taking forever at the moment, probably because I don't feel 'right' as it were.  Anyway I digress, hopefully the appointments will be quick and then I can get sorted.  However, this post is about the positives so let us look at those. 

First up - hubby, once again we've decided on one of the trees being themed this year - answers on a postcard for which theme - here is a significant hint! 

Last weekend, me and my Mum went for another full day of crafting at our local craft shop, we had a fabulous day making cards with Karen, here is what I made 

First up a snowman card

Then this fabulous card

Which opens up to this - how cool is it! 

Then we did a stepped card

And another one but a different style

And this gorgeous one that lights up behind the vellum tree. 

And a wall hanging

As most of you will know none of these cards are my usual style but it was great fun having a crafty play day and hopefully gave my Mum some new inspiration! 
We had a parents evening as well this week, overall things are heading in the right direction, a couple of tweaks for said 16 year old should see him making great progress! 
Chatting to my cousin on the phone the other morning, putting the world to rights as we do and formulating a plan for going forward. 
Finishing off my Christmas shopping, yes I did say finishing, I like to be organised and this year it would appear that I've managed that which leaves the fun task of handmade gifts to sort!
This beastie - really is a blessing, last night we headed through, curled up on the sofa and enjoyed a roaring fire!  It's the little things wouldn't you agree! 

I hope you've had a fabulous week too, if you fancy joining in, pop a post together, pop back and link up leave a comment so I know to come and visit! 


  1. I'm sorry to hear you are still 'not right'. Could it be a virus? They tend to linger a bit...
    I have no idea what your Christmas tree theme could be. What I see on the photo looks like white witches hats! So could it be witches? (Isn't that a Halloween theme?)I'm sure you will enlighten me in due course.
    The cards from the craft day are amazing. I particularly like the 3D cards and the vellum tree. Did you really make 7 items? Very prolific!
    Good for you that you are all up together with your Christmas presents. I am lucky that I don't have to buy presents as nobody does presents here and if I bought my girlfriends a little something (which I have been tempted to do) they will only feel obliged to give me something in return. And considering the abject poverty here, I have to resist the urge to buy anything. I send very few cards, as the postage abroad is astronomic, so I only send a card to anybody that is not online, like some elderly relative etc. (Having said that, my mum is 92 and uses her computer daily).
    I'm pleased to hear said 16 yr old is doing fine.I take it his textile project was well received. He's a good lad!
    Oh the fire! How wonderful! I love my woodburner. In my case it is the only heating we have so it is on all day, and when I go down to my craft room (which is now ready to use) I will have to light the fire there as well, otherwise it will be too cold. Hubby has a chainsaw and a giant axe and is only too happy to keep his lady warm.
    Have a good weekend. Hope you feel better soon,

  2. Your fire looks very welcoming. I love all the cards. They are very much in my style. I made the one with a pop-out centre for my Grandson recently, only it was football themed, and a Pokemon one for my grand-daughter.
    I hope the results of the tests show something that can be treated and put right quickly, and you are feeling more yourself by Christmas. Enjoy your week. Kate x

  3. Wow! Your certainly getting your monies worth at that craft class...fabulous collection of cards...and the tree is gong to be awesome lol XXX

  4. My goodness you were super productive at your make and take day! Your stove looks so inviting, how lovely to curl up in front of it.

    I had my first mince pie and glass of mulled wine this week so I guess I've got to accept that the Christmas season is upon us - as always you have embraced it wholeheartedly!

    I hope you get all your tests done quickly so you can be put back on the road to feeling great again.

  5. I cannot believe you made all those cards in one day! They are amazing! The light up one looks like it could be a Christmas decoration to keep!

    Love the fire - am sat here shivering! And I literally cannot wait to see your themed tree! :D