Friday, 4 November 2016


Wow how quickly are the weeks tripping along now! 

I find myself at Friday again and time to take a step back and acknowledge the positives and silver linings etc that have occurred over the last seven days

Photo light again people - sorry 

Last Friday me and hubby went to the cinema on our own to watch Inferno - sort of a date afternoon - we thoroughly enjoyed the film and said 16 year old enjoyed his afternoon with his friends - so win win for all of us. 

Saturday I finally caught up with my Mum and sister and we had the grand unveiling of the new room.  We've been busy busy busy on with two rooms in the house, we've knocked them through into one room, moved radiators, added sockets, put in a velux window (well the builder did) and had a wood burning stove fitted, it has taken quite a few weeks but it is now finished and we are finally able to enjoy the room!

Here is the new woodburning stove

And the view from the other end of the room 

And here is the fire lit

Monday was Halloween and said 16 year had done some carvings and we decorated the front windows downstairs of the house ready for the trick or treaters.  We had plenty but I believe that is because our neighbours joined in this year

Another one of the pumpkins carved by said 16 year old, hubby turned the removed pumpkin into cake and soup so win win for us! 

I know a few of you have asked how my Mum is doing, here is a very recent photo of her meeting her food hero James Martin.

The rest of the week has been busy with work but rewarding which is great. 

I also managed to bump into one of my cousins last weekend when we were at the local garden centre, it is always lovely to catch up, even for the briefest of chats! 

And that my lovely people is my lot for this week, I hope your week has been positive and you have lots of lovely moments to reflect on, if you fancy joining in, pop back and link up so we can come and visit. 


  1. That wood stove looks lovely - how snug it looks. It must be very cosy with such a lovely focal point.
    Toni xx

  2. Mum's looking good :D...and those socks will be very toasty by the new fire :D XXX

  3. Ah. You'll be lovely and cosy with that log burner this winter. The room looks great. I like lots of light and space. I don't like the disruption while the work is being done, but the end result makes it worth while. That's a good bit of carving by your son. I personally don't 'do' halloween, but I do love pumpkin soup. It is good to see your mum with a smile o her face. I hope everything is going well for her. Don't work too hard. Hugs Kate xx

  4. Hi!

    Sounds like a great week :)

    Your new room looks amazing! What a gorgeous wood burner you are going to be so cosy :) Nothing beats real flames!!!!

    Lovely photo of your mum and her hero :)

    Karen x

  5. Had to join in after seeing Lisca's post. It's been a full on week
    Have a great weekend 😀