Friday, 25 November 2016


Good morning lovely people, tis Friday and time for 

So its been a bit of mixed week, I'm still not 100% and undergoing tests which seem to be taking forever at the moment, probably because I don't feel 'right' as it were.  Anyway I digress, hopefully the appointments will be quick and then I can get sorted.  However, this post is about the positives so let us look at those. 

First up - hubby, once again we've decided on one of the trees being themed this year - answers on a postcard for which theme - here is a significant hint! 

Last weekend, me and my Mum went for another full day of crafting at our local craft shop, we had a fabulous day making cards with Karen, here is what I made 

First up a snowman card

Then this fabulous card

Which opens up to this - how cool is it! 

Then we did a stepped card

And another one but a different style

And this gorgeous one that lights up behind the vellum tree. 

And a wall hanging

As most of you will know none of these cards are my usual style but it was great fun having a crafty play day and hopefully gave my Mum some new inspiration! 
We had a parents evening as well this week, overall things are heading in the right direction, a couple of tweaks for said 16 year old should see him making great progress! 
Chatting to my cousin on the phone the other morning, putting the world to rights as we do and formulating a plan for going forward. 
Finishing off my Christmas shopping, yes I did say finishing, I like to be organised and this year it would appear that I've managed that which leaves the fun task of handmade gifts to sort!
This beastie - really is a blessing, last night we headed through, curled up on the sofa and enjoyed a roaring fire!  It's the little things wouldn't you agree! 

I hope you've had a fabulous week too, if you fancy joining in, pop a post together, pop back and link up leave a comment so I know to come and visit! 

Friday, 18 November 2016


Morning lovely people, tis Friday - time to find those silver linings 

Last Friday was a lovely day - spent with my Mum, we were Christmas shopping together and managed to traverse a fair few shops to make some headway on the shopping list, which was brilliant!  We even managed to grab a cuppa on our way around, loving the tiny Christmas tree biscuits in Marks cafe. 

Unfortunately I've not been a hundred percent this week, so unusually for us we didn't have any specific plans, it was actually quite fun to wander through the weekend without a plan of what we had to do or where we needed to be etc! 

Said 16 year old has been working on a piece of textile art recently and I've been given permission to finally share the piece now that it's been seen at school.  

Here is the piece, based on a topic of growth and decay 

Up close you can see the vintage flowers and the free motion embroidered leaves. 

The three dimensional rib cage made with Powertex

The batique arms with palms face up!

And the abdominal muscles using some ice dyed fabric!  Hasn't he done awesome! 

and just to get the piece into perspective here is said almost 6 foot tall 16 year old with his tiny piece of textile art!  

Oh nearly forgot, we went to a surprise joint 60th birthday party on Saturday night and had a lovely time, we really enjoyed it, so much so said 16 year old didn't want to come away!

The week has been a busy one, despite not being a hundred percent.  Monday morning I was parental taxi so said 16 year old could go to a careers fair and Wednesday he had an interview at college about a BTEC course in Art and Design, he had to take his current art books and other art he has made to the interview, he was gone about half an hour and came back very enthused and was grinning from ear to ear because he'd been offered a place on the course, subject to getting certain grades in certain subjects.  This has given him even more reason to work hard for those grades! 

I in the meantime sat in the supermarket cafe having a cuppa! 

Other positives are clicking away and getting through the Christmas list, our lovely new room and our lovely warm fire - nothing finer! 

I hope you've had a great week, if you fancy joining in then pop a post together, pop back and link up so we can come and visit! 

Friday, 11 November 2016


Good Morning lovely people - tis Friday which means it is time for 

So first up is the longevity of my Halloween flowers, they just seem to be lasting although I've discovered they weren't quite as orange as I originally thought as the colour of the water keeps changing and the flowers have a distinct yellow hue to them now!

Next up is Bonfire night we had prebooked tickets to Chatsworth and so headed down early evening, we spotted the Christmas trees in the Stables Courtyard on our way down, so we shall be returning shortly as the house is now fully decorated.

Anyway I digress this is about bonfire night, we'd already had jacket potatoes and hot dogs at home, a real tradition harking back to my childhood.  

There were plenty of food stalls at Chatsworth but we'd already eaten, however I did partake in a glass of mulled wine - another Christmas favourite but technically too early for this celebration, mind you the warmth from the drink was fabulous! 

Unlike last year when they had a fire garden this year there were two ice sculptors and the world's biggest bonfire, we didn't really get close enough to the fire, but we managed a decent shot of the ice 

The fireworks were fantastic, set to music and two displays, the first one was Disney themed, the grand finale display was fantastic! 

We headed back to the car after the second display and grabbed ourselves a hot drink as I'd taken a flask of coffee and a flask of hot chocolate as the queues were fairly hefty to try and contend with and we got out of the park fairly quickly which was great. 

Sunday morning and me and hubby decided to do the local dam walk, we were just setting off when I realised that the forecast was a little bleak in that heavy rain was forecast but as it was still dry we decided to risk it. 

Although there is still some greenery you can see how sparse the trees are now.  On the plus side this keeps the light levels during the walk and you get to see more wildlife. 

The first bird we came across was a very busy Robin with his bright red breast who didn't seem phased by us stopping to watch him. 

As we were stood I spotted a flash of white in the distance and we realised there was a jay just a little further down from where we were stood!  Always dazzling to see when you manage to spot them. 

Finally we decided rather than walking along the dam wall back to the car, that we would walk down the path towards the mill, at the bottom of the run off from the dam is a gorgeous stream and pretty little bridge.  Although it had started to rain by this point, we decided to stop and have a look at the wildlife again and this time we were in for a real treat - a kingfisher busy racing around, we didn't just see him once either!  

Make-up less me and hubby 

Work was busy on Monday, but I decided to take Tuesday afternoon off as I was working from home and had some time in hand so decided to down tools for a change (sometimes it is good for the soul).  I then ended up with an impromptu day off from my second job on Wednesday which wasn't expected.  However, I made the most of the day and got busy looking at Christmas presents - I like to be organised and I don't like to get caught out.  

Wednesday evening we had an open event at the local college for said 16 year old to find out more about courses.  He has already gone to one of the colleges locally but they pretty much only offer A levels and they don't offer a combination of A levels that he wants to do. 

However, the college last night has an art based course that he is really interested in so we went for a walk around.  Oh if only I was 16 again, what can I say - kilns, glass kilns, laser cutter, 3D printer - screens for screen printing that were huge, drawings, tutors who are current ceramicists and the lead tutor is an illustrator - all I can say is wow.  He was so impressed and it's so good to see he has some options laid out in front of him.  He has got one other college that he'd like to visit before he starts making selections.  

And Thursday finds a positive day at work then home and said 16 year old finishing a piece of art work, hubby cooking a new meal - that everyone ate and me tidying the world so the house is clean and tidy - yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you've had a great week if you fancy joining in then do a post, pop back, link up, leave a comment and we shall come and visit! 

Friday, 4 November 2016


Wow how quickly are the weeks tripping along now! 

I find myself at Friday again and time to take a step back and acknowledge the positives and silver linings etc that have occurred over the last seven days

Photo light again people - sorry 

Last Friday me and hubby went to the cinema on our own to watch Inferno - sort of a date afternoon - we thoroughly enjoyed the film and said 16 year old enjoyed his afternoon with his friends - so win win for all of us. 

Saturday I finally caught up with my Mum and sister and we had the grand unveiling of the new room.  We've been busy busy busy on with two rooms in the house, we've knocked them through into one room, moved radiators, added sockets, put in a velux window (well the builder did) and had a wood burning stove fitted, it has taken quite a few weeks but it is now finished and we are finally able to enjoy the room!

Here is the new woodburning stove

And the view from the other end of the room 

And here is the fire lit

Monday was Halloween and said 16 year had done some carvings and we decorated the front windows downstairs of the house ready for the trick or treaters.  We had plenty but I believe that is because our neighbours joined in this year

Another one of the pumpkins carved by said 16 year old, hubby turned the removed pumpkin into cake and soup so win win for us! 

I know a few of you have asked how my Mum is doing, here is a very recent photo of her meeting her food hero James Martin.

The rest of the week has been busy with work but rewarding which is great. 

I also managed to bump into one of my cousins last weekend when we were at the local garden centre, it is always lovely to catch up, even for the briefest of chats! 

And that my lovely people is my lot for this week, I hope your week has been positive and you have lots of lovely moments to reflect on, if you fancy joining in, pop back and link up so we can come and visit.