Friday, 14 October 2016


Morning one and all - it is Friday once again so its time for 

I can't actually believe how ridiculously fast these weeks are going at the moment, truly leaping along at a merry old pace!  

A will warn you there is a significant lack of photos this week, its just been one of those - well weeks where you don't take photos! 

I had a long day at my third work place last Friday, a productive meeting and plan for future work, which was great.  Really enjoyed catching up with old workmates if I'm honest, always a welcoming office with lovely cups of tea - nothing finer! 

Saturday found said 16 year at school making a horror movie trailer in media, hubby dropped me off on the way to my Mum's and I had a lovely couple of hours catching up with my Mum and my sister, sadly I didn't get to touch base with my niece but hopefully I'll resolve that soon! 

I did get some good news about my cousin that I mentioned a few weeks ago who was undergoing tests - the results were negative - so she's got the all clear and we can all breathe again, your happy positive thoughts and prayers were very much appreciated. Do you fancy providing the same again, this time for my Mum (you'd think us lot were on a rota), she has been suffering dizzy do's as it were and so she's having to have some scans to rule things out.  With all the health issues she's had recently and trying to manage the cancer she has in her spine, we could really do with a degree of normality resuming if I'm honest, so if you can offer up a positive thought/prayer etc for her this week that would be awesome! 

Still lots of work on, so the days have been long with little creativity if I'm honest.  Although the little silver linings are always good. 

I enjoyed watching James Arthur on X factor at the weekend and whilst hubby utterly detests the programme it does allow me to not have to engage my brain if you know what I mean.  I've also enjoyed the first of the Landscape Artist of the Year, always based in some fantastic National Trust locations and I love to see the amateurs having a go as it were and there's the Great British Bake Off - another favourite for everyone here, but I always feel that I need cake after it - is that just me or does everyone feel like that! 

School photos were taken on Monday (they only take one in the first and last year), so I'm really giddy to see the difference as it were, not that I've seen any proof yet! 

We keep hearing the owls at night and sometimes in the morning when its still dark which is fantastic - not that we spot them very easily, although we did spot one on an aerial recently - although it was too dark to see other than its silhouette!  We also saw some fabulous birds of prey when we were out in the back garden - they were really high and there were loads of them!

I'm starting to think about Christmas now as I'm one of those that prefers to be organised and I've signed up for a couple of 'swaps' on UKScrappers, a stocking swap and an advent calendar swap so I need to make a start on buying for my swappee whose name I have for the advent calendar, but not the stocking yet! 

For those that have followed my blog for a while - can you believe its a year since said 16 year old went to Lesotho in South Africa!  I can't believe how quickly the year has gone - can you?

Due to the complete lack of photos, I will share a couple of layouts with you that I hopefully haven't shared before these were all taken, this time last year when me and hubby escaped for a week whilst said 16 year old away.

Our first visit to Gibside 

At Northumberlandia (can you see the ladies face on the hillside behind me)

And something that really sums this time of year up, hiking boots and crunchy colourful leaves!

If you fancy joining in, pop a post together pop back and link up, leave a comment telling me you've linked so I can come and visit and let's celebrate the positive moments in life!


  1. sounds like you have had another hectic week! I hope your Mum's dizzy spells resolve themselves.. will be thinking of you. Bake Off? I start eating cake the minute the credits start up.... have a good week.

  2. Your last layout makes me want to run kicking through the leaves...but this year they seem determined to stay on the trees lol. Hope you get some crafty time this week..even if it's just a few Christmas cards :D XXX

  3. I always enjoy reading your post even without the photos.
    I'm sorry to hear about your mum's health problems. We shall certainly remember her in our prayers. (What's her name again?)
    How exciting what said 16 yr old is doing at media studies. Keep us updated on that.
    We don't get any British TV here (in fact we don't have a telly) but I watch selected programs on you tube. I follow the GBBO as I love baking. But I have to wait until the episode gets onto Youtube before I can watch it. (usually a week later). We were in the UK recently so we saw the current episode on tv. I'm rooting for the Irish lad. I like him.
    Have a good weekend,
    Hugs (and smiles),

  4. Lots going on for you Virginia and some lovely LOs.
    Gosh is it a year already - doesn't time fly.
    I need to get a bit more organised with regard to Christmas but there has been so much going on that I'm now playing catch-up.
    Have a great weekend.
    Toni xx

  5. Hi Virginia. I am glad your cousin has the all-clear, but I will remember your mum in my prayers.
    Its good that the work meeting went well. Your are right - nothing beats a good cup of tea.
    I haven't managed to get into X-Factor this time around. In fact I have watched very little TV for weeks now. I have three episodes of Poldark to catch up on and I can't see that happening looking at the to-do list I have made!
    I am sorry I shall be missing for the next two weeks, but I will try to read your post. The house we are staying in does not have wi-fi! I hope someone else posts a positive blog to link with you, but I will be back soon.
    Hugs Kate x