Friday, 28 October 2016


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Well I find myself at Friday yet again, however, this week I've managed a week off from work - well nearly almost a week off - but that's another story!

Saturday I found myself at the local craft store doing a class with my Mum, actually it was a whole day, making items from Hobby House, they are not my usual style I'm sure you will agree, but spending time with my Mum, surrounded by fabulous ladies and great teachers in an awesome venue - well what more could you ask for! 

This is what we made! 

This one is three dimensions - like a shadow box style and folds flat!

This was the class we did with Clare Rowlands the base of which is a painted embroidery ring, I love the fact the bells jingle! 

This was the warm up card to get us started!

And this was a class that Karen did with us, I loved all the glittery additions! 

Julie had designed this beautiful advent calender with its magnetic heart!

We had a lovely time and came away with a bag of goodies! 

We've done a bit of painting in the house this week, just tarting the dining room up for Christmas as you do so Tuesday we decided to head out and make the most of the blue skies day!

Chatsworth had fully embraced the season and we loved to find all the brilliant pumpkins on our way around the garden!

And I loved loved loved the autumn colours and the reflection!

I managed to grab a couple of photos of the men in my life on the bridge! 

We managed to wander through the cottage garden as well and saw this fantastic display

The grotto garden was probably my favourite through the day

The water feature was working and the sun coming through the trees really added to the day!

And photo of hubby, I finally managed to capture the true colour of those gorgeous leaves!

And a family selfie!

And Chatsworth provided us with this at the end of the day as the mist rose up in the valley!

Wednesday we ventured to the cinema to watch Jack Reacher, which we all enjoyed and then I toddled off for a work meeting (I did say don't ask), but was soon back home enjoying a glass of wine and some home cooked bolognese!

Thursday found me and hubby heading to my other favourite place - Yorkshire Sculpture Park, said 16 year old stayed put as he wanted to make a dent on his homework and get some revision folders sorted!

We did the circular walk through the park which is probably about 4 or 5 miles in total! 

I loved how autumnal the path looked when we crossed the river.

We managed a selfie when we reached the top of the hill - it was an excuse to stop to be honest as we've all been suffering with a nasty cough and cold and it has left me quite wheezy!

We said good-bye to the Kaws statues in the park, I've absolutely loved seeing these as we've visited, they will be greatly missed!

Look how pale the wood has become over the summer, it was quite dark in colour when it arrived at the beginning of the year, but I find it awesome how the wood has changed whilst it has been at YSP!

And then my new favourite art installation - the tree full of ribbons, how fabulous does it look! 

Oh talking about new art installations, the chapel at YSP has a sound art installation at the moment, literally a wall of speakers, playing the most amazing African drumming sounds - bliss!  All it lacked was seating so we could sit and enjoy for some time!

We got home and said 16 year old was happy with what he'd managed to do with his day, so positives all round! 

Hubby decidedly that a pint at the pub might be a good way to finish the day and I have to say I agree, so we walked around and had a drink before heading home for some food! 

We were treated to an amazing sky on our walk to the pub, so I will leave you with an amazing sky photo!

I hope you've had a fabulous week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back and link up, leave me a comment so I can come and find you.


  1. what a great week you've had (apart from the work meeting!) love the autumnal photos at Chatsworth and the YSP - brilliant!

  2. What a lovely week you had in the end. I too have ventured into the "cute" where crafting is concerned. I makes a strangely relaxing change lol All those projects look lovely :D XXX

  3. Love all your makes from your class.
    The Autumn colours in your photos are stunning - we still haven't seen much of a colour change round here even though the leaves are falling quite rapidly.
    Have a super weekend.
    Toni xx

  4. Cute projects. And I love your snaps of the grotto and the tree with ribbons especially. Fab post.

  5. What a lovely post, full of autumn colours and sculptures and pumpkins. I've just realized it's last week's but that doesn't matter. I enjoyed it.
    I do realize that the projects are not your style but I bet you had fun doing them and they are quite cute too.
    How is your mum? She is still in our prayers.