Friday, 21 October 2016


Good Evening lovely people - so sorry for the delay today - it has been a rather bizarre and busy day and this is the first time I've had chance to sit and write about the last 7 days 

The first happy and grateful moment was a rather impromptu visit to the theatre last Friday night, a work friend had two tickets to go to see Cats at the local theatre and unfortunately she was unable to make use of the tickets, so offered them me and hubby.  She even sent them next day delivery to make sure we got them on time, so me and hubby had for a change a date night out. 

This is the only shot we got of the stage as technically you weren't allowed to take a photo of the stage, so its lopsided and has some random unknown people appearing in the same - but hey it can't be helped, in need of a photo for the occasion! 

We had a grand night out and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the play! 

So it was rather a late night for us all, said 16 year old was quite happy blatting things on Xbox for the evening and he had goodies in to keep him entertained! 

Saturday night we had a completely different type of evening, this time in the form of Nickelback who were awesome as always.  It's more like a party than a gig and we had great seats.  Unfortunately the lady behind me had not only had a lot to drink but also proceeded to cough and sneeze all over me so that I got up on Sunday with what can only be described as the lurgy, as did said 16 year old and hubby - drat and double drat!!

We also enjoyed the support band, another rock band from Canada called Monster Truck 

Sunday found us wandering around Ikea, I love a good wander and I've never visited when they've had their Christmas items out.  I loved their little artificial trees in pots, they did the normal green ones and some white ones.  I didn't buy any, but I was mighty tempted. 

We enjoyed lunch as well which was fab and came home having had a lovely wander about!

I managed to catch up with my cousin, whom I mentioned recently, it was good to have a natter and a catch up! 

My Mum got the results from her scan - they don't think there is an issue, they'd like to do an MRI scan but that is dependent on whether they can due to metal in her foot (don't ask), so we shall see.  In the meantime she is trying to manage the dizzy spells she has been suffering! 

The week has been mighty busy as always, job juggling and I've decided to have a sort out at home, so chaos reigns all around, but that was a necessity as I'm off this next week and wanted to be as up to date as possible.  I'm not sure I managed it but I was hopefully close. 

I did however, have a lovely walk up to work from the main carpark, my new workplace has the most gorgeous trees around it (and squirrels).  Look at that gorgeous autumn colour! 

And I will leave you with a Friday giggle, said 16 year decided he was hungry on Friday and as the cupboards were bare I sent him to the local shop to grab something to eat whilst I was busy.  He came back with a single bap and a quarter of a pound of ham - which he proceeded to roll onto the bap and eat!   It made me smile! 

I hope you've all had a grand week and that there have been some positives and silver linings in your week. 

I doubt anyone will join in this week, I know Kate is away and I've already read Lisca's post and she didn't mention Rocking, so perhaps it will just be me this week, nevertheless, I hope you've had a great week.  If you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back and link up.


  1. well it may be just you but I always love reading your Rocking posts! Cats is my favourite ever show, my ex and I saw it loads of times in various places and I would so love to go again. hope you get/got rid of the lurgy quickly, how horrid to sit in front of that! have a great week.

  2. Sounds like you've had a couple fabulous trips this week (shame about the coughing lady). We still don't have a great deal of Autumn colour down this way but as the temps have dropped a lot the last couple of days, perhaps that will start to change.
    Hope you have a great week.
    Toni xx

  3. has taken me 30 yeas to train hubby that when I send him for food *cos I'm busy* to bring back enough for everyone else :D I too have had lurgy all week, so decided to strip wallpaper...very therapeutic lol XXX

  4. Sorry Virginia, I was away too. But better late than never so here I am!
    I always marvel at what you pack into a week! You have more than one job and still you manage to do all these things. The theatre outing certainly was a lovely surprise. As was the gig. I have no idea what 'lurgy' is but I gather you felt poorly. So I do hope you are feeling better now.
    We have been thinking of your mum and praying for her, so I am pleased the docters think there is no issue. But we'll continue to pray as she is still feeling dizzy.
    Have a good week,