Friday, 7 October 2016


Good morning lovely people - it is most definitely Friday which means 

Oh its been a week of lots and lots of work - so I really don't have a huge amount to share with you boo hiss!  But hey this is about finding the little tiny silver linings when life is providing lemons as it were.

So we did venture out last weekend to a Charity event in town, a soapbox race in aid of the local children's hospice.  We got there not long after it started and wandered around admiring the effort and time people had put into these amazing creations. 

This one I already knew about as it was made by a friend's family! 

We managed to get a few 'action shots' 

This one had wooden wheels on it! 

It was brilliant watching them whizzing down the course and we really did have fun - it was also great to get out and have some fresh air, when you are office bound a lot of the week, you really appreciate just wandering around the park!  There was a noticeable difference in tree colour as we wandered too.

Eventually we got a bit cool so headed to the local cafe to warm up.  Said 16 year old met a friend from school and enjoyed the afternoon at the park!

Saturday evening we popped to the local supermarket and I was giddy to see these arrive!

Always a sign that autumn is upon us don't you think! 

The rest of the weekend was just tootling around the house sorting things out as you do when catching up from a busy week. 

Said 16 year old is actively embracing the revision sessions at school which is good to see and seems to have managed his stress levels this week with assessments quite well - which I'm glad to see he has two more assessments today.  Tomorrow he is in school for his media coursework - making a Horror Movie trailer of all things - hopefully all will go well I think there have been little clashes of artistic ideas in the group - lets hope they are now fully ironed out as it were!

Oh October arrived as well, as I can tell when looking out at a rather wet and overcast day.  

My journey to work on Monday morning made me smile, I approached a crossroads at the same time as a white van opposite, although I had right of way I just knew he was running a tight schedule so beckoned for him to go first despite there still being traffic to fight with, when he pulled out he blew me a kiss which made me laugh!  It's the little things sometimes.

We caught up on Lucifer on the Amazon fire stick which we are enjoying and watching Rosewood which is a great series, we also watched the final episode of Our Girl and the end of Happy Valley series one - gulp - some great TV though, even though some of it was a hard watch (Happy Valley and Our Girl in particular). 

I made a start on Christmas present buying, nothing major just click clicking away - my favourite type of buying it doesn't mean any stressful shop jostling! 

I'm enjoying my Book of You 

Image result for book of you

Hubby bought it me for my birthday and it goes with the app as it were, just simple little micro actions that make life more fun and manageable.  I loved it so much that I gave it to my boss who was leaving my first work place as a leaving gift together with other things and she also commented on what a great little book it is! 

I caught up with lil sis and niece last Friday evening - we put the world to right as we often do and caught up with our news, it was good to touch base, she is about to commence the first placement of her second year of her student nurse course.  I know from last year this means she becomes somewhat aloof with long days, long commutes and lots of uni work to contend with! 

And that my lovely people just about sums up my week this week, I hope yours has been a good one, if you fancy joining in then pop a post together, come back and link up and we shall come and visit.


  1. my week has been a good one as I have been off work and out and about - autumn colour in full flow now which is great to see.

  2. I love seeing the heaps of pumpkins at the farms and in the shops.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend.
    Toni xx

  3. A genuine sign of appreciation (the blown kiss) is all we truly hope for...a lovely touching moment in your hectic week :D XXX

  4. I am glad you are managing to have some ¡play time' amid all that work. The cart race was fun. What a lot of effort folk had put in to make their vehicles. I hope the lads assessments go well.
    I love all the autumn colours though we don't see many of them out here. We do get the pumpkins but they are now the same type as in UK, and don't look as inviting.
    family chats are just the best, so glad you got to meet with your sister and niece.
    I hope the weather is kind to you this week. Kate x