Friday, 2 September 2016


Is anyone else feeling like the year is disappearing before their very eyes - or is it just me?

Well it is Friday time to reflect on the last 7 days, find the silver linings, the positive moments that made the week

Well Friday arrived with great gusto, twas a lovely day with me and said 15 year old, we had decided to make some progress on the house but to do it in smaller chunks to make it more manageable.  So whilst I tackled the chest of drawers in my room, said 15 year old tucked into checking out what clothes still fitted him. 

Afterwards we got ready and popped to Hobbycraft and the Range, I don't know what it is about these places but I always spend too much.  Hobbycraft was so I could buy more scrapbook albums and plastics.  I've got a stack of layouts that need to go away and had run out of these, so I bought some more.  I treated said 15 year old to a new A3 sketchbook and some sketching pencils, he has been awesome at helping around the house and the garden (particularly the front garden), recently so it was a nice way to say thank you as it were. 

We collected my Mum on the way as she fancied a tootle out to the shops as well - she was as bad as me at buying things.  The range provided a plant pot, some asters and a stack of spring flowering bulbs and lightened my pocket somewhat. 

We stopped at my Mums for a cuppa and caught up with my sister and niece, before we headed home.  

I had discovered (again for the second year running) that Chatsworth was having late night opening in August on Friday and Saturday nights, so here we were on the last Friday night of August (rolls eyes).  As the day had been so lovely and we had blue skies and sunshine, once hubby was home we headed down, arriving just before 6pm.  Unlike previous years when they've closed at 5.30pm and reopened at 6pm, this year they just allowed day visitors to stay as late as they fancied rolling straight into the evening as it were. 

Some of the Beyond Limits sculptures are already in situ ready for the sculpture show in September, so we had fun checking those out.  As you can see it was a beautiful evening - we were treated to the amazing golden hour when it came to take photos! 

 And said 15 year old had great fun - getting in the way of his Dad's photos!   I love this natural shot of him and his Dad together! 

 I'm going to save most of the sculptures from Beyond Limits until we go to the official show as they were still setting up, however, there was one that we all absolutely fell in love with, called tear for obvious reasons, made from stainless steel it was head and shoulders above the rest of the exhibits we saw. 

I love how it reflects the world around it! 

And looks different from different angles.

And managed to deepen the colour of that blue sky! 

Simply stunning

One of the shots that we rarely get of Chatsworth is the one on the approach to the house, bathed in the sunset and as there were only a few cars around, we pulled up on our way out and I walked back to the bridge to get this shot

 And then we headed home, enjoying the sunset setting in the distance. 

Saturday found us working in the house again, this time completing the sort out on our bedroom which wasn't a huge task but another thing ticked off the to do list as it were. 

It also marked the start of said 15 year old making some headway with his textile art piece, although he'd already done some work on this, he decided to approach it differently to try and get enthused about it, personally I think they've spent far too long planning it and not enough time getting on with the task as it were, hopefully now he has started it will motivate him to carry on. 

Sunday was said 15 year old's bedroom sort out, thankfully he'd already done his clothes which take a while to sort through, so it was more of a good clean and tidy.  

He got rid of his lego and nerf guns up into the loft - definitely the end of an era with regards to those if I'm honest! 

Whilst me and said 15 year old were busy, hubby was busy securing a new bench at the front of the house.  We also sorted those plant pots for either side of the bench to really finish the front garden off, I'm so pleased with how it has turned out and now we have somewhere to sit and enjoy the evening sunshine.

All was going swimmingly well until we ended up with a problem with the shower and a slightly flooded bathroom - dripping downstairs, sigh - thankfully we reacted as quickly as could and it all appears to be drying out now, but I now have to source a plumber to resolve and it really isn't something we can afford if I'm honest. 

Monday arrived and another glorious day, said 15 year old was not wanting to head out today, but I know what hubby is like so we decided to go for a run out, we ended up at Brodsworth Hall, which is part of English Heritage, it is one of my favourites as the garden really is a delight, we didn't even go in the house this time as the garden was providing plenty of enjoyment. 

In the evening we had a DVD marathon, we got said 15 year old to watch Coming To America, I remember seeing it in the cinema when it first came out, he seemed to enjoy it.  

The rest of the week has been something of a blur, we've now got a quote from the plumber - unfortunately the shower is no good - so a replacement is our only option.  But we've got that booked in now.  

Me and said 15 year old managed to catch up with my Mum, sister and niece on Wednesday, we were destined to toddle off out on thursday but its not happened.  Just one of those things as it were. 

I hope you've had a great week - well done for staying with me if you are still reading.  

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  1. Fabulous week Virginia (apart from the shower) and you have some super photos as keepsakes.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    Toni xx

  2. You would have been so proud of me this week....went to the Range for a shelf...went straight to the shelf shelf, picked up 1 shelf, went straight to the check out and left lol :D XXX

  3. Wow, I can see why you liked the Tear. It is amazing and all those lovely reflections in it.
    Your front garden looks great now and that bench is a perfect way to finish it off. Well done on getting the house sorted. I am not attempting that until the temperature has dropped another ten degrees! Sorry about the shower. That is the sort of unexpected problem that can't be ignored. I wish I could have been on your shopping spree. Whenever I get to visit my sister, we always go to Hobbycraft and the Range, and then Lakeland if I have any money left.
    I hope the shower gets fixed without breaking the bank. Have a good week. Kate x

  4. Loving all your photos....Tear is amazing...hope the rest of the exhibition is equally as good when it's all set up.
    Damn showers! I had the same problem here...fortunately it leaked into the guest bathroom.
    Hope next week is good to you.
    Sue xx
    p.s. it seems to be "all about the planning" in most practical subjects these days... :(