Friday, 19 August 2016


Good Morning one and all 

Tis Friday 


Well the week has galloped along at a merry old pace, a few of you may remember the crazy front garden that was causing much grief on back! 

Well this is how it started only two Fridays ago.  Said 15 year old and I pledged to get it sorted during the 6 week holiday and hubby was happy to lend a hand.  

Therefore after making some headway on the bottom tier last weekend, hubby decided to take an afternoon off to (as he put it) 'crack on and make a dent in the task' so I came home on Monday to find a lot of the structure in place and hubby hobbling with a dodgy back.

Regardless of the dodgy back, when he arrived home on Tuesday to find said 15 year old had 'finished' two more of the tiers, he set to putting the final components of railway sleeper in and said 15 year old worked on it on Wednesday digging out the last area. 

Wednesday afternoon we dived down to the local garden centre, grabbed 3 more bags of compost and 9 bags of slate and a few plants (and a lot of pennies less), we had the final elements to finish the garden off. 

And here we have the finished garden

I cannot begin to tell you how much work went into this, or how hard it was on the back or how hard hubby worked with a dodgy back or how much of the heavy graft said 15 year old did! 

But after a lot of hours work, this is the finished result.  No more grass to mow, an area that could take a bench (and is a real sun trap), some spring bulbs planted and some alpines as the banking is quite dry.  And the top border to disguise some bins across the way, which will take a little time to establish but I'm hoping they will do the trick! 

And yes before you ask there was quite a lot of pennies spent sorting this, but my attitude was once, it is done, it is done and we won't have to do it again! 

We did manage a family trip out to Yorkshire Sculpture Park (YSP) last weekend for a picnic with some extended family.

And the weather was lovely for us! 

The Kaws outdoor sculptures are still in situ so couldn't resist getting another shot of this! 

And the Not Vital blooms reflecting me and said 15 year old taking the photo

Inside the main centre there is a joint exhibition between a few artists including Emily Sutton and Mark Hearld.  I knew Mark Hearld was a favourite of my friend Carmen who did her final project at college recently using him as inspiration and I promised to photograph a few of his pieces. 

This one was taken to show the actual size of the work.  Most of his work is this size if I'm honest.  He uses lithograph and collage for his work and it really is stunning and his work usually includes creatures or birds. 

I loved this collage piece of a hooded crow. 

And one of his lithographic pieces.

And his collage work - which I hadn't seen up close before. 

We had a fabulous afternoon, it was a shame the numbers were fewer than we were hoping, but we had good fun regardless. 

The rest of the week has been garden, garden and garden but we've managed to enjoy watching some of the medals being won in Rio (I love the summary programmes if I'm honest).  

I've been watching Celebrity Big Brother which I've really enjoyed an hour of hilarious escapism. 

I've managed to finish a few more elephants but haven't started the next batch and I haven't been near my scrapping table in what feels like months.  I'm hoping the weather we've got forecast this weekend will mean I at least get sat there this weekend at some point. 

I hope you've all had a good week, if you fancy joining in pop a blog post together, mention the rocking posts and come back and link up so we can come and visit! 


  1. That garden looks very neat, I must say. No more mowing! Put your lawn mower on Ebay and you might earn some of those pennies back!
    Lovely to see the photos of the YSP as always. Glad you had such a nice day.
    Have a great week (and no more back breaking work!)

  2. The garden looks wonderful Virginia - well done to you all.
    The weather here at the moment is rather wet but it still feels very humid. Hope you have a fabulous weekend.
    Toni xx

  3. That is a stunning amount of work you all got done on the garden! I used to do all my own grafting and can appreciate all the digging and heavy lifting the boys did. Looks amazing!!! :D XXX

  4. Well done to you all on the work in the garden. It will be so much easier to manage now, so well worth the 'pennies' spent I think. It is good to see your lad did a lot of the donkey work. The trip out was interesting. Not really my style of art, but interesting the way it was done. I too enjoy the summary of the Olympics rather than sitting through hours of the early stages, and it is good to see some unexpected medals being won. I hope you manage some crafting time this weekend. Hugs Kate x

  5. Your new garden landscape looks so nice. I loved seeing the art exhibit. And, are those mouse sculptures; they're adorable. Enjoy your weekend, Pat

  6. Hi there, your garden looks so good! I love the wooden tiers and the slate. It belongs on a Pinterest board for garden aspirations! The exhibition looks great as well! Hope you have a lovely week, Devon

  7. Well done on the garden! So much work but it's looking good.
    Totally envious of your visit to YSP....must work out how far it is from here and suggest it as a Meet Up outing!
    Sue xx

  8. Ah thank you Virginia - he is amazing isnt he? I'd love to see his work for real! I'll content myself with my book and beautiful card for now. I'd love to get to YSP one day - maybe a WW meet up in the making.

    The garden is stunning and well worth every penny I should think!

    Finally got mine up. It's a long 'un!