Friday, 12 August 2016


Good Morning lovely people t'is Friday which means only one thing in this house

The first grateful is said 15 year old.  We've been talking for a while about sorting out our front garden, it is very steep and is deceptive as it looks quite small - but is actually a fair size.  Being at such a difficult angle it has always been difficult to mow and keep in check and over the years we've just kept it mowed.  However due to the extension on the house done prior to us moving in, we have to carry the mower through the house - impractical is an understatement. 

So last Friday said 15 year old and myself decided to expand the border at the bottom of the garden, taking the flower bed back up to what we think was the original line. 

I unfortunately had a rather painful back on the day so said 15 year old worked solidly digging it out and turning it over.  Whilst I tried to separate the soil (wanted) from the grass (unwanted).  

This is the garden at the end of the day - he worked solidly on the garden for about 6 hours!

Given the success of Friday rather than doing a house job on Saturday we all headed out into the garden.  My back had improved so we decided to extend the path at the bottom of the garden. 

Can you see that little green shrub, well that little green shrub has been in situ since we moved in and we've kept it trimmed down year on year, this time we had to dig it out - but the roots and the base were now enormous - that little green shrub set us back hours, but with lots of perseverance we managed to get it flat enough to allow the path to be extended!  

This was the garden at the end of the day - another solid day of working on the garden, but well worth it.  We are now considering terracing the rest of the garden and doing away with the grass altogether! 

As we finished off the garden and put the last of the slate on the path, said 15 year old proved that despite being almost 6 feet tall, he could still fit in my tiny boot! 

I was also giddy that I had two Rockettes from the past join in last Fridays post, it was lovely to read their posts - hopefully they will be venturing along more frequent! 

Sunday was officially a day off following 2 very busy gardening days.  We treated ourselves and went to see something that hubby had been desperate to see as can be seen from his favourite movie magazine! 

Suicide Squad was brilliant, thoroughly enjoyable, quirky, humorous and all round great entertainment! 

I also forgot to share anniversary present from hubby, not that I've had chance to read it yet! 

When we got back from the cinema we stopped at my Mum's for a cuppa and a natter and sat out in her garden, she has this huge fuschia plant in the garden and it is covered in these little beauties, that always look like dancing girls with pretty skirts on! 

Monday night saw said 15 year old making tea, this has become something of a norm and so it was lovely for him to make a gorgeous spag bol tea.  I almost forgot to get a picture of it! 

Wednesday evening we had tickets to go and see The Lord Chamberlain's Men at Chatsworth performing Much Ado about Nothing.  An all male cast that we've seen before on numerous occasions in numerous venues. 

Unfortunately the forecast dry evening, started to look less promising as the evening drew near and low and behold we had drizzle as we journeyed through Sheffield. 

It did however, stay dry enough before the play for us to have a picnic and enjoy the company.

As you can see Chatsworth is undergoing some rather extensive building works at the moment! 

Unfortunately, the weather did deteriorate as the evening progressed.  Thankfully we all had rain jackets and warm hiking boots and socks.  We also had a stack of blankets to keep us warm.  By the middle of the second half we were under a fairly consistent bout of drizzle so we had other waterproof items with us, my Mum for instance had brought her jubilee rain mac from when she went to see the Queen - it was down to her feet and kept her both warm and dry! Thankfully, we just about got away with it and we had a lovely evening.  Glad to get back in the car and in the dry we were able to reflect on a fabulous evening out! 

So there we go the week in view, some work, some play, some fun and some family time - you can't say better than that! 

If you fancy joining in, pop a post together, mention Rocking Your World and we shall come and visit! 


  1. Your front garden looks a bit of a nightmare, I'd very definitely get rid of the grass!! well done for doing all that work though, especially said 15 year old! Always love reading your week's review, this is no different. xx

  2. Sounds like a fabulous week Virginia and lovely phones of the events too.
    Toni xx

  3. Gosh you have been busy! Well done on all that landscaping, garden looks wonderful...and well done to the cast for continuing through the adverse weather :D XXX

  4. Well done on all that gardening. That is hard graft. Well done to your son for doing all the spade work! I think I would do away with the grass at the front. I loved my lawn, and would dearly love some fresh green grass out here, but practically speaking you would be better off without it.
    The play sounds like lots of fun. I'm glad you enjoyed it despite the weather.
    Hope you have a good week. Kate x