Friday, 5 August 2016


And I find myself at Friday again - although unsure how that exactly happened if I'm honest.

Given that the week has been pretty much wall to wall work sigh - I thought I'd share a few things that we came across last week that I didn't share last Friday (in effect I'm still riding the euphoria of our week away).

I know Lisca likes to photograph doors as much as I do - I'm always intrigued as to where they lead - so here is one I photographed in Lacock Abbey - I love all the metal studs on the door! 

Lacock Abbey has quite a number of gargoyle/grotesques around the premises in various locations.  They know one day that these will deteriorate and need replacing, so they've already organised the replacements living them in the brew house for all to see - I loved being able to see these up close, although I'm struggling to choose a favourite!  Possibly the second one or the second to last one.

This was the doorway leaving the brewhouse - I loved the view out and how the greenery was growing around the doorway.

Outside this building we discovered this plant - it was the full height of the barn (which was two stories) and had the most amazing smell - I have never come across the flower which such a beautiful citrus like smell.  We asked the lady in the second hand bookshop if she knew what the plant was and she reliably told us it was magnolia grandiflora the flower was bigger than my hand - so you can imagine the scent!

This is the seed head after the flower dies off - how amazing is it - it looks like a peculiar take on a pineapple!

And here is one still in situ!

Another shot of the flower!

And the gateway into Lacock Abbey - another stunning piece of architecture - and yes blue skies always helps! 

Avebury Manor house provided the opportunity to play Lord and Lady of the house! 

And another gateway at Avebury Manor

Avebury was one of our favourites.  The Church (just outside the stone circle) was one of the most welcoming and inclusive churches I've been in for a while.  The heart tree was somewhere to put your prayers and I think it looks amazing. 

They also had a pebble pile that you could sit and hold and think about things and then once you'd done you placed it in a jug of water.  Both me and said 15 year old did just that and found it really calming.  

On the way out of the church there was also a large storage box that contained lots of items.  A note on the outside, for anyone camping, hiking or rough sleeping the items inside the box were there for people to utilise, there were sleeping bags and wetwipes etc - a really thoughtful and useful way of the church working with its visitors - it certainly raised a smile from us! 

The final day me and hubby headed to a pub where there was a large beer garden, the whole garden was surrounded by flowering lavender which smelt absolutely divine! 

So there you go me riding the crest of a wave with the holiday. 

There have been lots of little positives this week - I've just not got photos to document them as it were. 

Said 15 year old spending time getting on with a few jobs that I set him, he has just got on with them, no whinging or whining - which means the house runs a bit more efficiently and he isn't stuck to the Xbox for too many hours!

Whilst my scrapping mojo is still missing, I have managed to do some more artwork around the Sheffield herd.  I set to last weekend doing these little beasties.  I honestly was fighting with them, I got to a point where I didn't think I'd be able to recover them into something I actually liked and you have to remember that I'm not an artist!  But with the inspirations of the Hendo's Elephant from the herd I managed to make these. 

Other positives are chats with the WW girls.

Said 15 year old coming home and playing Wanted Dead or Alive on his acoustic guitar!

Me and hubby celebrating 26 years of meeting each other - it really doesn't seem that long at all! 

And this morning on our way back from our morning walk, finding not one or two but three families of swallows flying in and out of nests and clinging to the wall below! 

Absolutely fabulous stuff! 


  1. OMG!...I honestly thought it was only wednesday! What a joy all those beautiful photos! Good thing your here to keep me on track D XXX

  2. What lovely posts! Yes I love doors and I enjoyed looking at them immensely.
    I am amazed at your son. He's being really good. Does he read your blog? I hope he knows how you appreciate his good behaviour. After all, he is maturing and probable is no longer 15?
    I loved the giant magnolia. I wish I could have smelt it.
    The prayer tree is such a good idea.
    Of the gargoyles I think I like the penultimate best, the dragon's head.
    Your elephants are fun. What are you going to di with them?
    Have a good week and don't work too hard (I know you have two jobs)

  3. I've seen those large magnolias quite often at NT properties, country houses. Perhaps because they are so large... they are in proportion with the houses?

    I loved the sound of the church you mentioned and especially the heart tree.

    Sweet elephants :)

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

    Karen x

  4. Oh those doors!! what is it about doors?? It must be the idea of freedom on the other side, or adventure... or something. However, I love the big wide one with all that gorgeous greenery framing it... lovely lovely lovely. Great to see some more of Lacock too.

  5. I think the second gargoyle is my choice. he almost looks as though he is smiling. I know he isn't meant to smile, but I prefer a happy face. I too love doors and gateways. I have a folder of door photos taken around our village. I love the one as you come out of the brewery, with the greenery all around it. The flower is beautiful and its seed head is amazing. I also like the gateway into Laycock Abbey.
    Your lad is a good'un. It is lovely to hear how he helps you and without making too much fuss first as well.
    Your elephants are cute. I hope you are making something good with them.
    Have a positive week. Kate x

  6. Such lovely photos Virginia. I love the sound of the church you visited - it sounds so friendly.
    You've had some lovely positives this week along with the spill-over from your holiday. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Toni xx

  7. Another here who loves doors - especially the old ones. We went to the British Museum a few weeks ago and the size of some of them in there... gigantic, absolutely mind boggling.

    Love your little elephants - so cute. And you ARE an artist.

    x x x