Friday, 29 July 2016


Good afternoon lovely people - apologies for the delay in posting today but we have literally just landed back after a week away in the lovely county of Wiltshire.  

We were quite late booking this one but had a lovely cottage for the week, although the beds were a little on the firm side for my decidedly dodgy back if you know what I mean! 

However, apart from that we wanted for nothing, there was even a welcome basket with biscuits, crisps and wine in it as well as butter, milk and cheese in the fridge!

The village we stopped in was called Corsham (they filmed a lot of Poldark there apparently although we didn't watch the series ourselves).  It is not far from a the National Trust village of Lacock - famed for its filming as well including Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Chamber of Secrets and Half Blood Prince.  

Being National Trust members we got to walk around Lacock Abbey, this is one of those knocked down during the dissolution of the monasteries and then later sold to a private owner who used the remains to build a country retreat.  It was very lovely to have a walk around and the inventor of the photography lived there at some point in the dim and distant past.  

Inside the great hall were terracotta statues in the niches.  

And a display of costumes from the Hollow Crown series on the BBC in particular I liked the costume that Benedict Cumberbatch wore as Richard III. 

This corridor was used in Harry Potter!

As was this, we saw Professor Quirrell's classroom as well as the place where the Mirror of Erised was housed - I love me a Harry Potter film location it has to be said!  

We even managed a selfie in the cloisters. 

We wandered the gardens and had a thoroughly lovely day! 

Corsham is mighty pretty as you can see! 

With a lovely church that we wandered around

And found this rather strange gravestone

We jaunted over to Fleet Air Arm museum, said 15 year old checked out the life rafts!

We got to see the second Concorde (the first British one) used for experiments at a point when they were trying to find out if it would be possible to fly super sonic. 

The day after we had pre-booked tickets for Stonehenge, I will be honest and say I never actually thought I'd get to see this place.  Don't ask me why.  We had a fabulous few hours, walking around the stones, checking out the exhibition and enjoying the gift shop and cafe!

We were also visiting on a lovely blue sky day as you can see!

The day after and we headed to Avebury - the biggest stone circle in Britain complete with a pub and church within the circle apparently!  Now here we were able to get up close to the stones (something sadly that you can no longer do at Stonehenge). 

As you can see (I've no idea what I was doing but I didn't know hubby was taking the photo). 

The Manor house at Avebury is famous for a BBC TV series the Manor Reborn, where the BBC were given permission to do whatever they wanted to the house.  As a result all the rooms are interactive in that you climb on the beds, check out the chairs etc, because whilst the items might look old they are only about 5 years old!  

Even the exercise chair was fun to try out - for those wet days when you don't want to take the horses out but still want the exercise, said 15 year old said it was strange!

Me and hubby also managed a jaunt to Stourhead, unfortunately said 15 year old was not feeling a hundred percent and so he stayed put for the day and rested watching DVDs etc. 

Again we had another blue skies afternoon to explore!

And our final day (are you still with me) we went to Glastonbury.  Somewhere we all fancied going.  We loved the crystal shops of which there were numerous, thankfully my friend Sam had told us which was the best one to go to, so we headed there and we not disappointed! 

She also recommended a wander up to the Chalice Well just outside Glastonbury, it was just what we needed to recharge our batteries if I'm honest.  

And there we have it, grateful to be able to explore.  Grateful that we managed to have some fun family days out with blue skies.  Grateful for a lovely cottage and grateful for spending time together. 

We are home, utterly shattered but feeling very positive about our lovely week away! 

I hope yours has been grand, if you fancy joining pop a post together, mention that you are joining in Rocking Your World, pop back and link up and we can come and visit! 


  1. No wonder you were tired ;)

    I must say it sounds like my idea of a perfect week :)

    I've been to Stonehenge (not too far from where I live - about 25 miles) but I am adding the other places to my 'to do' list!

    Which crystal shop did your friend recommend btw...?

    I hope you manage a restful weekend... I bet you did lots of steps last week!

    ps Hope 'said 15 year old' is feeling better :)

    Karen x


  2. Lovely photos. Your are looking great gal!
    We used to live in Keynsham, which is near Corsham. So I know all those places that you have been to and unintentionally you have taken me on a nostalgic tour around all those places that my hubby took me when I first came to live in the UK. I have photos in pretty much the same places as you have, only I didn't know Harry Potter then....
    I also remember (from my childhood) the Stonehenge when you could walk around and touch it. We're talking late sixties now.
    I have left many footsteps in Stourhead as i had NT membership too and it was the nearest NT property to our home. (Well Dyrham was not far either. Did you not go to that one?)
    The Fleet Air Arm Museum in Yeovilton is brilliant. That's another thing I saw as a child in the sixties and later as an adult when we lived in the UK.
    I'm so glad you have had a fantastic week. Now turn the washing machine on, make yourself a cuppa (or something stronger) and relax.
    Have a relaxing weekend,

  3. What a lovely week you had. You do get to visit some lovely places. I would get them all muddled up in my head. My boys all read the Harry Potter books, but I never quite managed to, but now I am listening to the audio books, read by Stephen Fry. I have the whole set on my tablet, and they keep me happy while I am crocheting.
    I love that funny grave plaque, and the steps up the tree stumps in the Abbey grounds. Lots of material there for some more layouts I think. I hope work isn't too arduous after such a lovely week away. Kate x

  4. Wonderful photos Virginia. Sounds like you all had a super time and the weather was good to you.
    Toni xx

  5. WOW!....I want to go to all those places, (though not being able to touch the stones at the henge must be totally frustrating). Did you find the Wonky Broomstick store in Glasto...lovely people there too :D XXX

  6. Loved your tour, some great memories as I have been to many of them (long time ago) Isn't Lacock also where Henry Fox Talbot pioneered photography? (it is I've just googled it!) Stourhead is one of my absolute favourite NT gardens, just beautiful (especially in autumn)

  7. I love reading about your trips - you get the maximum out of them every time and I always want to go wherever you've been! Love all the Harry Potter info - makes you realise how much travelling must have been done to film inside Hogwarts doesn't it?

    I'm making a pledge - My Rocking Fridays will be back this week - I have supercharged internet EVEN way up in my attic bedroom/workroom! YES!