Friday, 15 July 2016


Good Morning lovely people and as we wake yet again to difficult news from around the globe, it is at these times that we realise how important it is to celebrate the positives and realise that there are some amazing people in our lives and that we are truly blessed for each and every day.

Last weekend was one of those that was going to merrily trip along without much achieved if I'm brutally honest, the world was still rather wonky without the tablets, with the tablets it was OK, so we decided to try and get a few jobs done around the house.  Our enthusiasm for this is never at its peak if I'm honest but I aspire to get lots of things done, so we decided to actually get on.  

This involved sorting the office, no simple feat because it was in a mess, two desks rather than one, work office spilling into home office, the filing cabinet at capacity - you know what I mean. 

There were also other tasks, a new shower curtain to put up, a new handle to sort out etc, so we were mighty busy for a good few hours.  Once done there was definitely a sense of achievement and so we popped to the pub so hubby could have a pint. 

Sunday we popped to my sisters who'd invited us to a Wimbledon party - she'd been very busy as had my Mum to create this lovely spread! 

My sister even let Loki - aka Ginger Monster into the main room - he doesn't get along with the other cat so this is a rarity, the hope is to try and integrate them in the long run, so we had to make sure he didn't find where Boo (the other cat) was as she certainly wasn't impressed!

These two were watching the game intently - me I was a bag full of questions as I didn't have a clue what was going on, so many games, some stupid scoring system, advantages, disadvantages, sets, difference in sets - I was somewhat bewildered - you can imagine how happy I was when he managed to win in 3 straight sets - yay!  I'm so pleased he did and I'm glad I saw the match - but I'm still bewildered! 

Ah just found a photo of the 'tidier' office.  I still have to go through the box on the floor, it has additional hobbies in it - no idea where I'm going to put the contents, but I think I might try and sort it today to finish it off fully! 

For a Father's day gift I arranged for said 15 year old to go with his Dad to the Sushi School at Yo Sushi, I arranged for them to go this Tuesday so they were both looking forward to the evening.

It started at 6pm and they finished just after 8.30pm.  They were taught by the head chef and had a great evening! 

This is what they brought home - you can't imagine how giddy I was when I saw the bag! 

They did the course with another two people, strangely enough another Father's day present, but this time Father and daughter!  They were kind enough to get this photo of Mischief 1 and 2 for me - these two know me well - "she'll want to scrapbook this - better get a photo"!

And this is the contents of the goody bag and yes before you ask it was absolutely gorgeous, I really enjoyed it and both of them feel confident they could recreate at home without an issue.  So a new skill learnt!  I can highly recommend if you like sushi, want to learn a new skill and fancy buying a present that is an experience.  They also tried the miso soup - which was apparently free flowing - the only statement about this was that it was salty and green tea, which apparently said 15 year old liked! 

The rest of the week has seen me manage to get back to work, which is good as I had sooooooooooooo much to catch up on and didn't do a first day back for one job but two so I'm thoroughly shattered today as you can imagine! 

We've got a play to look forward to this evening ooh and we managed to see Now you See Me 2, we all enjoyed it although it hasn't been given the best of reviews, mind you we tend not to read them as we often like the films that the critics don't!  

Said 15 year old has had his final sports day, he finishes next year so won't be at school when sports day occurs as it were.  He's got a full day of CV writing today, although I think it is somewhat pointless, firstly because its a task they've already done and secondly none of them have qualifications or work experience to put down, but hopefully he'll come home having learnt something. 

He has two more days to go next week before the long summer holiday stretches out in front of him. 

My Mum also started her treatment this week, fingers and toes crossed it keeps the cancer isolated and not progressing and hopefully that she doesn't suffer any significant side effects.  Time will tell but your thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated. 

Right lovely people that's my round up of the silver linings, positive moments that make my life all the better, if you fancy joining in pop a post together pop back and link up so we can some and visit. 


  1. lol...our posts are always so full of happy moments that, by the time I reach the end, I forget what I was going to comment :D so I'll go with OOOOOw PIMMS! (only thing I look forward to during tennis season lol) XXX

  2. Super photos Virginia. Your Sister's Wimbledon feast is much more to my taste than sushi. However, the lads looked as if they enjoyed themselves.
    Sending your Mum positive thoughts.
    Have a great weekend.
    Toni xx

  3. I am with you on the tennis Virginia. I really can't be bothered to watch it any more. Some of my friends are glued to the TV throughout the tournament, but not me!
    I am glad you are feeling a bit better this week, and managed to get back to work. I am impressed by the tidy office. It is a job on my to do list this summer, but whether or not it get done...?
    The sushi does not appeal to me at all. I am not a big fish eater, and raw? No thanks. I'll pass on that one. But to each his own. It was a great idea for Father's Day though.
    Prayers and Happy wishes for Mum. I hope the treatment goes well.
    Hugs Kate x

  4. A great post Virginia. I have linked up although I havenot written about my week. (Nothing's happened and I didn't go anywhere... too hot).
    I love the buffet: strawberries and Pimms. You can't get more summery than that.
    A fantastic father's day present, and useful too because of the new skill learnt. It's fun to do. I tried it once.
    Yes, I shall be praying for your mum.
    Have a lovely week,

  5. I'm not at all keen on the idea of sushi so I'll have the Wimbledon feast too... I loved the tennis! Sending your Mum lots of love and luck for a successful treatment.