Friday, 8 July 2016


Good Morning/Evening/Afternoon

Tis Friday which means

It has been something of a mixed week if I'm brutally honest but hey - sometimes that's what life throws at us! 

First grateful is said 15 year old arriving home safe and sound from his trip to France last Friday, he arrived back mid-afternoon, thoroughly exhausted, however, his first port of call when we got back home was - well I'll let the photo do the talking! 

We should also have been at Chatsworth for a Garden Party last weekend, but alas the weather was decidedly naughty, so we had a gathering at ours to have a catch up instead!  

As usual me and my Mum thought we were feeding an army, making far too much food which then fed us well into the weekend! 

Sunday we finally got the grass mowed at the back of the house, said 15 year old and hubby had gone to the shooting range for an hour so I thought I'd do a quick mow, anyway quick mow turned into mow, strim, hedge trim, mend fence etc - you know how it is. 

I did manage to get the table clean though and took this fab 'reflection' photo once we'd done and were having a cuppa!

Monday was a work from home day and I was starting to feel a little 'wonky'.  By the end of Monday my wonkiness had turned into dizzy and I was bouncing off walls!  Sigh! 

I had no idea what was causing it but felt pretty dreadful so went off up to bed at just gone 6pm on Monday in the hope I could sleep it off.  Alas it was not to be, but I'm grateful that I managed a Doctor's appointment who confirmed that he didn't think it was anything too serious and was probably viral, possibly middle ear, so he sent me on my wobbly way with some tablets. 

The world is just starting to steady itself again, keep your fingers crossed that it continues. 

Next happy is said 15 year old being put forward for an award in Art Textile - he got an attainment award, which I always think sounds a bit well - plain, we've renamed it the best of the best of the best award and I got a photo to scrapbook - so happy Mum as you can imagine! 

He's had a funny old week at school, he went on Tuesday despite the national teachers strike, lots of teachers missing but he just got on with work bless him! 

He's arrived home today to tell me he was off syllabus this afternoon - I couldn't fathom out why, but apparently all the children who have had no behaviours against them got invited to a barbeque.  Apparently there were about 60 in attendance out of 850 odd pupils, which makes it sound like there are a lot of naughty kids in school, but they can get a behaviour for not having the right equipment with them, forgetting a book, not having the right uniform, not doing their homework etc.  Said 15 year old has actually never had a behaviour against him in the last 4 years, something that we are all mighty proud of!

And here we are on Thursday evening, the world is slightly more level than it has been but I'm still sleeping a lot.  Said 15 year old came through the door having made profiteroles in school so that was definitely a positive today and he has provided ample hugs since he arrived home last Friday, I had truly missed them. 

I hope your week has been positive and upbeat and full of silver linings, if you fancy joining up pop a post together, pop back and link up and we shall come and visit! 


  1. Hope you feel better soon, the dizzy thing is nasty - a friend of mine gets repeated spells (sorry!) of vertigo; hope that isn't what happens for you! Well done to said 15 year old,you have obviously brought him up right proper (lol) xx

  2. Hope you are feeling better Virginia.
    Congrats to Said 15yr old for his award and for giving you lots of hugs.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Toni xx

  3. Hope you are feeling steadier today...naughty little virus wouldn't have got an invite to the bar-b-cue :D XXX

  4. Great that your son is back home! And well done for his Best of the Best award!
    I hope you are feeling better and not so dizzy anymore. I had that a few weeks ago. It's awful to feel dizzy. I even felt dizzy in bed. Weird that is.
    Get well soon,
    Have a great week,

  5. What a blessing your lad is. He seems to do equally well at home and at school which, believe me, is quite unusual. Having sat on the other side of the desk at parents evening, I can tell you that the children who are a pleasure to have in the class, are little horrors at home, and the ones who play up all day are little 'angels' according to their parents, so your lad is a real credit to you.
    Your family get-together looks fun, and it is good that you had the time and weather to get outside for a while.
    I am sorry you have felt so poorly this week. I hope it was only viral, and that you are now feeling more comfortable and lively. Kate xx