Friday, 24 June 2016


Good morning all it is the 26th Friday of 2016 - that makes us exactly half way through the year already, time really does fly! 

It is time for 

Friday was a busy day again, I popped to see my Mum after shopping for said 15 year old's next expedition.  It was lovely to have a  cuppa and a natter as it were. 

Saturday saw said 15 year old at a party but before he went we decided to sort the garden out, the crazy weather we've had recently has meant it has been much harder to get the grass trimmed.  Both gardens were looking more wilderness than garden, thankfully with two of us working on it we soon had it looking better, getting both the front and back lawns sorted and weeding one of the borders.

Sunday was Father's day and we decided we needed some fresh air and a walk, with a new exhibition opening at Yorkshire Sculpture Park we decided to enjoy the day.  My Mum had said she was four walling it and fancied a trip out too so we collected her and headed up to see the 'Not Vital' exhibition. 

This is the first sculpture we saw when we got through the visitors centre and is a model of a house that he actually built - designed to enjoy the sunset visible from where the house is based. 

I got a selfie of me and my Mum, she looks tired at the moment, complications with what we think is still a gall bladder problem meant she'd had a rather sleepless night, but was adamant that she still wanted to come!

My favourite sculpture of the day is a huge spherical moon like structure which created some fun photos when you got up close.

I loved how the top half reflected the sky as well!

And here it is in all its glory!

These two always keeping me smiling!

And the fact we could take photos in the underground gallery was brilliant - although I think I might have used the space differently - the back wall represents the Last Supper

The next chamber had these amazing structures, the steel was hammered out rather than cast that way - and I loved the darker finish

I loved the marble sledge and the snowball wall - created using plaster

The final room in the underground gallery - often gives an insight into how the artist creates - but this time it actually provided a large quantity of models of proposed bridges for Venice (believe it or believe it not).  I loved the reflections when staring through

Outside we found the 100 blooms laid out 

and were pleased to find they have extended the Kaws outdoor exhibition until later in the year, although the sculptures in the long gallery has now ended.

The first sculpture you come across in the park relevant to the Not Vital exhibition is this huge stainless steel hip bone.  

We had a fabulous time, really enjoyed it! 

Other gratefuls said 15 year old making a lovely tea on Monday and spiralising some courgette for me as I didn't fancy pasta - he did a grand job! 

Work being understandable this week, I've had a lot of juggling to do having two very practical and understanding employers really does make a difference! 

Fruit - having followed a very strict diet earlier in the year, fruit pretty much removed itself from our diet, however, I'm now following a less rigid diet and it allows for fruit - oh how I've missed it! 


  1. I love these photos - all those gorgeous reflections and the raindrops as well - love love love. wish I lived close enough to go.

  2. Great photos Virginia.
    I love the darker shading of the hammered steel - the shapes look very 'touchable'.
    Toni xx

  3. Glad to see your mum determined to get on with life and enjoy herself. Never a bad day out at YSP :D...and that photo through the reflective tunnel...very "Cheshire Cat" lol XXX

  4. Hi, I enjoyed going to the Sculpture Park again with you. There is always something new and different.
    Fab that your mum could come too.
    I'm so sorry, I forgot to mention your blog in my blog this morning. I normally do. Don't know what happened to me there.... (Must be the shock of Brexit)
    Happy Friday!

  5. I could almost live on fruit (except I am diabetic!!), so I am with you on the last comment.
    What amazing exhibitions you manage to find around your area. I don't like all of these but I love the darker steel shapes and the big 'moon'.
    Your son is a real treasure but you don¡t need me to tell you that.
    Hope this week goes smoothly for you, both at work and at home. Kate x