Friday, 17 June 2016


Good Morning Lovely people - tis Friday so time for 

Now I will pre-warn you I'm uber light on the old photo side of things at the moment, it has been a mighty busy working week which means a lack of photos.  

So this one may be short and sweet 

  1. My Mum and my hubby - for agreeing to come and give my sister a hand at her house, she is currently a student nurse and things are never easy when on that sort of budget, she has a long commute to her placement and a day at Uni, then assignments to write etc so a busy busy life at the moment.  At these times lets be honest we usually have to let something slip and in the case of my sister it was the house, so me and my Mum and hubby headed over on Saturday and we spent a few hours with my sister and niece, cleaning and tidying and sorting things out and before we left on Saturday things were looking much better, the garden was strimmed by hubby, we cleaned all the bedrooms, the bathroom the living room and kitchen/dining area and we left it looking great. She was so grateful for the time we took and it makes such a difference when you've got a tidy home to go to, don't you agree! 
  2. Talking of hubby - yes he's kept me smiling this week, sometimes I get in a bit of a mental funk - nothing too serious and its always good when I drag myself back out of it, but when I'm in it I drive everyone including myself absolutely mad.  Hubby has this amazing way of reminding me not to take things too seriously, so a couple of times this week when I've been in that zone, he's made me laugh and that has really helped - laughter really is a positive thing to do when times are stressful. 
  3. Talking of laughter, said 15 year old continues to amaze me, he has a great sense of humour, enjoys spending time with us, we have a good giggle.  He really is turning into the most amazing young man - who I am incredibly proud of. 
  4. Talking about proud moments, we had a school meeting last night and in the reception area there is a wall showing all the names of the people who have been put forward by their class teachers for excellent work, said 15 year old's name appeared on more than one occasion on that wall - it made me smile! 
  5. Walks in a morning, even though we haven't done enough of them.
  6. Deadpool on DVD - although I still state that I have no understanding of how that was certified a 15 in this country! 
  7. Starting some new house artwork - I will show pictures later! 
  8. A glass of red on a school night - very naughty - but it was nice! 
  9. Messages from friends on facebook!
  10. Warm milky coffee when I arrive home and collapse in a heap!
  11. Said 15 year old practicing on his acoustic guitar!
OK lovely people that is my list, short and no photos - sorry must try harder! 

I will leave you with one scrapbook layout to make up for it, hubby and said 15 year old when we visited Harry Potter world last year (yes I am still scrapbooking the 700 photos we took on the day).   Here they are in the dark arts area, the cabinet behind is the Vanishing Cabinet that Draco had to get to work in the half blood prince, the lock which runs along the front edge does actually work, the cabinet took a year to make - absolutely phenomenal! 

If you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back and link up and we shall come and visit, alternatively you can leave your rocking moments in the comments!  I hope you all have a beautiful and blessed weekend and week ahead! 


  1. Lots of lovely things this week Virginia and the LO is fabulous.
    I must admit, I had a little tipple this week as it turned so chilly. The glass of ginger wine was just the thing.
    Have a super weekend.
    Toni xx

  2. Sorry I'm late as I have been über busy as well, spending time with my mum and cousin.
    But what a fab list! I enjoyed reading it. That is literally counting your blessings.
    I can imagine you are very proud of your son. He sounds such a great lad! I love it when kids enjoy spending time with their parents. Usually at that age it is very un-cool but he doesn't seem to mind. What a blessing! And the fact that he is doing so well at school.He very obviously loves what he is doing.
    Your sister will have been well pleased about you lot cleaning and tidying her house as well as trimming the garden.I have been a student nurse too but I was young then and lived in student accomodation....You are so good and generous to give your sister that lovely gift of helping her. You really care about each other.
    Have another good week. Don't work too hard,

  3. That is lots of lovely positives Virginia, and photos aren't needed at such times. How kind to help your sister in the house. She must have felt really blessed by what you all did for her.
    Well done to your son. He is a joy to see being so involved with all your family excursions, and he is obviously a joy to have in the class room too. A real all rounder and a son to be proud of.
    I hope you have a stress-free week. Hugs. Kate x

  4. I would have to say...YOU keep me smiling...even when I am having a trashy weekend your posts help me keep things in perspective...and Deadpool...I totally made myself ill laughing through that movie.*def 18 rating* :D XXX