Friday, 10 June 2016


Good Morning/Evening/Afternoon I hope I find you well tis the 24th Friday of 2016 and the 24th Rocking Your World Friday post, a time to step back and find the positives, silver linings etc that make you smile! 

First up - the end of the holiday last week, we ended up at the oldest inhabited house in Scotland - known as Traquair it was a beautiful house and home, with its own chapel, a beautiful maze, woodland walks and a brewery - really could you want anything more awesome!  

I found yet another fabulous example of a tunnel book in the house, the photos don't do it justice if I'm honest! 

There was also an awesome tea room - where they had beautiful cakes (and said 15 year old's new favourite tipple Irn Bru - until this holiday he hadn't partaken in the same)!

They also did lovely homemade soup!

The walled garden has this awesome sculpture and if you look closely you'll see it is made up of gardening implements!

The house itself in its setting reminded us of a German style house, maybe it was the pines on the hillside behind! 

Our last evening saw the village we were in (West Linton), full of bunting for the start of the Whipman Plays, there is a nominated Whipman and Whip lass each year and they have a huge celebration on the first night together with a week of activities (unfortunately we were home for them).  

I loved seeing the parade including lots of floats with the local children on and hearing the band, a bag pipe band to begin and a brass band to finish the parade! 

Saturday night found us celebrating my little sisters birthday at a restaurant, unfortunately - slap my wrists no one took any photos! 

However I tried to make up for that on the Sunday (her actual birthday) when I managed a photo in my Mum's garden.  It was a beautiful sunny day (although I sat in the shade the sun is still rather harsh for my skin).  My sister on the left, my niece in the middle and my Mum who on the right - she's doing good at the moment and waiting on the first course of injections.  

The rest of the week has been a working blur, so tiring and no photos to share as such but there have been a few positives - just no photo evidence, a lovely online chat with a friend who had posted an instagram photo of some ATC's she has created in the style of Junker Jayne, which was a coincidence in that I too had created some in a Junker Jayne style recently (albeit much bigger than ATC). 

I came home on Thursday - very tired - it's been a busy week and the house needed cleaning but to raise a smile I discovered a delivery - I'm thinking I've been sleep purchasing as I don't remember buying anything.  When I got it inside and opened it the wonderful Susie had sent me my prize from her craft room giveaway - it weighed a lot and is full of the most awesome goodies - the stitched textile collage will be a mahoosive help to said 15 year old on his textile course and I've only ever been naughty enough to buy one flow magazine as they are lovely but rather expensive! 

Then there were flowers and embellishments, washi tape, papers, ribbons and even some gorgeous - no I will say that again GORGEOUS dies - OMG Susie - thank you thank you thank you - can't wait to get using! 

Right lovely people that's your lot this week, I'll share Mr Linky, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back link up - mention where to find me if you get chance you never know we might get a few more Rockettes on the block as it were! 


  1. Love that sculpture, it's fabulous! what a wonderful parcel of goodies, such a great prize!.

  2. Sounds like your holiday break was super.
    WOW, what a fabulous box of goodies. Looks as if both you and Said 15yr old are going to have a lot of use from the contents.
    Have a great weekend.
    Toni xx

  3. Oh my, what a great post! I sat down with a cup of tea for this one! I enjoyed seeing photos of Scotland.
    The tunnel box actually came up quite clearly, especially since you had shown what it looked like in an earlier blog.
    The horse sculpture is awesome. I'm glad you mentioned the garden implements as I hadn't noticed. Fab!
    The house looks beautiful. Fancy having a chapel and a brewery, plus a maze and a garden (with sculpture).
    Ha, I smiled at the whip lass. I'd heard of whip lash but not whip lass, lol.
    Your mother is looking good. We will keep her in our prayers.
    Wow! What a pressie is that! Fan - bloomin- tastic! Lots of lovely goodies! Of course my eye went to the Flow magazine, which is my fav magazine. I have a subscription which has now run out. I think, but they have changed their delivery system and the couriers are so expensive that my subscription has doubled in price, so no more Flow magazine for me.
    Have a fab week, and see you next Friday with lots of smiles,
    PS I'm popping over to Annie's as she has just posted her smiles.

  4. Where's my comment gone? I wrote a rather long comment this morning after reading your wonderful post. I sat down with a cup od tea to read it comfortably.
    You did have a great time in Scotland by the looks of it.
    That tunnel box photo did come out well, especially as you explained earlier how it works.
    The house is amazing! Fancy having a brewery in your garden, and a chapel, besides a large garden with a sculpture.
    Irn Bru, now that brings back memories...
    Your mother looks fine. She is on our prayer list. Isn't it a privilege to have still have our mums. Mine is coming to see me tomorrow and I have been working very hard to get everything ready. She is coming with my cousin, my sister and her hubby, so I'm having to prepare 3 guest rooms. Now I wish I had a house as big as that one in Scotland, lol.
    What a great prize you have won there! Lucky you! Loads of nice goodies. My eye went to the Flow magazine immediately. I love that mag. I had a subscription that has I think expired now. I can't renew it as they have changed their courier and it is so expensive to send to Spain that the subscription has doubled in price. That's a nono I'm afraid.
    Well enjoy your new goodies, have a fantastic week, with lots of smiles,

  5. That was a good way to end your holiday even though you had to miss some of the celebrations. The procession sounds fun.
    I'm glad you had a nice day to sit outside with the family. I always prefer to be outside, but I too only sit in the shade.
    That was a fabulous prize parcel. I love that sort of mail. It had a wonderful range of things in it which I am sure you will enjoy using. Kate x

  6. A busy week can always be improved by mahoosively useful gifts :D XXX

  7. I've really enjoyed my catch up over here this morning.... I'm in need of a cup of tea now:)

    Your holiday sounds fantastic.... and your box of goodies looks fantastic! I'm glad you went with the 'Flow!' which issue did you get? Glad you liked it.

    So sorry to hear about your mum... but hope that all goes very well with her treatment. She sounds like a very strong person. Wishing her well xxxxx

    Karen x

  8. Ah I used to love Irn Bru - made from steel girders :P Where I used to live in Scotland, the ice cream shop did an irn bru flavoured ice cream. Was lush!

    I've so enjoyed your Scotland trip. And that sculpture too was gorgeous.

    Fab present from Susie too - I have never read Flow magazine, maybe I will look on eBay for some back issues.