Friday, 3 June 2016


Good morning one and all, it is Friday which means only one thing - it is time for...

So first up was for the time turner that allowed me to create this little gift in record time - for my cousin's wedding reception, she got married in Santorini in Greece and we were invited to her evening reception back home, which was brilliant.  We had a lovely night, she looked absolutely beautiful, wearing the most exquisite lace dress! 

They had a photo booth - something we've never had the privilege of - we really enjoyed the photos - a must for the evening, we left a copy in the guest book and a message - what a fabulous way to celebrate a wedding! 

Now this week we've had a few days away enjoying Scotland and I have to say it has been lovely.  The cottage has been idyllic in a fabulous location, in the centre of a pretty little village surrounded by the beautiful Scottish mountains.  

We've had some lovely days out - Jupiter Artland was the reason for the break in the first place and it really did not disappoint! 

This building covered in metallic sheets, peeled back to show the colours - they reflected the forest beyond! 

Then this piece of Antony Gormley - using original star maps as inspiration with their non-regular polygonal structures to create a man lying down on the landscape.  

Now this sculpture (or as it turned out set of sculptures was seriously scary) - I'm glad it wasn't night time, called the Weeping Girls each sculpture had a seriously horror movie like feel to them - said 15 year old thought they were awesome - particularly given that he is doing horror movies in Media at school

Here is said 15 year old and hubby with one of the sculptures and I know your first thought - how scary was the face - the answer there was no face - it was simply a hole in the head - the original sculptures were created by wax and then cast from the wax sculpture! 

Other sculptures included oversized guns

And p*ss flowers - yes I did say that word and yes I know you are slightly upset at me using that word - but that is their name and why are they called that - because they were created using castings taken from snow after someone had - well urinated is the more diplomatic name but you get the drift! 

The gate into Jupiter Artland is beautiful but it is also on the way in when you are driving, we were pleased to find another gate near the cafe in the same style!

We found this lit up sculpture similar to one we've had previously at Yorkshire Sculpture Park! 

The land in part of the park is sculpted into these amazing shapes!

that you can explore!

But my favourite sculpture by a long shot was the amethyst chamber.  We walked down the steps into this wall to wall Amethyst chamber

As you can see, it was surrounded by raw obsidian around the top 

As you can see here!

I also liked the 100 river waters from different rivers inside the boat house - even though we could only count 91 bottle - goodness knows who nicked the other 9! 

Climbing to the top of the mounds to find the additional sculptures 

Find apple sculptures 

And a 'love bomb' sculpture - similar work done by same artist seen at Chatsworth in previous years! 

We also loved the Andy Goldsworthy work this room was filled with cut trees inserted into the room! 

A 'current' work involves guitars and amps inside a room full of birds that when landed on the guitars make the most amazing music!

We also managed a view of the gate on the way out - I love love love the gate!

The cottage has the most amazing window seat - big enough for me and hubby to have a natter at during the evening! 

The village has a lovely heritage trail that me and hubby tried out! 

We managed a day out at an Airfield - which included the Concorde Experience, having missed the original hype over Concorde and having fleeting conversations with hubby I really didn't appreciate this piece of technology!  

Afterwards we travelled to North Berwick to find the sea - a beautiful Scottish day don't you think! 

The following day we ventured into Edinburgh - I really can't express what a fabulously beautiful day we had, this view off the top of the Camera Obscura was simply amazing!

Inside the Camera Obscura were some fabulous exhibits! 

Loving how amazing this looks - just look how tall said 15 year old got - must be the Scottish Air! 

My favourite exhibit was the Victorian tunnel book!

Which from above looked like this! 

Me and hubby even retook our wedding vows at the Autowed! 

We've also visited a unique boating experience - The Falkirk Wheel joins two canals using a rotating boat  swing - a feat of engineering - we actually had a boat trip on the same - going up the wheel, along the canal and back again - absolutely amazing and the only one in the world! 

Whilst waiting for the boat trip we ventured to the Kelpies - the world's largest equine sculpures - absolutely gorgeous sculptures of two local horses - Baron and Duke! 

 Today was Castle day - we've ventured to Crichton Castle

which was slightly mad with it's internal decor and before you ask - no that isn't recent! 

We also ventured to Craigmillar Castle on the outskirts of Edinburgh - giving a great view of Edinburgh Castle 

We've been treated to an amazing blue skies day!

And got to witness some great birds of prey!

And our final visit today - made famous (or more famous) by the Da Vinci Code - Rosslyn Chapel - a beautiful, amazing piece of architecture and a spectacular church! 

So you can tell we've had a fabulous week, but life isn't always fair or with explanation, so amongst this lovely family week - we find ourselves once again with the news that my Mum has once again been diagnosed with cancer not for the first or second time but for the third.  This amazing wonderful fantastic woman, who stands at a mighty 4 feet 11 inches high, has been and will always be my utter inspiration - widowed at 39 when my Dad passed away leaving not only her but my 16 year old self and my sister and brother at 8 and 6 years respectively.  She faced the first bout of this disease in 2002 and again in 2014, this year she faces one that isn't technically curable - but is technically manageable - the outpouring of love and affection - the amazing NHS for reacting quickly and my Mum for getting on with things - is simply the most fantastic inspiration - love and affection, thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated as we go into a whole new phase of what life has decided to throw at us! 

May your week have been upbeat and positive! 

If you fancy joining in pop a post together pop back and link up! 

Much love 



  1. A stunning collection of photos Virginia. I have been to North Berwick (several years ago) and was amazed by the wonderful weather despite it being Oct/Nov...the beach is fabulous.
    Thinking of you and the family what with this latest news about your Mum - sending (((hugs)))
    Toni xx

  2. just got back from a day at Kew to be able to read this - so so sorry to hear your Mum's news, I wish her all the very best in her latest fight, as fight she surely will from what I know of her through your writing.
    Now, your photos - what a variety you have for us today! I love the carved hillside at the sculpture park I saw it on tv when I caught a programme about it (amongst other places) and was fascinated then. Always love castles, so they were a treat too. thank you for sharing your latest week with us.

  3. Oh wow Virginia!!! YOU are a total inspiration to me. I have no idea how you fit all these marvellous adventures into your life while looking out for your family as well. Blessings and thoughts of strength and love to you and everyone you love XXX

  4. Ah Virginia. Am sat envying your trip - you know how I adore Scotland. We used to do Berwick when I was a child and I'm sure I've seen those horses as we drive up to where we go. It looks amazing.

    Then crash back down. Your Mum is an amazing woman and she has raised amazing children. I am sending you loads of love and hugs to all of you x x x

  5. What a wonderful week you had in Scotland. I have never been that far north, but you sure do find some lovely places to visit wherever you go. Some of the sculptures were a bit weird, but all those lovely grassy mounds to explore, and you are right, the gate is beautiful.
    You seem to have been very lucky with the weather. I like the rugged coastline and the little seal on his rock. I remember reading about the horses when they were first made, and I would love to have seen them for real.
    I am so sad that your mother's news came after such a lovely week away. Prayers and good wishes for her, and all the family. I know you will help her fight. be strong for her; it is all you can do. Hugs Kate x

  6. Wow! And Wow! again. What a fantastic holiday you have had! I love sculptures and you get to see the most interesting sculpture parks. I agree, the door was amazing.
    Scotland is beautiful, full stop. And you had lovely weather too.
    The Falkirk wheel is well known. I have seen photos and videos of it but I have never seen it in real life.
    The horses are stunning. That was worth a visit.
    I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. We will add her to ouur prayer list of course. And lots of good wishes are going your way. I know you will do your best to keep your spirits up.
    Big hug,
    PS, I have not joined in Friday as we were away for a few days to Córdoba. Will post photos next week.

  7. Wonderful photographs. Sending positives for mam jx