Monday, 27 June 2016


Morning all, another layout from our Northumberland holiday last year. 

The last room at Bamburgh Castle has some games from many moons ago, said 15 year old and my sister decided to try them out, thankfully there were instructions to help! 

I must admit I'm ever so slightly addicted to my new alphabet, the title 'GAMES' in the layout above uses a set of clear stamps from a certain discount book store, they cost £1 I wasn't expecting them to be great and they do vary in size so I've had to be mindful of that when using them on layouts - there are two heights for the letters - if you notice the 'S' isn't quite as tall as the 'E' - but they give a really crisp finish and I like them! 

Hope you are having a fab day! 

Friday, 24 June 2016


Good morning all it is the 26th Friday of 2016 - that makes us exactly half way through the year already, time really does fly! 

It is time for 

Friday was a busy day again, I popped to see my Mum after shopping for said 15 year old's next expedition.  It was lovely to have a  cuppa and a natter as it were. 

Saturday saw said 15 year old at a party but before he went we decided to sort the garden out, the crazy weather we've had recently has meant it has been much harder to get the grass trimmed.  Both gardens were looking more wilderness than garden, thankfully with two of us working on it we soon had it looking better, getting both the front and back lawns sorted and weeding one of the borders.

Sunday was Father's day and we decided we needed some fresh air and a walk, with a new exhibition opening at Yorkshire Sculpture Park we decided to enjoy the day.  My Mum had said she was four walling it and fancied a trip out too so we collected her and headed up to see the 'Not Vital' exhibition. 

This is the first sculpture we saw when we got through the visitors centre and is a model of a house that he actually built - designed to enjoy the sunset visible from where the house is based. 

I got a selfie of me and my Mum, she looks tired at the moment, complications with what we think is still a gall bladder problem meant she'd had a rather sleepless night, but was adamant that she still wanted to come!

My favourite sculpture of the day is a huge spherical moon like structure which created some fun photos when you got up close.

I loved how the top half reflected the sky as well!

And here it is in all its glory!

These two always keeping me smiling!

And the fact we could take photos in the underground gallery was brilliant - although I think I might have used the space differently - the back wall represents the Last Supper

The next chamber had these amazing structures, the steel was hammered out rather than cast that way - and I loved the darker finish

I loved the marble sledge and the snowball wall - created using plaster

The final room in the underground gallery - often gives an insight into how the artist creates - but this time it actually provided a large quantity of models of proposed bridges for Venice (believe it or believe it not).  I loved the reflections when staring through

Outside we found the 100 blooms laid out 

and were pleased to find they have extended the Kaws outdoor exhibition until later in the year, although the sculptures in the long gallery has now ended.

The first sculpture you come across in the park relevant to the Not Vital exhibition is this huge stainless steel hip bone.  

We had a fabulous time, really enjoyed it! 

Other gratefuls said 15 year old making a lovely tea on Monday and spiralising some courgette for me as I didn't fancy pasta - he did a grand job! 

Work being understandable this week, I've had a lot of juggling to do having two very practical and understanding employers really does make a difference! 

Fruit - having followed a very strict diet earlier in the year, fruit pretty much removed itself from our diet, however, I'm now following a less rigid diet and it allows for fruit - oh how I've missed it! 

Wednesday, 22 June 2016


Sometimes colours make me happy and that's what this layout and in particular this photo does for me. 

Bamburgh Castle is one of those iconic Castles, right on the edge of the beach, with the surrounding countryside being incredibly flat it can literally be seen from miles away.  We were treated to a beautiful sunset on a holiday there last year and the resulting photos and the scene itself was quite simply breathtaking, if you haven't had the privilege of visiting Bamburgh I can highly recommend.  Privately owned and still lived in it really is a fascinating castle.  

It also provided a great set piece for the most recent filming of Macbeth starting Michael Fassbender, we watched it over the weekend, for the first time, an amazing portrayal of a story that I've loved since my first introduction to Shakespeare in a live performance.  The film did not disappoint! 

The week is tripping along at a merry old pace at the moment, how is your week up to now - I hope it is being kind to you! 

Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Good Morning, well it is a beautiful morning here in Yorkshire, the sky is blue and the sun is shining - a shame I've got work but hey let's celebrate the positives!

This is a layout done from the Harry Potter World photos - I finally got to use the title of Saturday - that I painted up what seems like an age ago!  Just me and hubby checking out the potions classroom!

I hope you have a beautiful and blessed day! 

Friday, 17 June 2016


Good Morning Lovely people - tis Friday so time for 

Now I will pre-warn you I'm uber light on the old photo side of things at the moment, it has been a mighty busy working week which means a lack of photos.  

So this one may be short and sweet 

  1. My Mum and my hubby - for agreeing to come and give my sister a hand at her house, she is currently a student nurse and things are never easy when on that sort of budget, she has a long commute to her placement and a day at Uni, then assignments to write etc so a busy busy life at the moment.  At these times lets be honest we usually have to let something slip and in the case of my sister it was the house, so me and my Mum and hubby headed over on Saturday and we spent a few hours with my sister and niece, cleaning and tidying and sorting things out and before we left on Saturday things were looking much better, the garden was strimmed by hubby, we cleaned all the bedrooms, the bathroom the living room and kitchen/dining area and we left it looking great. She was so grateful for the time we took and it makes such a difference when you've got a tidy home to go to, don't you agree! 
  2. Talking of hubby - yes he's kept me smiling this week, sometimes I get in a bit of a mental funk - nothing too serious and its always good when I drag myself back out of it, but when I'm in it I drive everyone including myself absolutely mad.  Hubby has this amazing way of reminding me not to take things too seriously, so a couple of times this week when I've been in that zone, he's made me laugh and that has really helped - laughter really is a positive thing to do when times are stressful. 
  3. Talking of laughter, said 15 year old continues to amaze me, he has a great sense of humour, enjoys spending time with us, we have a good giggle.  He really is turning into the most amazing young man - who I am incredibly proud of. 
  4. Talking about proud moments, we had a school meeting last night and in the reception area there is a wall showing all the names of the people who have been put forward by their class teachers for excellent work, said 15 year old's name appeared on more than one occasion on that wall - it made me smile! 
  5. Walks in a morning, even though we haven't done enough of them.
  6. Deadpool on DVD - although I still state that I have no understanding of how that was certified a 15 in this country! 
  7. Starting some new house artwork - I will show pictures later! 
  8. A glass of red on a school night - very naughty - but it was nice! 
  9. Messages from friends on facebook!
  10. Warm milky coffee when I arrive home and collapse in a heap!
  11. Said 15 year old practicing on his acoustic guitar!
OK lovely people that is my list, short and no photos - sorry must try harder! 

I will leave you with one scrapbook layout to make up for it, hubby and said 15 year old when we visited Harry Potter world last year (yes I am still scrapbooking the 700 photos we took on the day).   Here they are in the dark arts area, the cabinet behind is the Vanishing Cabinet that Draco had to get to work in the half blood prince, the lock which runs along the front edge does actually work, the cabinet took a year to make - absolutely phenomenal! 

If you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back and link up and we shall come and visit, alternatively you can leave your rocking moments in the comments!  I hope you all have a beautiful and blessed weekend and week ahead! 

Friday, 10 June 2016


Good Morning/Evening/Afternoon I hope I find you well tis the 24th Friday of 2016 and the 24th Rocking Your World Friday post, a time to step back and find the positives, silver linings etc that make you smile! 

First up - the end of the holiday last week, we ended up at the oldest inhabited house in Scotland - known as Traquair it was a beautiful house and home, with its own chapel, a beautiful maze, woodland walks and a brewery - really could you want anything more awesome!  

I found yet another fabulous example of a tunnel book in the house, the photos don't do it justice if I'm honest! 

There was also an awesome tea room - where they had beautiful cakes (and said 15 year old's new favourite tipple Irn Bru - until this holiday he hadn't partaken in the same)!

They also did lovely homemade soup!

The walled garden has this awesome sculpture and if you look closely you'll see it is made up of gardening implements!

The house itself in its setting reminded us of a German style house, maybe it was the pines on the hillside behind! 

Our last evening saw the village we were in (West Linton), full of bunting for the start of the Whipman Plays, there is a nominated Whipman and Whip lass each year and they have a huge celebration on the first night together with a week of activities (unfortunately we were home for them).  

I loved seeing the parade including lots of floats with the local children on and hearing the band, a bag pipe band to begin and a brass band to finish the parade! 

Saturday night found us celebrating my little sisters birthday at a restaurant, unfortunately - slap my wrists no one took any photos! 

However I tried to make up for that on the Sunday (her actual birthday) when I managed a photo in my Mum's garden.  It was a beautiful sunny day (although I sat in the shade the sun is still rather harsh for my skin).  My sister on the left, my niece in the middle and my Mum who on the right - she's doing good at the moment and waiting on the first course of injections.  

The rest of the week has been a working blur, so tiring and no photos to share as such but there have been a few positives - just no photo evidence, a lovely online chat with a friend who had posted an instagram photo of some ATC's she has created in the style of Junker Jayne, which was a coincidence in that I too had created some in a Junker Jayne style recently (albeit much bigger than ATC). 

I came home on Thursday - very tired - it's been a busy week and the house needed cleaning but to raise a smile I discovered a delivery - I'm thinking I've been sleep purchasing as I don't remember buying anything.  When I got it inside and opened it the wonderful Susie had sent me my prize from her craft room giveaway - it weighed a lot and is full of the most awesome goodies - the stitched textile collage will be a mahoosive help to said 15 year old on his textile course and I've only ever been naughty enough to buy one flow magazine as they are lovely but rather expensive! 

Then there were flowers and embellishments, washi tape, papers, ribbons and even some gorgeous - no I will say that again GORGEOUS dies - OMG Susie - thank you thank you thank you - can't wait to get using! 

Right lovely people that's your lot this week, I'll share Mr Linky, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back link up - mention where to find me if you get chance you never know we might get a few more Rockettes on the block as it were! 

Wednesday, 8 June 2016


Good Morning lovely people, I've got a large stack of layouts to start sharing again - I know stop start stop start as it were. 

This is yet another for the Harry Potter album, Mischief 1 and Mischief 2 in the Potions Classroom.  I've used a mix of patterns, papers and embellishments to pull this one together!

I hope you have a happy scrapping day! 

Friday, 3 June 2016


Good morning one and all, it is Friday which means only one thing - it is time for...

So first up was for the time turner that allowed me to create this little gift in record time - for my cousin's wedding reception, she got married in Santorini in Greece and we were invited to her evening reception back home, which was brilliant.  We had a lovely night, she looked absolutely beautiful, wearing the most exquisite lace dress! 

They had a photo booth - something we've never had the privilege of - we really enjoyed the photos - a must for the evening, we left a copy in the guest book and a message - what a fabulous way to celebrate a wedding! 

Now this week we've had a few days away enjoying Scotland and I have to say it has been lovely.  The cottage has been idyllic in a fabulous location, in the centre of a pretty little village surrounded by the beautiful Scottish mountains.  

We've had some lovely days out - Jupiter Artland was the reason for the break in the first place and it really did not disappoint! 

This building covered in metallic sheets, peeled back to show the colours - they reflected the forest beyond! 

Then this piece of Antony Gormley - using original star maps as inspiration with their non-regular polygonal structures to create a man lying down on the landscape.  

Now this sculpture (or as it turned out set of sculptures was seriously scary) - I'm glad it wasn't night time, called the Weeping Girls each sculpture had a seriously horror movie like feel to them - said 15 year old thought they were awesome - particularly given that he is doing horror movies in Media at school

Here is said 15 year old and hubby with one of the sculptures and I know your first thought - how scary was the face - the answer there was no face - it was simply a hole in the head - the original sculptures were created by wax and then cast from the wax sculpture! 

Other sculptures included oversized guns

And p*ss flowers - yes I did say that word and yes I know you are slightly upset at me using that word - but that is their name and why are they called that - because they were created using castings taken from snow after someone had - well urinated is the more diplomatic name but you get the drift! 

The gate into Jupiter Artland is beautiful but it is also on the way in when you are driving, we were pleased to find another gate near the cafe in the same style!

We found this lit up sculpture similar to one we've had previously at Yorkshire Sculpture Park! 

The land in part of the park is sculpted into these amazing shapes!

that you can explore!

But my favourite sculpture by a long shot was the amethyst chamber.  We walked down the steps into this wall to wall Amethyst chamber

As you can see, it was surrounded by raw obsidian around the top 

As you can see here!

I also liked the 100 river waters from different rivers inside the boat house - even though we could only count 91 bottle - goodness knows who nicked the other 9! 

Climbing to the top of the mounds to find the additional sculptures 

Find apple sculptures 

And a 'love bomb' sculpture - similar work done by same artist seen at Chatsworth in previous years! 

We also loved the Andy Goldsworthy work this room was filled with cut trees inserted into the room! 

A 'current' work involves guitars and amps inside a room full of birds that when landed on the guitars make the most amazing music!

We also managed a view of the gate on the way out - I love love love the gate!

The cottage has the most amazing window seat - big enough for me and hubby to have a natter at during the evening! 

The village has a lovely heritage trail that me and hubby tried out! 

We managed a day out at an Airfield - which included the Concorde Experience, having missed the original hype over Concorde and having fleeting conversations with hubby I really didn't appreciate this piece of technology!  

Afterwards we travelled to North Berwick to find the sea - a beautiful Scottish day don't you think! 

The following day we ventured into Edinburgh - I really can't express what a fabulously beautiful day we had, this view off the top of the Camera Obscura was simply amazing!

Inside the Camera Obscura were some fabulous exhibits! 

Loving how amazing this looks - just look how tall said 15 year old got - must be the Scottish Air! 

My favourite exhibit was the Victorian tunnel book!

Which from above looked like this! 

Me and hubby even retook our wedding vows at the Autowed! 

We've also visited a unique boating experience - The Falkirk Wheel joins two canals using a rotating boat  swing - a feat of engineering - we actually had a boat trip on the same - going up the wheel, along the canal and back again - absolutely amazing and the only one in the world! 

Whilst waiting for the boat trip we ventured to the Kelpies - the world's largest equine sculpures - absolutely gorgeous sculptures of two local horses - Baron and Duke! 

 Today was Castle day - we've ventured to Crichton Castle

which was slightly mad with it's internal decor and before you ask - no that isn't recent! 

We also ventured to Craigmillar Castle on the outskirts of Edinburgh - giving a great view of Edinburgh Castle 

We've been treated to an amazing blue skies day!

And got to witness some great birds of prey!

And our final visit today - made famous (or more famous) by the Da Vinci Code - Rosslyn Chapel - a beautiful, amazing piece of architecture and a spectacular church! 

So you can tell we've had a fabulous week, but life isn't always fair or with explanation, so amongst this lovely family week - we find ourselves once again with the news that my Mum has once again been diagnosed with cancer not for the first or second time but for the third.  This amazing wonderful fantastic woman, who stands at a mighty 4 feet 11 inches high, has been and will always be my utter inspiration - widowed at 39 when my Dad passed away leaving not only her but my 16 year old self and my sister and brother at 8 and 6 years respectively.  She faced the first bout of this disease in 2002 and again in 2014, this year she faces one that isn't technically curable - but is technically manageable - the outpouring of love and affection - the amazing NHS for reacting quickly and my Mum for getting on with things - is simply the most fantastic inspiration - love and affection, thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated as we go into a whole new phase of what life has decided to throw at us! 

May your week have been upbeat and positive! 

If you fancy joining in pop a post together pop back and link up! 

Much love