Friday, 27 May 2016


Good Morning Friday - time to clock the positive moments and silver linings from the week that was 

So first up was a lovely day of crafting last Friday, yes I had a hundred and one things that I could have been doing but the day led me to slow down and embrace some crafting - which I thoroughly enjoyed! 

Next up early morning walks at a weekend mean we can actually travel out a little to find a good walk.  Within an easy drive of us is the lovely Worsbrough Mill and Dam and I love it because it's a circular walk around the dam taking you from woodland to open countryside to dam side walks.  The photos below really was beautiful, birds tweeting, fresh air - what could be better! 

At the end of the walk is the Mill and Mill Shop (both closed as it was so early), but I got a beautiful shot of this clematis! 

The other plant that is so prolific there is wild garlic which is currently in full bloom and full scent! 

A beautiful breakfast - fresh berries, Greek yogurt, honey and a handful of sunflower and pumpkin seeds!

Saturday saw me commence work on a gift (which is needed tonight and still not finished - whoops)

And Saturday brought about the commencement of the next piece of art textile work said 15 year old is working on - yes a huge canvas (he wanted one bigger but we had to explain to him it wouldn't fit in the car - he really didn't see that as an issue - rolls eyes!)

We were using our old overhead projector to put the image on the canvas for him to work on.  We used to use the overhead projector to project Celtic Knots onto walls that we then painted up - haven't done it so much in the current house, but when the OHP comes out it would be oh so easy to turn it and put one on the wall!

Said 15 year old and hubby have recently joined a shooting range - all safe and secure - it is something they both enjoy - and said 15 year old was good enough to get photos of him and his Dad when they were there - he knows his mother so well! 

We did the dam walk on Sunday as well and the sun was shining! 

At the end of the walk we spotted this little family, they then saw fit to walk up the overflow which is a fairly sharp angle to get to the dam at the top, one of the little guys kept sliding back down - we were getting a little worried he'd be left behind - but he made it - albeit - eventually!

Beautiful views through the trees, May has sudden sprung into full leaf which is fabulous as April it all still felt very bare!

We've also had some lovely morning walks - I loved the mist in the valley on this one! 

The rest of the week has been very heavy on the work front, it has also been stressful on the Mum's health front, we are waiting on the results of yet more tests, if you can say some prayers or offer up some positive vibes that would be lovely - we need all the help we can get at the moment!  So why is this a positive - well the hospital reacting quickly, keeping her informed and hopefully getting some answers for us! 

I hope your week has been positive, I know Kate won't be joining in this week - thinking of you Kate, hope you and your family are OK. 

If you do fancy joining in then pop back link up and we shall come and visit.


  1. What a beautiful area to walk in. Hubby and I often go for walks early at the peaceful :D XXX

  2. sounds a bit of a topsy turvy week... love the photos of your walks as always, and makes me think I must go places other than Kew (much as I love it) for some variety. Sending big healing wishes for your Mum and good, quick, news..

  3. I love seeing those photos you take on your walks. It certainly is a lovely area.
    Yes, we will be praying for your mum and her health situation.
    Hope you have a great weekend,

  4. Beautiful photos Virginia. The early morning mist one looks so calm & peaceful.
    Keeping your Mum in my thoughts and hope you get some news soon.
    Toni xx

  5. Wonderful photos as ever and a great round up. Jx