Friday, 20 May 2016


Good morning Friday again it has arrived so quickly - time for what's been Rocking my World this week 

We had a great day at Chatsworth, for the second year running we've joined Chatsworth as members and so putting our visitors card through its paces is always fun.  We had some tickets to attend the Horse Trials at Chatsworth and as the weather looked OK, we headed over on Saturday.  Now this was after almost a sleepless night, a call for hubby at 1am regarding his Mum meant a night spent in the hospital for him and me sat at home awaiting his return.  Thankfully she was OK and he headed home at 5.30am.  Hubby was adamant that we weren't going to miss out on a day trip out, so despite only having 2 hours of sleep we managed a few hours at Chatsworth! 

Family selfie in front of the horse sculpture

Cups of tea in the sunshine and listening to the band on the bus was fabulous particularly when they played Bad Romance by Lady Gaga!

Watching the horses was also great, although said 15 year old was confused at the dressage side of things, similar to us last year, this year we just went with the flow as it were! 

As you can see despite them saying the weather would be really cloudy we were treated to a full day of sunshine which was fabulous! 

We even ventured into Chatsworth and had a bit of lunch, I love the way that the structure we were in (Flora's Temple if my memory serves me right) also framed the view! 

Another selfie with said 15 year old - he really is great company!  

And the cascade waterfall was very picturesque!  If you walk from the top of the Cascade to the bottom, each 'waterfall' element is set out differently so the noise the water makes is different - this always amazes me! 

We even found somewhere warm to sit in the day to have a cuppa!  

Thankfully we managed to grab a nap when we got home and so didn't ruin our Saturday evening.  In fact it was lovely to sit out in the sunshine with a coffee on Saturday afternoon, despite it being a little on the cool side! 

Sunday found said 15 year old at school for mass, so we dropped him off and then headed to Magna as there was a free art exhibition on by Pete McKee.  We'd come across a great exhibition by Pete McKee a few years ago in Scarborough, so a brand new exhibition on the doorstep was ideal.

It was called 6 weeks to eternity and was all about that 6 week holiday we all remember as children.  To say it brought back some nostalgic memories is an understatement! 

There was a helter skelter you could use (grown ups were having a fabulous time on it)

deckchairs where you could watch clips from old cine films documenting seaside holidays!

There was even a candyfloss stall which also sold sugar dummies.  This caravan reminded me of the caravan holidays we had when I was younger when the rain didn't let up - I remember spending a whole week making plaster models and painting them up as the weather was so bad! 

Then this set up - yes I remember watching kids do this on the street that I lived daring to do this!  

There had apparently been a specially brewed beer on Saturday but they'd sold out by the time we got there on Sunday - not that I'm drinking at the moment, however, there was a stall selling cups of tea and crisp sandwiches - with a choice of crisps! 

We had a great time wandering around, even the TV with the clips of favourite children's TV had us stood pondering, Paddington, Why Don't You?, Pink Panther - it really was brilliant! 

Outside we found a couple of sculptures we hadn't seen before

And I got a photo of the signage, its a great place to go, we used to have season tickets when said 15 year old was much younger, but eventually we'd been too many times for him to really enjoy it and then he sort of out grew it! 

We managed to catch up with my Mum, sister and niece as well, both on Friday last week (which I forgot to mention at the beginning) and on Sunday - which was fun. 

Monday found me with an emergency dental appointment - thank goodness they got my broken tooth sorted! 

Tuesday was an odd day meeting an old work colleague, the meeting left me feeling very raw and somewhat fragile, sometimes things aren't meant to go back together again and whilst its sad I'm glad I've finally realised that.  However, the outpouring of concern from people when they realised I was struggling really was lovely and makes me remember that I have lots of positive people in my life that make me very grateful for their friendship! 

Said 15 year old and hubby being their usual awesome selves helping out when the house needed some TLC - they really are brilliant - the pair of them! 

I hope you've had a good week and if you fancy joining in then pop a post together explaining what has made your world so positive this week - it doesn't have to be a long post like mine, just some small positive - if you focus on them - you realise how many positives there are in life - then pop back and link up and we can come and visit! 


  1. love the photos; the waterfall cascade is just stunning! the nostalgia for my summer holidays returned too! Have a great week coming. xx

  2. Beautiful photos Virginia and some wonderful days out.
    Hope this weekend is good for you. The forecast is for it to be a bit chilly but dry - we shall see.
    Toni xx

  3. OMG...that "6 weeks" exhibition looks awesome!...and yes I remember the death jumps with the bikes too lol...that's why we don't let our kids do it :D XXX

  4. I love catching up with your posts...

    The person in the window of the caravan reminded me of a particularly rainy holiday to Scotland - never forgotten!!!

    Hope you have a great weekend

    Karen x

  5. What a lovely sunny day you had for your trip out. I watched my sons grow almost daily when they had that spurt that left them looking down on us! I like the sound of that water cascade, and all the lovely views.
    The Magna event sounds right up my street, and crisp butties are a very fond childhood memory.
    Sorry my post is a bit of a ramble this week, but it sort of makes up for going AWOL next week.
    I hope you have a good week. Kate xx