Friday, 13 May 2016


Good morning lovely people, tis time to take a step back and appreciate the little silver linings that occurred through life in the last 7 days as it is time for 

So last Friday I had a simply lovely day, chilling out and scrapbooking with a relatively tidy house, I had the fun time of working my way through a pile of pretty papers and just spending some quality time at home crafting, I re-watched the most recent series of NCIS from the TIVO box and I had a lovely day crafting at my table. 

The weekend was glorious wasn't it - unfortunately I didn't get chance to see very much of it if I'm honest, so why you may ask, well me and my Mum had booked for a craft weekend at our local craft shop, we were there both days from 9.30 until 4ish and had a lovely time.

Can you see the concentration on her face!

We made lots of beautiful items, very much not in my style (if I'm honest) but I do like them nonetheless.

This bird house housed a selection of handmade cards

And we also made some cards, again very much not in my style but I enjoyed nonethless!  The photos are the original but mine are just the same!

The amount of work the team had gone to was amazing! 

Look she was very happy making items!

When I got home on the Saturday evening, hubby had set up outside, including a barbecue, unfortunately the rain came in the evening and we had to finish the cooking off inside, but the thought was there and hubby had been mighty busy preparing the food. 

He also made a large quantity of biscotti which have been very tasty but very naughty and not at all friendly to the waistline! 

On the second day we made a recipe box

Thankfully I wasn't subjected to colouring in (really not my forte) although a few of the ladies were disappointed.

The classes were taken by Clare Rowlands and Julie and Karen who work at the craft shop.

The weekend literally went in the blink of an eye but we had a lot of fun.

I briefly managed to catch up with my sister on the Saturday evening and my niece which is always lovely. 

Hubby and said 15 year old managed to grab a game at Lock N Load on the Sunday and said 15 year old went to a birthday party on the Saturday! 

The week has flown by, we've managed early morning walks but work has been hectic and I'm feeling a little tired tonight. 

I have another busy week next week, including a meeting about more consultancy and another consultancy day so I'm going to make the most of my day off tomorrow. 

The weekend already has plans formulating so I'm going to make the most of crafting if I can.

I hope you've had a beautiful and blessed week and that you've got some silver linings and positive moments to be grateful for, if you fancy joining in then pop a post together (and if you can mention that it's a rocking post somewhere in the narrative that would be nice) and I will come and visit.

Have a lovely weekend and week ahead. 


  1. very "pretty" workshop projects.. not nearly grungy or 'messy' enough for me, but your mum looks very happy with her work! Shame you missed all the sunshine (it was gorgeous at Kew); hope you get to do something equally fab this weekend.

  2. Your Mum looks like she was having a lovely time. The projects from the two days are lovely - I love doing workshops where I get to do stuff that I wouldn't normally do.
    Have a super weekend.
    Toni xx

  3. Wouldn't have been quite my thing either, but I do enjoy the odd craft class and your mum looks very pleased with her day :D XXX

  4. Trust you to go crafting on the warmest weekend of the year.I do hope you will have more good weather and that you are in for a great warm summer. We here in Spain are having a very wet and cold time. The heating is on and I have had to dig out some warm clothes. Very unusual.
    The crafty things you made are not my taste either, but I think there are lots of people who do and the card can be sent to someone who likes that sort of thing.
    Great that your mum came too. I bet you had a good time together.
    The recipe box looks very nice.Did you all make the same one?
    You have a very lovely hubby. It was a great thought to prepare the barbie.
    Have a good week ahead. Don't work too hard.

  5. Wow. A whole weekend of crafting. I'd enjoy that. And actually I love the things you made, especially the little bird house.
    How nice of hubby to deal with the food while you were out. Shame the rain stopped the barbecue, but I am sure it all tasted good anyway.
    You sound as busy as I am. I hope you find a few moments each day to just relax. Kate x

  6. I bet you can adapt all those projects to your style... I am seeing a reinvented Virginia style bird house. Looks like a lovely weekend jx