Friday, 6 May 2016


Good morning tis Friday and that means only one thing in this house 

First up is a trip with said 15 year old to Yorkshire Sculpture Park, he'd not had chance to see the Kaws exhibition and we all fancied a good walk, plus the bridge over the bottom end of the lake was re-opened which meant a circular walk - so we headed out. 

Unfortunately the weather was being a little naughty - we got caught in a hail shower, had it been rain we would have got drenched! 

The bluebells were out in the wooden area above the lake, a beautiful sight!

Although quite difficult to photograph up close in a hail shower apparently!  I love seeing the bluebells out at this time of the year, with them being a protected they have had time to flourish and grow and whole areas are now covered in this tiny bell flower - although they look more purple than blue to me! 

Then Mischief 1 and Mischief 2 checking out the circular sculpture, it has no entry and is quite difficult to see in as you can tell! 

We walked past a field with highland cattle, they always look so cuddly - despite their size! 

Up at the long gallery we managed a better photo of one of the Bendy sculptures, said 15 year old is planning an art textile piece based on the work of Travis Bedel - which is all cut anatomical images, so seeing brightly coloured internal organs has made him have a rethink about his design! 

And just to show the varying sizes in these sculptures this is the two of them next to the bronze sculpture

I liked this shot of the back of the pink rabbit sculpture and the one that reminds me of a certain tyre advert!

Outside the hail clouds had disappeared to leave a beautiful blue sky and these amazing sculptures, this type of sculpture appears to be fairing better 

than the black lacquered ones that seem to have been affected by the prolonged variations in our weather!

This one is simply magical, it looks from the back like a little wooden boy that tells lies, it's only when stood in front that the trademark Kaws design is more apparent!

But the reason why I love this one soooooooooooooooooo much is the size of it - simply breathtaking and can be seen from the long gallery up on the hillside - stunning!

Inside the visitors centre there was another exhibit for another artist, almost 50 years apart in the work of Kaws, but still influenced by similar cultures - bright colours, cartoon like elements, well known faces! 

I managed to send off the photo of my Shakespeare piece for this month, only to discover we'd been given a month off and I was a month early - hey ho!  This one is my favourite up to now and represents The Tempest.

I've still no idea what to do with them once completed, the original intention was a fabric book but I'm not so sure that is going to actually work at this moment in time.  If you have any ideas let me know! 

Sunday found us back at Chatsworth, this time for a wander around the house, as Chatsworth members we get to frequent the house whenever we fancy and unlike a lot of other country houses Chatsworth allows you to take photos inside the house itself. 

We found the resin seat still inside the chapel!

And got a photo of the Damien Hirst piece - Saint Bartholomew - Exquisite Pain  This particular version (apparently there are 3), is silver with a gold plate over the top and really does make you stop and think.  It is currently housed inside the chapel 

One of the more famous paintings at Chatsworth

We even found a new room open that isn't normally - you imagine the other rooms to be quite plain, so when they open up a room and you get to see this - you wonder what other amazing rooms there are around the house! 

The room next to the library has this amazing picture on its ceiling! 

Which I then managed to capture in the mirror! 

The veiled lady - always so difficult to photograph if truth be known

Other positives this week, meeting up with my Mum, my niece and her friend last Friday for a wander around the local shopping centre, not very exciting but lovely to spend some quality time with them! 

Monday found said 15 year old visiting a friends house, so we had a lovely afternoon just the two of us, popped to see my Mum and caught up with my sister at the same time which was great. 

The rest of the week has been filled with early morning walks with views like this mornings one

and lots of work, although getting things sorted posted year end is always heavy going! 

I hope you've had a good week and that it's been filled with sunshine and happy moments, if you fancy joining in, pop back and link up and we can come and visit. 

And finally Friday mornings waves to James - hope you've had a good week! 


  1. Stunning photos Virginia. How wonderful to capture all these images for scrapbooking at a later date and creating such wonderful keepsakes.
    Glad you were able to spend some time with your Mum. Have a super weekend.
    Toni xx

  2. That "veiled Lady" statue is just so hauntingly beautiful! Glad you had a lovely week :D XXX

  3. what a fabulous week you had - I must try and get to Chatsworth one day; and the sculptures look amazing too.

  4. Some of those sculptures are amazing, especially the huge one! I love the bluebells. I am glad they are protected now though I got a lot pleasure picking big bunches of them in the Surrey woods as a child. I remember taking a bunch into school for my teacher when I was about six, and giving her violent hayfever. She had been too kind to refuse them and had put them in the classroom, but they had to go!! Hope work eases off for you soon. Blessings
    Kate x