Wednesday, 6 April 2016


Good morning - is it really Wednesday already - well that's scary isn't it! 

I'm here sharing my desk as Julie over at the stamping ground encourages us to do every week! 

Check out her post


So you may be thinking a rather odd looking desk for me and you'd be right - it has been taken over by the 15 year old who is still on his Easter break! 

Yes that's right I currently am having to share this space !

The inktense pencils are mine - but being used by his lordship, the giant pencil sharpener is his as are the pens, the wood burning items and the camouflage face - so what is mine you may be wondering?  The face drawing top right, the glue and other things all hidden at the moment!

So up close the camo face as he calls it, this one he used some water brushes to blend some of the ink tense pencils.  It is actually lovely to see him sketching as it isn't something that he has always done -but I'm going to continue to encourage him on this front! 

This is my picture I did last week when we were away, I saw a pin on pinterest and was inspired by oversized eyes - I'm not a face drawer but I was quite pleased with this one, particularly once I blended the hair!

Over the other side, you can make out his first attempt of woodburning on the wooden disk using the wood burner he got for Christmas, you can also see some of his pen sets and some of my hair clips LOL!

Oh look better shot here - he was playing with the different heads the wood burner came with - I was massively impressed given it was his first go, he has done wood burning using the sun and a magnifying glass before, but not a decorative piece as it were.

And that my lovely people is that - for another week! 


  1. So much talent in your family... I have a wood's inspired me to get it out for a play!Elaine #15

  2. Ohh the joys of being creative - We have creative children too. Is he doing art GCSE? He should be! Hope you manage to grab a little space while he is doing other revision.
    Soojay 23 xx

  3. I'm massively impressed too, pyroraphy is a hard thing to do I'd you want the create the nuances of light and dark too! Love the over sized eyes on your face pic, they do make a picture so much more attractive!

  4. Yes, encourage your son you must. Love your face drawing - what a great idea doing it over two pages like that - an idea I might copy if you don't mind.
    Thanks for sharing - and for visiting me earlier.
    Hugs, Neet 3 xx

  5. It's good to share. I like both faces. Your desk looks nice and busy. Barbxx

  6. Hi Virginia, it's great that your son is enjoying being artistic. Being creative is a great gift. Something you can share.Love your drawing too.Have a great week, hugs, Shaz #9 xx

  7. Great job drawing the face. Looks like you are better at sharing your toys (I mean tools) then I am!!!
    Have a great day.
    Diane - WOYWW #30

  8. Beautiful pictures! Talent runs in the family. It will be nice to get your space back though, right?

    Happy WoYWW
    Sharon K #42

  9. Where does your son get it from I wonder.....
    His woodburning is very good and I also like the camouflage face.
    Your Japanese style Manga face is very good indeed. I like it very much.
    Happy WOYWW and thanks for visiting,
    Have a great week ahead,

  10. How wonderful all, you and your son are talented, love the faces, both. Happy WOYWW Vicky #12

  11. Your son is obviously following in your crafty footsteps Virgina! Great photos :o)

  12. well you and said 15 year old are having a great time, aren't you!! how lovely that you can share your space. Helen #1

  13. Very interesting desk Virginia. Said 15yr old seems to be enjoying his art - super results on his first attempt at wood burning.
    Toni xx

  14. A clearly well done camo face---and you said he's 15? I'd say that's impressive!
    Have fun excavating your desk!

  15. Oops! Sorry to add a second comment so soon.
    is the real place where I do WOYWW. Call it a second blog, a blogging home away from home, as it were.

  16. How great is it that said 15 year old is so interested in making all different kinds of art. I'm the only crafty one in my house, at least until I get the little Gorgeous into card making :-)

  17. So nice that your son is talented as well in art. Both my children are amazing artists, looks like yours is as well! I admire anyone who can draw and paint faces.. I don't do it well so I push it to the back burner. One of the many things on my list I hope over come!
    Happy Creative week to you!
    Kim #68

  18. Your son has clearly inherited your talent for art. Love the wood burning and the sketches/paintings are fabulous. Enjoy your weekend. Elizabeth x #41