Friday, 8 April 2016


Good Morning one and all, tis Friday and so time to check out the silver linings and positives from this week (and in my case last week as well).  Apologies for the lack of photos last week, every time I tried to upload the file went into 'saving' mode but never into draft mode so I couldn't show you the positives from the week.  So without further ado let's declare what is

On our way - I'm always amazed at how journeys for said 15 year old are so much easier than when I was a child, DVD player, cushions, blankets, selection of music, use of phone and therefore internet - really a home away from home - literally!  It also makes me smile with the sporadic laughter we get coming from the back of the car too! 

Next up we spent a full day in the holiday let when the weather was absolutely tipping it down - it simply didn't ease up all day, so spending time reading and chatting was good!

Getting used to someone else's oven however is a whole different ball game - as can be seen from exhibit A below!  However, it was actually rescued - how I hear you ask - by slicing the topping off and placing on a wrap and then returning it to the oven for a few minutes - inventive we most definitely are!

Whilst we were away it was Easter Sunday and it is good to see that these two don't change despite them getting older! 

Blue skies - we did find some in Scarborough thankfully!

And here are me and little sister enjoying the blue skies!

Although it was still a little on the chilly side, we loved walking around the harbour

Seeing the lighthouse

And the diving lady sculpture

We also ventured up to check out the street art, this one stretch has loads of art on it, although rarely do people stop to check it out.  We were pleased to see some new pieces in amongst the old

Gorgeous sunsets are good for your soul!

Rievaulx Abbey was lovely, however, no proper tea room at the moment as they are in the middle of building a new visitors centre, apparently it will be open in May! 

Sheltering from the weather and playing with water - hence the laughter!

A little too tall for these arches now as well!

At the top of the hill near Rievaulx Abbey is a National Trust place called Rievaulx Terrace - them there Victorians using land to cut vistas into the landscape to see the ruined abbey from above.  As part of this trail we came across a Sky Glade which I loved - the teenagers how didn't 'get it' because apparently if you just adjust your neck you can see the sky - rolls eyes! 

However I made them do it anyway

And I liked the view from mine!

Said vista (well one of them) from the terrace - it was mighty muddy - definitely walking boot territory - not converse territory - although try telling the 16 year old niece that! 

Then we went to Nunnington Hall, because it was nearby and technically inside and allowed us to use our National Trust cards again - I think it was National Trust. 

Although we were more impressed with the Peacock showing off to the Peahens not that they were one bit impressed - I loved the rattling noise he made with his feathers!

So where did we stay?  A place called Mulberry Hayloft, a gorgeous barn conversion in an upside down house, however the squeaky floorboards were a nightmare when it came to an early morning cuppa as were the beds, such a shame because the place really is lovely!

We did make good use of the woodburning fire

And I appreciated a naughty breakfast on Easter Sunday

I also loved the signage, each holiday let there had one of these!

We had a day in Whitby too and went up to the Abbey, learnt that Bram Stoker who visited Whitby on holiday quite a few times and actually lands Dracula in Whitby was Irish - who knew?

Blue skies and Abbey selfie with the 15 year old

And fun photo of hubby taking a photo of the Abbey

And the reason - was the awesome reflection in the water!

And the teenagers - well - being teenagers they were bored - naturally! Sigh!

However, niece perked up on our day trip into York, the Shambles was awash with sunshine! 

Peaking through windows seeing them make fudge

And checking out the teas on offer at the tea shop - I love this shop!

We did split up for a bit, niece and sister went shopping and we headed to the Treasurers House next to the Minster, the few times we've gone has been a Monday and its been shut, but as we went on a different day it was open - yay!  Although the guide indicated until early October they are actually open every day!

Apparently bought by the grandson of an inventor to do with recycling heat in boilers, that made the man's grandfather and father and in turn himself exceptionally wealthy!  When his health started to deteriorate Doctors recommended he lived further south due to the inclement weather in York and he left the house lock stock and barrel to the National Trust with the specific instructions not to move anything!  

We checked out the sculptures on the side of York Minster, I've always loved the hand of God carving in the centre!

And as you can see the blue skies were a treat.

We did Park and Ride into York, easier that way and reduces congestion on the city streets!

And on our last day (are you still with me) do you recognise it?

How giddy was I - the train station at Hogsmeade - used in the first couple of Harry Potter films - you might remember Hagrid waving Harry off on the platform!  

Unfortunately the rest weren't quite as excited, the village is also the place where they filmed Heartbeat

The surrounding countryside is so barren!

But we found a tea shop in Robin Hoods Bay - note the two teenages on their phones with headsets - rolls eyes once again!

I loved the sign in the grocery shop in Robins Hood Bay

And enjoyed a wander along the beach

I also managed some art when we were away - some was awful, but this pinterest inspired piece made me happy! 

So returning home and having a chilled weekend was lovely, catching up on the usual washing etc - we did good!  We also managed to get the cars washed and cleaned, we don't do them regularly as see them more as functional rather than treasured possessions but it was lovely to get into them both over the next couple of days to find them clean and tidy! 

Back to work and on with year end which up to now seems to be tripping along quite happily - shhh who said that! 

Now in this week there have been the usual trials and tribulations to deal with, but at the moment we are trying to keep things in perspective.  What I would ask is that you keep in mind (and in your prayers if your faith allows) my Mum over the next few weeks as she looks like she has some health issues to resolve again!

Hugs to you all - hope you've had a grand week, if you fancy joining in, blog post and then pop back here and link up.


  1. Fabulous photos - love the one of the Whitby Abbey reflection.
    I love wandering round the streets of York but haven't been there for soooooooooo many years now.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Toni xx

  2. What a glorious adventure in such a short time! Glad you enjoyed yourself *including laughing ad eye rolling with teens* :D XXX

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed your post today. Lots of photos. I like that.
    You seem to have had a great holiday. I've never been to any of the places you mentioned and I appreciate you taking me there (well, I have been to York and walked on the Shambles). Interesting to see the station from 'Hogsmeade', but you don't mention the real name of the village. I love Heartbeat and the photo of the barren landscape reminded me of Heartbeat.
    The sign at the grocer's made me smile. (a proper Friday smile, lol)
    Have a fab week, and a restful weekend.

  4. Wow; lots of lovely photos. I am so glad you enjoyed your time away together. I am sure by the time they were fifteen my boys did not want to come away with us on that sort of holiday. Happily they do again now though! It was good that the sun did shine for you. I love the view of the abbey ruins, and the lovely reflection of Whitby Abbey. I would like to have toured those interesting little shops to.
    I am sorry about your mum. Will definitely hold her in my thoughts and prayers. Kate x

  5. Firstly, I hope your Mum is going to be fine, what a worry for you all... next, what fabulous photos from your trips out - I love the look of Rievaulx Abbey - stunning, I'd love to go there. York is a favourite place of mine too... lucky you!

  6. What lovely photos and how wonderful a chance to get away with family.
    Sending good thoughts and extra hugs to your Mum and hoping things come out well.
    Have a great week!

  7. Wonderful photographs! I feel like I went with you! Jx