Friday, 29 April 2016


Good Morning and welcome to another Rocking your World post to celebrate the positives, silver linings and general smiles that make you glad to be alive

I'll be honest before we start, this week has been mad crazy as my main two jobs have involved some significant work towards two financial year ends, so that has left little time for anything else, but let us see what I can drag out of the bag in the way of happy moments for this week. 

First up - arting at the weekend, I got challenged to share some art for 7 days this week and decided that some new art might be nice, they are approximately 7"x5" and are all mixed media - as for what I'm going to do with them - the answer currently is no idea, but if you've got any ideas then let me know.  

Next up managing our walk around Worsbrough Dam last weekend, in amongst the trees we spotted these little beauties and I managed a close up.  I'm lucky because, on my drive into my first job of the week my route takes me alongside an ancient wood which is absolutely awash with a carpet of purple at the moment - I'm hoping to visit and see them up close before they disappear for this season.  

Having a weekend catch up with my Mum, sister and niece was lovely, I haven't touched base with them for a few weeks, so it was nice to put the world to rights as it were.  

Mid week saw the anniversary of my Dad passing away, not a happy moment by any stretch of the imagination but I do try to reminisce and remember the happier times.  He was quite a formidable character and memory sharing makes the pain of the anniversary, that little bit more bearable.  I shared this very old scrapbook page on facebook this week documenting two photos of him and thought it would be nice to share it here as well. 

I also thought it would be nice to share some words from my lil bro, he is always so eloquent and this week, when we were all a little sombre his words reminded us of who he is - this message was for my Mum.

"Whenever the road seemed most bumpy, or the night seemed uncertain ahead, he always shared his footprints with you, and your hand was in his, as he led. 

He weathered the storm for the both of you, though sometimes if felt like he'd gone, but he left three warriors, loyal to their queen, who promised to help you carry on.  

Three versions of Paddy O'Reilly, why mammy that's more than you'll need, he walked on in front cleared the path for you and left 6 hands their to lead.  

Now he's there in the sun that shines down on you, he's in every step that you take, he's the wind at your back at journey's start and will be their at the last journey you make. 

Our bodies are vessels that are lent to us, but our heats can be given away, he gave you his heart as a young man and you carry two hearts to this day. 

 "Cities burn, people die, but real love lives forever."  

Needless to say it made us all a little bit more teary but I love how beautiful the words are and hope you don't mind me sharing them here. 

Onto other moments, I had a meeting in the middle of town this week and spotted this on my travels, a yarn-bombed tree.  I loved it, the fact someone had to stand and finish it off - brilliant! 

I've also got a new app on my phone called You, it combines a new approach to micro actions which allows you to make little changes in life, I'm a little sporadic in my usage, but one of the prompts this week was to try and have a healthy drink, so I got this little beast out of the cupboard and had a cup of herbal tea that we'd bought from the Hebden Tea Shop in York, a fabulous little shop on The Shambles which has an open window at the front with several pots of tea always on the go for you to try! 

I tried a new green tea I bought when there - Japanese Sencha cherry - smells beautiful - tastes weird and afterwards hubby made up almond and orange tea which was much more preferable if I'm honest.  
We got the warmer when we were in York last time, it kept the pot ticking along nicely if I'm honest. 

Final positive for this week, this morning's walk at 6am - it was freezing out there with a heavy crisp frost covering everything, most strange for the very end of April!  Mind you we've had snow showers this week - even weirder!

We get to enjoy some beautiful morning skies though, so despite the cold it made us both smile. 

After a very very busy week and a mass clean up this evening, with hubby and said 15 year old my plans for tomorrow is to do nothing - well not work or cleaning orientated in any event.  Although what I will actually do I don't know but then you can catch up with that next week.

I hope you've had a beautiful and blessed week and have lots of positive moments to look back on and smile about.  If you fancy joining in, pop a post together, pop back and link up so we can come and visit. 

Friday, 22 April 2016


Good Morning tis 

time once more, time to take a step back and look at the silver linings and positives in the week. 

I'm going to start off with the first one, which is that my Mum's scan shows an issue that needs resolving, but it isn't what we thought it might be.  We have all been quite apprehensive this week whittling about it, but thankfully it is something that can be sorted.  Thank you all for your kind words and prayers, they are very much appreciated! 

So next on the happy list - Saturday doing some crafting, hubby was silk painting, said 15 year old was fabric painting with inktense pencils and I was acrylic painting.  We had a film on in the background and were sat chatting, twas fab! 

Here is a glimpse of what I was painting, I've done further work on them since this photo.  

Sunday found us over the other side of Sheffield dropping said 15 year old off for a team building afternoon, so we decided to head to Chatsworth to blow the cobwebs off as it were.  It was cool but a lovely day nonetheless!  The gardens were full of gorgeous daffodils

And we were pleased to see this tile covered sculpture specifically designed for Chatsworth still in situ, it looked brilliant surrounded by all the daffodils.

We walked the trough path - backwards for a change and were delighted to see these bright yellow flowers, not that we know what they are! 

We had a great view out of the grotto over the pond and managed to dodge the smallest of rain showers. 

I really enjoyed the blue skies

And we got to admire the David Nash sculpture that has ended up at Chatsworth as part of the revitalisation of the trout stream, in effect they brought the Chatsworth entry to the Chelsea flower show, back to Chatsworth and have planted the trout pond area out with the items! 

Look and sunshine - can you tell how pleased I was to be enjoying the weather!

Selfie with hubby

The amazing pink hyacinth's next to the maze smelt fantastic (I was going to say amazing - but I thought I could hear you groan).

And the small elephant sculpture looked great in the sunshine.

For once this sculpture was actually working, although said 15 year old growled when I told him as he has yet to see it working!  It fills with water and the petals close and once full it pumps the bottom out of the base and once light enough the petals open and the sphere inside pops up! 

And how sad does this lion look?  We found him in the cottage garden. 

I loved the moving obelisk in the cottage garden, particularly the part that reflected the sky! 

Whilst we were there we headed into the shop to try and find an anniversary gift for one another, unfortunately Chatsworth is once again under a mass of scaffolding on the back of the building, which apparently will be there until the end of next year, included in this scaffold is the orangery shop, so there were limited supplies.  So we headed up to the Stables shops which have been revamped and are looking lovely and found these.  Apparently whilst there is no traditional gift for an 18th wedding anniversary, it has become the norm to associate porcelain with the anniversary - so we thought - why not! 

We enjoyed our wedding anniversary despite both being at work.  We had a bar meal out that evening (no photos unfortunately).

We've enjoyed our morning walk and managed a few lovely sunrises too, although the longer days mean that won't continue much longer.

We managed to get the grass cup (although we won't mention the broken mower)

I had a busy day on Wednesday at work (although we won't mention the broken car). 

And I've even managed 3 layouts this week, which I know by my normal standards is tiny but to be honest my mojo has been on holiday for quite some time now.  I'm hoping it is back for good - but we shall see. 

I hope you've had an amazing week, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back, link up and we shall come and visit. 

Friday, 15 April 2016


Good Morning, we find ourselves at Friday once more, which means it is time for 

So what have the last 7 days positive moments and silver linings had in store for me.  Well some of you may have seen a previous post from said 15 year old and some sketching and painting he'd been doing, so you may think - why am I showing this again? 

Well this is another take on it that he did whilst he was on his Easter holiday break. 

Do you get it yet?  The sheer size of this - see photo below for what I actually mean! 

Yes he found a giant canvas lurking in the pool room and set too on a giant version of the painting, it is looking amazing - I will share a picture once it is completed! 

Next up meal out with hubby and said 15 year old, I was maxed out from a busy day at work, we had an awesome weekend lined up and the last thing I wanted to do was cook and hubby felt the same, so we called the local pub, booked a table and headed over - beautiful meal (as always - George and Dragon in Wentworth for anyone local) and these beautiful spring flowers on the table, with the heady hyacinth scent - amazing! 

Next up first photo of said 15 year old and my Mum when we got to Center Parcs, she really isn't very well at the moment and has an appointment next week at the hospital, but managed great over the weekend and we had some really lovely Mum and daughter time together!

Yes that's right we headed down to Sherwood Forest Center Parcs for a long weekend break as said 15 year old wasn't due back to school until Tuesday.  

We had some great walks and found some fabulous additions to the park!

We got to see some lovely sunsets (not so many sunrises as it was far too comfy being in bed).

Seeing a few fun items as well - this was outside the nature centre

We enjoyed exploring, finding some new sculptures. 

Just being next to an expanse of water makes a big difference. 

And said 15 year old enjoyed cycling - yes that is him in the distance, by the time I got my phone ready - he was gone! 

We enjoyed badminton

And got to enjoy the trees coming into leaf now. 

Like I said great new sculptures around the park. 

I always love the treats shop as the centre display reminds me of something from Willy Wonka

And my Mum curled my hair on Saturday night before we went out for a meal

We had a lovely meal out and the lovely waitress got this photo of us all.

We also had a game of table tennis which was hysterically funny as always and a game of squash, although I forgot to take pictures of that! 

Said 15 year old and hubby even managed half an hour out on canoes on the lake which they really enjoyed and it was such a lovely day! 

And I did some artwork, albeit temporary artwork on the blackboard, I found the statement on pinterest and well I liked it! 

And we had a couple of fires

Sunshine means shadows on our epic walk (and 25,000 step day) 

And we got to enjoy the squirrels in the park, this one seemed quite partial to doritos.

Back home the weekend was over and we were back to our 6am walk - this is one of the sunrises we got to see.

I've had a busy and productive week at work (or should I say works - due to multiple jobs) busy busy but good nonetheless, however I am very glad we are at Friday, just today's work to sort and then the weekend - yay!!!!!!!

Hope you've had a good week, if you fancy joining in pop back and link up so we can come and visit.