Friday, 4 March 2016


Tis Friday - means only one thing in this house

Well last Friday saw a visit to see Dynamo at the Arena, I was still not 100% but managed to escape the house for a few hours.  I can't say I'm a big magic fan, too many magic shows as a youngster I think, but I have to give him his due he really does put on a fabulous show that we thoroughly enjoyed! 

Hubby dragged me out for a walk this week as well, although we were reluctant we have really enjoyed the walks!  

The sky was very grey and overcast and it was cold, the water looked amazing on the way around and hubby said I would feel better for it and he was right, fresh air is such an elixir. 

 I came home to flowers from hubby - aren't they pretty!  

A craft class creating this lovely, I need to get hubby to create some templates so I can replicate the same! 

It proved a really good use of those project life style papers that have become so popular! 

The boxes are empty and whilst other people mentioned chocolates, I think they would be great with little mini books in them, they'd also be a lovely gift for a new born, one of the boxes could hold things like the hospital band and other little keepsakes, whilst the bigger box could take a little book with babies first - weight, length etc. 

As well as the couple of evening walks we've managed, we also have had a couple of morning walks and been treated to the most amazing skies - a beautiful gift first thing in a morning! 

Craft wise things have been a little on the slow side this week, I've got some layouts to complete from said 15 year old's expedition to Lesotho last Autumn, but I want his words and thoughts on them and therefore need to pin him down when there isn't a computer, phone or Xbox screen in front of him to allow him time to engage his brain! 

I've collected some items for a counterfeit kit too and I'm sure there must be another CSI colour scheme out, plus I need to finish off my fabric swap circle journal thingy so I can get it photographed and sent off.  

I've had a couple of questions asked recently that I wanted to answer - the first question was on the white pen I've had a fair few over the years and they've always been quite poor, however, in a Secret Santa gift from a fellow crafter two year's ago I was given a uni-ball Signo broad white pen and I have to say they are pretty awesome, a really good flow of ink and they write on painted surfaces, the only down side is that they could do with a bit more ink in them!  I've ordered some on line this week as the couple of shops that normally stock them had none in so I'm waiting on them being delivered, but they are a pretty fabulous pen! 

The other question was about where do I keep all my layouts, for those that follow my blog frequently you will know that I am an absolute scrapaholic that produces layouts in batches (I created 88 layouts in February).  A fair few of you have asked where on earth I keep them all.  Firstly the easy answer is that I keep them on a book shelf, but what you lot are really thinking is that an average album has 10 plastic and therefore 20 layouts on the basis of the February layouts I would be mid-way through my fifth album!  Being a Yorkshire lass we are let's say a little frugal.  First of all I would extend the albums and get more plastics in and that would allow for a few more than 20 layouts, however, a few years ago - hubby realised the album fastener was the same as a fitted kitchen cupboard bolt designed to fasten two cupboards together with one fundamental difference the kitchen cupboard bolts were bigger.  I therefore extend the albums to a huge extent and can easily get 60 or 70 layouts in a single album without a worry.  So that is how I manage to scrap to the degree I do without being found under a mound of albums!  If anyone is interested I will try and photograph the bolts and my albums for next time - just yell if you want me to! 

I hope your week has been full of silver linings and positives, even when it's a dig deep week, its still worth clocking those positive moments. 

If you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back and link up and we can come and visit, don't stress if you don't manage it on Friday - the link is there all week, just make sure you leave a comment to prompt me to come and visit as it were. 

I hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead. 


  1. How love nice .skies. and walks.dynamo oh wow. I love your happies.what. great photo of you and Mr it's lovely. I love you ❤🌹❤

  2. Even when you are under the weather you pack so much into your weeks... quite puts the rest of us to shame! Isn't if funny how we all like different white pens - I have never got on with the uni-ball, but love my Sharpie! and yet at the weekend someone said they had trouble with their Sharpie...!! Have another fab week.

  3. Super photos Virginia - the flowers from hubby are beautiful.
    I love the craft make. The boxes and design of the item look fabulous - what a great class.
    Toni xx

  4. Yes, a bit of fresh air always makes you feel a bit better. Blow out the cobwebs as they say.I hope you feel 100% very soon.
    How sweet of your hubby to buy you flowers. He is a treasure.
    White pens.... I count myself lucky if I can find one! Never mind the brand. Why are they so difficult to find? I can buy them on the internet but most sites charge the earth for postage, which for one or two pens is not worth it.
    I am intrigues by your lay out storage and would really like to see a photo of this set-up.
    Lovely photos of sky and water.
    The box set is gorgeous! You are right, it would be perfect for a new born.
    Have a good week,

  5. I am sure the walking did you good, even if it was an effort to get out there. Your roses are beautiful. What a kind fella you have.
    I was interested to hear about your filing of layouts. I did extend an album for my son, with purchased extension posts, and one of my year journals is in a 12 x 12 ring binder that will take loads of pages, but i don't produce them at the rate you do!
    I am absolutely with you on the signo pen, and I have actually found a shop that sells them out here!
    You managed a lovely sky photo this week too.
    have a good week. I hope you feel fully back to 'normal' soon. Hugs. Kate xx

  6. That thought had crossed my mind! I use that white pen too.... the best I've come across for sure.

    Karen x