Thursday, 17 March 2016


Morning all well it is somewhat cold out there and it looks like I'll have to scrape the car windscreen but it's also bright and I was treated to an amazing sunrise this morning. 

I've got three more layouts to show you this morning, the first one named Chapel was taken in the Chapel at Conwy Castle, the stained glass was beautiful 

Next up a photo documenting our evening at Chatsworth for bonfire night last year, it was the night as said 15 year old flew back from his expedition to Lesotho and I was so giddy to see him.  The fire garden was amazing to walk around and provided some warmth on a very cold October night.

And last but not least, I mentioned yesterday that I sometimes get a photo of the empty stage before a theatre performance, well this was the photo.  Pocket Shakespeare provided by the amazing Propeller company covered the Merchant of Venice, never afraid to actually push boundaries, we didn't know what to expect, but it was an amazing show with a Q&A session afterwards.

It is one of the saddest things to see that they only perform Pocket performances now, their Arts Council funding was cut completely if I understand correctly and they simply couldn't sustain the shows they had at the theatres - such a shame because they were utterly mesmerising to see live! 

So for now I'll take a little bit of Pocket theatre if that is all that is on offer! 

However, to add insult to injury and I'll whinge about this now because I won't want to include it in my post tomorrow, I'm highly disappointed to note that the long 6 week run at the local theatre that has been for the last few years a Shakespeare play this year will be Lady Chatterley's Lover - sigh - one to miss! 

Hope you are having a fabulous Thursday I will see you tomorrow for my Rocking Your World post. 


  1. Super LOs Virginia.
    It is very cold today but I'm hoping the sun will warm things a little as I have to go down to the coast for a meeting.
    Have a good day.
    Toni xx

  2. So sorry that your losing your theatre trips , but that image makes a perfect statement piece. You always get the most amazing pics :D XXX

  3. So sad when important funding like that gets cut! your pages are gorgeous and so are your photos.x

  4. Great layouts. Grrr about funding. Jx

  5. Great pages, loving the green frame paper.

  6. Shame about the funding..but fab LO's anyway