Saturday, 12 March 2016


Good Afternoon 

I want to say a mahoosive thank you to Annette AKA Voodoo Vixen, who having seen a recent post of mine including some of the South Africa/Lesotho layouts I was creating following said 15 year old's expedition last Autumn offered to me a selection of papers and embellishments from her time living in South Africa.

I was overwhelmed at her generosity and took her up on the offer and received a beautiful bundle of papers and loads of embellishments to create more layouts. 

I blended the selection of papers with a selection from my stash, matching in the colours, so I could use the papers to their best. 

This is what I've created from them, I've highlighted the elements used from the goodies Annette sent in italics, so you can see how much I've used and how generous Annette was! 

From safari photos

Annette sent me the beautiful watercolour type paper of the typical landscape in South Africa, together with the rub on I used on the photo

Apologies for the pixelated piccies, I've left said 15 year old in the photos but where I don't have permission from parents or individuals I've pixelated them.  I hope you appreciate why, there are a few taken at a distance where I've left them as they are.  

To Cape Point 

Annette sent me the fabulous border and the 'adventure' statement

Top of Table mountain

Annette sent me the paper with the vibrant border and the hand made papers under the photo as well as the South Africa stickers. 

Nelson Mandela's cell on Robben Island

On this one I used some of the edges Annette had sent and the excursion sticker

The route they took over the 20 day expedition

I got to use the fab geometric border and the gorgeous embellishment in the shape of Africa as well as the travel sticker. 

Their last day there and a meal out

This is one of my favourite, I used sticker strips in zebra and giraffe design, together with the zebra paper and the hand made paper tag and the metal elephant on the tag. 

As he set off 

On this one I used the hand made papers, Road Trip sticker and the other two elephant metal embellishments.

This layout uses a fabulous sketch from Scrapthology link below

The big five of which I document two

I was desperate to use the fabulous paper using the big five animals in South Africa, thankfully I still had loads of safari photos to scrapbook.  I also included the zebra tape and the sightseeing sticker

Trees planted whilst in Lesotho.  

On this one I've included two cards I made measuring 3.75" x 2.75" that include a tribal sticker and some of the porcupine quills that Annette sent me.

the hike to the Bushman paintings

Another favourite, using the tribal papers Annette sent and the dangling embellishment.  I don't think she realised that said 15 year old had travelled to see the Bushman paintings from my previous post - talk about ideal papers Annette! 

And another of the Bushman paintings photos, with the paper Annette sent with the Bushman style paper together with sticker strips of Bushman style images. 

Relaxing with friends

This one uses the tribal paper, stickers, a tribal border, fabulous turtle like sticker

Said 15 year old holding a baby crocodile.  

This one uses a rub on, sticker and a strip of paper together with some cut down papers and the gorgeous orange paper too. 

A meerkat at the crocodile zoo (meaning I got to use the crocodile paper that Annette sent me)

Meerkat paper from Annette, rub on and off cuts from previous papers I've used. 

Close ups of the crocodiles

Those hand made papers and 'discover' sticker

A beautiful sunset 

Tiger like sticker strips looked great with the handmade paper and sunset photos

More safari photos, allowing me to use both the zebra and grass paper and the porcupine quills as a border at the bottom. 

The border came from paper from Annette, giraffe sticker strips and attaching a feather to one of the handmade tags! 

I've had an absolute ball using up the elements Annette sent me, so much fun and I've still a few items left which I'm hoping to use on some final pages I've still got to do. 


  1. Wowzer! You did such a fantastic job with them and I am totally over the moon that the stash came in so handy for all his lovely memories! My favourites are the bushmen LO's... i loved anything bushmen when we were there... my Mum still has huge plant pots that I painted with bushmen outside her house in France... yeah they look a little odd but she loves them too!

  2. Wow thats a whole scrapbook! What a Wonderful time they all had. I love all your photos and the papers and embellishments are just perfect.

  3. how incredibly kind of Annette, and what gorgeous layouts you've created. I get why you pixelated the young people, but the baby crocodile? LOL, that made me smile!

  4. Wow...awesome collection..lucky 'said 15 year old' and very fortunate that we are that we have such kind and generous people in our crafting community!

  5. What stunning memories to have captured on those super LOs.
    Wonderful use of the pieces that Annette sent you and what a fabulous way to make these keepsakes even more special.
    Toni xx

  6. They are truly fabulous. And how wonderful is our scrapbooking community? High five to Annette jx

  7. Wow what an amazing selection of layouts there, great memories to keep forever. Such a lovely thing of Annette to do to, you did great justice to those papers.

  8. Let me add my wow! as well. You've done a splendid job on these layouts.

  9. Great layouts and what an awesome adventure. And a lovely way to make these memories more special by including the stash from Annette - love this.