Saturday, 13 February 2016


Good evening lovely people, I hope the weekend is treating you well!

Another three layouts this evening for you, first up a photo I took when visiting a local coffee shop with hubby, I played with the original photo on a couple of apps adding filters and writing; it's amazing the things you can do with free apps online.  

I doctored the paper so that the rose overlapped the border rather than being hidden behind it, I thought the papers were quite formal for the photograph and enjoyed hand stitching around the border. 

Next up me and said 15 year old on a walk around a local dam last September, there is a quaint little bridge we use to cross the stream and it's always beautiful, covered in dappled shade from the tree canopy, we love to stop and enjoy the view of the water. I used a star stamp to add to the cardstock a white pen (which has now sadly run out - I need another one) and some die cut shapes!

And finally another fun layout of hubby and said 15 year old when we were traipsing around the Maize Maze last year, the last evening opening of the Maze before it was cut down at the end of the season, the maize is then used to feed the cows on the farm, who produce the milk, that creates the ice cream, so we always refer to the maize as the cow's Christmas dinner!  If you haven't been to a maize maze - I can thoroughly recommend, although on a hot day they can be very warm to walk around, sometimes it's more fun to do the torchlit ones, although we still get the odd question along the lines of 'Is this the way out?' - tickles us every time! 


  1. Three More wonderful pages. I really like them all - really ought to do a maize maze as i think there are some around here :)

  2. Awesome pages Virginia :D The first would make a beautiful wedding page, and the last one just feeds my creepy soul lol XXX

  3. Great LOs Virginia. What type of white pen do you use? I'm currently using a Graph'it which is one of the best I've found recently but it is nowhere as good as the Sharpie White paint pens that I used to use.
    Toni xx

  4. I'd like to know about he pen too..mine never seem to write well. Three grate LO's. I love theMaize Maze story too.

  5. More fab layouts...the first one is just so simple and elegent. The paper was perfect for that picture. Interesting story about the maize maze, being a city girl we dont have those sorts of things going on!! lol

  6. Great layouts... I like the sound of a maize maze!

    Karen x