Friday, 26 February 2016


Morning all tis Friday and only one item on the agenda this morning 

Well this week has been a busy one if I'm honest.  

Last Friday night we headed off to the arena to see Thunder in concert, we also had two support bands King King and Terrorvision (who we've seen before), I really enjoyed King King they were brilliant and Thunder - well they have always and I'm sure will always turn out a pretty epic gig and that is exactly what we were treated to!

It was actually a 'half arena' gig - which we haven't been to before but it really works well, they should definitely do more of those! 

We've also been brave this week and got up at 6am for a walk, I know - mad yes, the thing is we'd realised recently that we can't really afford a whole hours walking at night when we've been at work but both me and hubby lead quite sedentary lives at work so we've got no alternative but to find other ways of exercising, so we decided on waking early and going for an early morning walk to get us off the starting blocks as it were. 

With this early morning walk we've been treated to beautiful night time skies

and within half an hour - beautiful sunrise skies - in the same walk! 

I also realised that I'd not managed to photograph my tiny tete a tete daffodils in the garden that have sprung up so before they disappear completely I managed a photo of them, Kate's photos last week reminded me to take a photograph of them!

Then when I was at home Wednesday as I haven't been 100% I glanced out of the TV room window and saw this guy on the fence. 

And here he is again just under the kitchen window, I've heard him for a few mornings but hadn't managed to spot him until yesterday! 

Parents evening feedback was good, although the need for more revision became the sentence of the night, thankfully said 15 year old has already acknowledged this which was good! 

Thursday found us at the theatre to see Macbeth by a production company called Out of Chaos - pretty much the whole play done by two actors, using a table, two chairs, two torches and two torch boxes as props - all in 80 minutes.  If you get chance to see them in a play I can highly recommend them - an absolute riot to watch! 

And then it is Friday... the kettle is boiling, the washing machine whirring, the blue skies of the week have changed for grey clouds but its dry (although a little cold).  Next plan is the vacuuming trying to get the house ship shape before 9am - best get on with it then. 

I hope you have had a splendid and positive week and that its full of 'rocking' moments, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back link up and leave a comment so we can visit! 


  1. Hope you're feeling better now Virginia.
    It looks like you've had a pretty good week. I love the daffodils, so bright and cheerful looking and your feathered friend looks lovely--what kind of bird is he?
    Have a fabulous week!

  2. Wow, so good of you to get up early and go walking. I used to do that with my DH, but I would only do it in the months that it was light in the morning.It does set you up for the day and I found we had loads of stuff to talk about and discuss.
    The concerts sound great. Nothing better than live music and a great atmosphere.
    How funny having a partridge visiting you garden. Have you got a pear tree by any chance? lol.
    Have a good week,

  3. you always pack so much into your weeks.. hope you're back fighting fit again now.

  4. Your daffodils are beautiful. I used to grow tete a tete in UK. They put on such a bright show. The concert and play both sound very entertaining. I did Macbeth for my 'o'level many moons ago, but it wasn't a bit like this production!
    You are very brave to do the early morning walks, though I am sure it is a great way to kick start your day, and I love the morning skies.
    I hope your 'off colour' day was a minor blip and you are up and running again now. Take care. Kate x

  5. Reading your blog brought back such great memories as I haven't been to a concert in ages. And, the pheasant was amazing to see; we used to have lots of them where I lived in Washington state. Your garden daffodils are beautiful. We have been having warm temps for February down here in southern California. Have a great weekend! Pat

  6. Lovely photos Virginia, especially the ones of your 'visitor'.
    Have a great weekend.
    Toni xx

  7. Whay a lovely photos. I love photo of outside. Specially yours.tou take a lovely photos xxxx