Friday, 19 February 2016


Good Morning, tis Friday means only one thing

Well on a week when the weather has been changeable the work days have been long, we don't have quite so many photos to share unfortunately, but I've a few nonetheless!

First up we all went on a walk at the weekend, given that said 15 year old was still getting over the time differences with New York we did wonder whether it would happen, but it was hubby's birthday, so we headed to the local dam to brush off the mental cobwebs and had a lovely walk albeit a little cold! 

These two really are lovely to be around, there is always positive conversations and chatting and I love the natural look of the photo too!

And look it was a blue skies day when we had the walk, sunshine and water and blue skies - really are good for the old mental attitude!

We even stopped at the cafe at the end, it was heaving inside (probably due to it being Valentine's day and everyone was partaking in cakes and coffee after their walk), so we ended up sitting outside, but I didn't mind because, although it was cold we had good company and blue skies to enjoy!

I'm doing some of these photos in reverse - apologies, we had our 'romantic' evening meal on Friday and Saturday night.  Friday night we cheated and had an M&S meal for two (as we normally do), it was lovely and we really enjoyed just chilling out and spending time together.  Said 15 year old was in the TV blatting things on Xbox, in case you were wondering! 

The M&S dessert was lovely - although somewhat lost on the plate, I'm not a big lover of white chocolate but I just about tolerated this! 

Saturday afternoon, my Mum, sister and niece headed over for some family time (it was my Mum's birthday too), we had made cakes and scones so it was more of a tea party.  We had a good few hours chatting which was lovely! 

The rest of the week has been a bit of a blur, work work and a bit more work, on the positive side, the days have flown by and I've been very busy - which is always good! 

I've got another meeting this morning about job number 3 (don't ask) and then some time to myself this afternoon which I'm looking forward to. 

I've managed some scrapping this week and at last count was up to 64 layouts this month so far! 

I've also got another photo order to pick up (not that I don't have enough to be getting on with!)

I hope your week has been positive too, if you fancy joining in, pop a post together, pop back and link up so we can come and visit. 


  1. 64 LOs...gosh!!!
    Lovely photos Virginia - such beautiful blue skies.
    Toni xx

  2. Busy weeks always fly by. Have you got 3 jobs? (sorry, you said: don't ask). It's a miracle you have any time left to scrapbook.
    Your photos are lovely, especially the ones of the blue sky. So good to see.The weather is always opposite here. When you see some blue sky, ours disappears. We have had three dull days.
    Brilliant family pic. Where are you? (behind the camera of course)

    Have a great week with many smiles,

  3. Please don't ever consider not posting your rocking friday's, I would be totally adrift. You are all that keeps me aware of what day it is lol. If it helps, I can always eat any white chocolate puddings for you :D XXX

  4. Great post.... especially love the family picture :)

    Lovely to see the blue skies here and in your photos.... I love white chocolate... yum!

    Hope you have a happy weekend

    Karen x

  5. There's some good birthday celebrations there Virginia. And some lovely blue skies. I actually don't mind how cold it is, as long as the sky is blue. It is the grey days I don't like.
    My sister always says how good the M&S meals are. I'm afraid that is a luxury we don't have out here.
    I'm glad you managed some craft time, but I still wonder just how big the library shelf is, where you store all your layouts!!
    have a lovely week. Kate x

  6. I love those sky photos! It is fabulous how you always get out and about, no matter what! Hope you have a good week. (love white chocolate, that pud looks so scrummy!)

  7. It looks like you had a wonderful week. I enjoyed seeing your lovely photos of the country. Have a fabulous weekend! Pat

  8. Looks like you've had a lovely week Virginia with some wonderful family time!
    Your VD dessert looks like it would be just about my size too.
    Have a wonderful week!

  9. Oh so love take lovely photos. Thank you xxxxx