Friday, 12 February 2016


Good morning one and all - I hope I find you well - it is Friday which means only one thing in this household 

So first up is having an app that allowed me to follow said 15 year old's jaunt off to New York - although it did make me wonder if the pilot got lost at certain points in the journey! 

Next up - another application that I love Whatsapp - using the hotel wifi he was able to send us the odd photo from his travels - including this pretty awesome one from when they flew over Greenland! 

And even a selfie - well half selfie when he was in Time Square!

Yes, he had a fabulous time, yes he saw some amazing things, yes he agreed it will help on his media studies - and yes he is home safe and sound - absolutely shattered but safe and sound nonetheless!

So what have we been up to whilst said 15 year old has been jet setting again?

Well a trip up to Yorkshire Sculpture Park and a wander into skyspace - one of our favourites!  It really is loved to take stock and enjoy the changing picture above and given that it was a blue skies day with the odd white cloud the picture did change!

And as we had had to park in the lower car park we got to see some Henry Moore sculptures up close. 

We also discovered this amazing tree, despite being literally opened up - it is still growing and the buds are just beginning to show. 

Obligatory selfie and me and him in Skyspace

The main reason for visiting, was the first ever Kaws exhibition in the UK - we were not disappointed! 

Drawing on images and elements of childhood he creates these amazing sculptures, this one as you can see is in wood! 

As was this one I believe but with a dark lacquered finish.

We even ventured up to the Long Gallery - despite the mud (although there was a courtesy bus up there if we'd wanted it). 

We were (for a change) allowed to take photos inside.  The paintings on the back wall have been created just for this exhibition and the one at the front of the picture is made from bronze! 

Inspiration for the next one came from the Donnie Darko films, it also reminded me of Bugs Bunny

And I loved the 'bendy' sculptures too.

Monday we made our way up to the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield, somewhere we haven't ventured to previous.  A good mix of unusual artwork in there and as it was raining it was good to have a wander for a few hours. 

On the way into the gallery we saw this fabulous sculpture in the boat yard. 

Inside we saw more work by Henry Moore as well as work by Barbara Hepworth, whom the gallery is named after. 

We even found a Snoopy picture - second day running! 

I loved the children's work in the gallery - inspired by a Henry Moore piece 

Like I said it rained a lot! 

Tuesday we headed off to Lincoln, what a fabulous place, we went to the Castle and found a Victorian Prison to wander around 

Had a great wall walk around the castle walls

We ventured over to the catherdral, the third largest after St Paul's Cathedral in London and York Minster. 

Trying to capture the Lincoln Imp on a phone proved tricky - he is in the middle of where the two arches meet - at the bottom!

And some beautiful cloisters as well, apparently the cathedral was used to film the Da Vinci Code when Westminster Abbey refused license to film.

And as you can see it was an amazing blue skies day! 

And due to the sunshine, the inside of the cathedral was bathed in beautiful rainbow colours from the stained glass. 

We got a decent shot of the Cathedral from the wall walk around the Castle walls.  There is a third tower hiding, although from this angle it reminds me of French Cathedrals and apparently originally had spires on top of the towers, but a lot of the cathedral was destroyed during an earthquake many centuries ago! 

Wednesday we ventured a little closer to home, heading into Sheffield, we found this beautiful artwok near the Art House, where we wandered around an exhibition of an illustrator.  It is a strange little venue, I've been following them on facebook and they have some fabulous looking courses, but we felt a little out of it in the venue itself, I'm assuming most people have already discovered the place and therefore the need to welcome in newbies isn't quite so paramount - hey ho - might try again a different day!

And as we were unable to take photos inside the Millenium galleries, I took photos of the floor instead! 

Graves gallery were more accommodating allowing photos in a lot of the gallery (not my favourite gallery however, with the spinning Damien Hirst art and the 3 dimensional people art that we saw). 

I did like this though, set out in a little square cube. 

And the 'bluebird' artwork working lending it's way up the central staircase.

And I'll leave you with this fabulous quotation!

As you can see it's been a positive and fun week up to now, the weekend should hopefully be a positive one as it's hubby and Mum's birthday - not that we have any set plans at the moment, I hope you've had a good week as well.  If you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back and link up - don't forget to leave a comment so I can come and visit. 


  1. Hi Virginia, Glad to hear said 15 year old had a great time jet setting. It's amazing to have been able to track his plane and quite alarming to see the de-tour I imagine!. It looks as if you and your hubby have been out and about a bit again. Some fantastic photos. Have a lovely week. Barbxx

  2. Oh, I so enjoyed your post today. You do get about don't you. Did you have a week off? You both look too young to be retired. Well enjoy your free time.
    I'm so glad said 15 yr old has had a good time. Whether it was good for his media course or not, traveling abroad always enriches you in more ways than one.
    Thank you for taking me through the Kaws exhibition. I love sculpture parks, but I had not heard of Kaws, so I looked him up. Fab! Also saw the little video about how they installed the large sculpture in the park with a crane. (the Yorksh Sculpt park website).
    But of course i do know Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth. From my early childhood in St Ives in fact. Barbara Hepworth used to live and work in St Ives and I started coming to St Ives at the age of 3.
    Lincoln looks beautiful. You know, I don't think I've ever been to Lincoln. At least I cannot remember being there. The Victorian prison looks interesting and again the imp was something new to me. Another visit to Mr Google told me the story and I could meet said imp up close.
    Isn't that window beautiful! The light it gives! For people in the middle ages who lived in dark little houses, it must have been a case of awe and wonder. I love your photo of the rainbow colours on the floor.
    Of the graves gallery, I agree with you on that little scene in a cube. The little people in the cube look a lot like Flat Susan. Have you heard of Flat Susan? It is a paper dolly that gets sent to different people and those people write a blog about her visit.('m on the list to host her one day)
    The bluebird art work is indeed stunning and your quote at the end is very apt. I will put that one on my FB page if I may.
    Thank you very much for a lovely blogpost. I always look forward to yours. (That's why I am often late in commenting, because I leave yours until such time as i can sit down with a cuppa and take my time looking at all your photos.
    Have a good week, and happy birthday to your hubby,

  3. Super photos Virginia. The ones of the stained glass at Lincoln are fabulous.
    Toni xx

  4. What a great week - love the photos from said 15 year old's trip to New York (lucky lucky boy!) and Lincoln especially - not been there, but looks like somewhere I should put on the list... hope you have a great birthday celebrating weekend!

  5. Wow Virginia. What a super lot of photos this week. I am glad said 15 year old had a good trip to USA but I know you are even more glad that he is home safe and sound. My boys always use the plane tracker to follow my flight over to them.
    You have certainly visited a lot of interesting places while your lad was away. I love the Kaws exhibition, and that is a beautiful cathedral. But I have to say that I am not relly an art gallery sort of person, and my favourite of your photos is the split open tree. It is amazing that it still has life.
    I hope you enjoy the birthday celebrations. Kate x

  6. Gosh what an amazing time you have all been having...

    I loved seeing all your photographs...

    Karen x

  7. This looks like a perfect week, Kaws and old prisons - 2 of my favourite things :D and I also have a similarly "where's Wally" photo of the Lincoln imp