Monday, 22 February 2016


Good morning, lovely people, it's Monday already sigh, I'm sure the weekends work on a fast forward button. 

However, on a positive note, had a fabulous weekend, really enjoyed spending time with hubby and said 15 year old.  We've got a busy week ahead as well.  

So first up a layout I did documenting our wedding anniversary last year, I did a double page scrapbook layout to compare where we were when we got married versus where we were last year, the photo is of hubby reading the pages. 

The heart photo is his gift to me from him, it is an ametrine heart and is beautiful, he recently bought me a chain so that I can to wear it.  The layout isn't my normal style, but I had a couple of quirky frame lefts over from a shape I'd cut so decided to give them a whirl. 

The kit is a counterfeit kit I put together this month, but haven't properly documented - but it doesn't really matter as I got layouts done which is the main thing!

Another one from Gainsborough Hall and yes Gina you really should go it is a fabulous day out, much larger than we imagined and fairly easy to find once in Gainsborough, we just went left when we crossed over the bridge and found a car park turned around and could spot the hall from there.  It's also good if the weather isn't up to much because it's obviously all inside and it's got a lovely coffee shop at the end!  The photo is me and said 15 year old in the great hall. 

And another one from Gainsborough, they have replicated a piece of Henry VIII clothing in one of the displays which has detailed goldwork on it.  They've then replicated the embroidery piece from the clothing and put it on a frame, so you can see the detail (both front and back).  As said 15 year old is doing textile arts this was really interesting, but more amazingly is actually hand couching - a technique said 15 year old had recently learnt to do using a sewing machine!  We were both really impressed with the detail and also the fact that the method has been around for such a long time! 

Another bright and happy set of photos.  This time it's from Yorkshire Sculpture Park, the iron tree outside the chapel and then a piece of Henry Moore sculpture that was there last year.  I love Yorkshire Sculpture Park (as regular readers will known)!

So there we have it, plenty of layouts still to share, fighting with a few more last night but almost beaten them into submission.  Have a fabulous Monday! 


  1. Wow Virginia , I wish I could scrap as fast as you ! I think I spend too much time faffing about ha ha! - these are all fab. I do love Henry Moore
    such a lovely sunny page x

  2. The heart from hubby is beautiful.
    Another fabulous collection of LOs Virginia.
    Toni xx

  3. More fab layouts! The heart that hubby bought you is beautiful, I bet it looks stunning on. I have to agree with you about the weekends being on fast forward....they go far too quickly for my liking.

  4. *Is now rummaging through diary to find free weekend to visit Gainsborough* :D XXX

  5. I'm getting to love that park too! Will definitely visit it if I am ever up your way :)

    So many lovely layouts.... I especially love the brightness of the last one.

    Hope you have a good week

    Karen x