Thursday, 18 February 2016


Good morning, did anyone just blink and find themselves on Thursday?  Yep me too - what is happening to these weeks at the moment - absolutely crazy! 

Now you may be thinking 'I've seen this photo before' it is a pity I didn't realise that I'd already scrapped a first day at school photo for this school year - sigh, but I'm not throwing it away - so we shall just put up with two of them! 

Next up - was a 'take a seat' in the Chatsworth exhibition from last year, it was I think the only one outside, right at the front of the house, it was there the first time we visited - it was gone when we went next, so this is probably quite a rare photo! 

Once said 15 year old settled himself on the same - all he could say was that it was 'odd' 

And finally bluebells last year in a local wood, they are so prolific when they flower in the area and despite them being near a busy main road and housing estate, once you are in the wood at that time of year you could be a million miles away! 

Hope you have had a good week, see you tomorrow for my Rocking post!  


  1. Three lovely layouts Virginia. I had to smile at the second one. It certainly doesn't look very comfortable.

    I love the photo amongst the bluebells. They do look wonderful growing in huge carpets and I find the smell intoxicating. Barbxx

  2. Ha Ha I often do that - scrap the same photo - infact i did it this week. Of course the week is flying by , its half term. I have loved having the week off and apart from having to do mountains of laundry, I have been able to spend quite a bit of time in my craft room :) Dont those blue bells look stunning.

  3. Me too! I have done that before..but I usually find an excuse to include it in a gift album. Lol
    Three very lovely LO's.

  4. I had the same thought yesterday too....gosh the weeks go by so quickly. I do remember that first photograph :)

    I especially love the bluebell layouts.... I can almost smell them. Roll on spring :)

    Karen x

  5. Beautiful LOs. It can be interesting seeing how differently you 'scrap' a photo - I think it was one of the ceased magazines who used to do an article where the same photo was given to 3 people to see what they came up with.
    Said 15yr old doesn't look too happy in that chair; does he.
    The bluebell wood looks so calm and pretty.
    Toni xx