Friday, 22 January 2016


Good morning it is Friday which means only one thing! 

A time to take a step back and remind ourselves of the positive times, silver linings that have been contained in the last seven days! 

So first up is arting time, there is nothing finer than pratting about with paint!  Having only made a measley 44 Christmas cards from the collection of cards I received last year, I knew I'd have to make some more.  January is definitely my month for Christmas card making and so I dragged out some leaflets from work.  'Why?' you may be asking yourself well these leaflets were no longer used as the project they related to is no longer operating.  So they were technically heading for the recycle bin before I 'rescued' them.  I set too with some black gesso (first time of properly playing with that) and obliterated any elements that identified our organisation, I then got out my large gelli plate and played with a combination of white and blue paints to create the pieces below!

I have made significant progress since this photo was taken as they are now adorned with my take on whimsical Christmas trees (although it has to be said some do have an almost cactus look to them - quirky - maybe quirky is the word I'm after) and also various types of snowmen! 

Talking of snow next grateful was the snow on Saturday.  Which sounds like a crazy thing to be grateful for because we were out - yes we had had the foresight to book ice hockey tickets without first checking the weather - go us! 

We parked in the park and ride at the tram station which is about a 30 minute walking from arena, we arrived there at 5.57pm and it was snowing, the weather forecast told us that it would start at 6pm - I don't think I've ever known the weather be so accurate!

Needless to say the intervals were spent checking outside and confirming that it was still snowing! 

So why the grateful, well I don't actually think I've ever done a night walk in snow, it was lovely, the roads were really quiet, we had a giggle walking both there and back and I got a couple of decent photos!  I also noticed the black shadows snowflakes leave as they fall under artificial light at night - it was a strange thing to notice! 

Here are my two men on the way back! 

And here was the roads as we drove home, thankfully hubby was driving and despite the dodgy roads we took our time and arrived home safe and sound! 

Oh I forgot yes other grateful getting out at a weekend and doing something!  This last weekend meant a trip to see the Sheffield Steelers and we won! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I took this before the game started, hubby has actually got some with players on the ice, but just being there was pretty brilliant!

Then a family meet up, we always promise we will but it often doesn't result in us actually managing it, this time we decided that regardless we were going to meet up for a cuppa.  So we did, as you can see said 15 year old was mighty happy with his drink, which made me giggle with it's double handles! 

Other grateful moments include being treated to the most spectacular sunrises you could imagine, honestly they have been gorgeous, unfortunately as I'm driving i haven't been able to capture them but they were fabulous! 

A busy week at work which meant the working week flew by, this was the photo of the canal yesterday on my way to the second job.  The canal was frozen over in places!

Other positives, seeing a good weight loss on Monday morning made me very happy and the same for hubby.  

Enjoying our food and getting on with the plan as well as formulating plans for after the 8 weeks which is the time limit we are on this plan for. 

Seeing hubbies blood pressure start to decrease - happy happy happy!  

Let's hope it continues!

Blindspot the TV show - absolutely awesome watch, it has us all hooked! 

Feeling positive, January isn't a month that I would normally associate with that but I am feeling positive with a very much 'can do' attitude!

That my lovelies is my week, hope yours has been as good and that you've got lots of positives and grateful moments, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back and link up so we can come and visit! 


  1. Pratting about with paint and liking your way of eating for the win! Getting out is awesome too xxxxxx

  2. *it says you read my instagram instant you read them or does instagram lie to me? Lol. Isnt like you not to reply xxx)

  3. Wow Virginia! Your positiveness is infectious. A night walk in the snow is very special. I have done it a good few times in my life as we used to live in the mountains and got snowed in every year. (Luckily I lived within walking distance of my work)
    I'm looking at the size of that ice hockey stadium. I had no idea it was that popular in the UK. I've never watched Ice hockey, but my Canadian relatives are all hockey fans.
    Your gelli plate endeavors look great. Can we see the end result? I've never used black gesso. I think I need to play with the white gesso first and get a bit more acquainted.
    Have a good week and stay positive,

  4. Lovely photos Virginia.
    I've walked home from the station in the snow when it is dark and it is an amazing sensation as everywhere suddenly seems so quiet (strange feeling as I live on a main road).
    Well done on the weight loss success.
    I love the two handled mug.
    Toni xx

  5. sounds like you've had a great week, love the snowy pics and the hot chocolate - good job there were 2 handles, no way could anyone pick that one one handed!

  6. Ah the cactus - Christmas tree of the desert :D You do make me laugh Virginia.

    Great set of positives there - love the snow pictures. And that drink! Yum!

    LYNN X

  8. what a lovely idea, might have to do this next week

  9. Hi Virginia. I am glad you had such a good week.The snow is so beautiful, though I don't like the cold. I couldn't post this week because I am in UK and I came for my grandson's birthday, and go watch him and my son, plus four other family members, in a pantomime. Only two of them knew I was coming so I had to stay off the net so as not to spoil the surprise. Next Friday I am flying back to Spain and taking my sister with me, so I may not be able to post then either. But I'll have plenty go share the next week! Kate xx