Friday, 1 January 2016


Good Morning - nope whoops it is officially afternoon here in Yorkshire - but it's still Friday which means the first positive post of 2016

Getting the table ready is always good fun, managed a family selfie in front of the table!

There was the annual sprout massacre

The table looked lovely - well I thought it did!

Some of the detail up close

Christmas Day was lovely, we had family time, a turkey interlude (when we had to get the turkey into the oven following the programme we'd watched on Christmas Eve - all I can say is Mr Oliver has a lot to answer for, but then the turkey was fairly epic this year!). 

We had a lovely day with some great company - nothing finer! 

The rest of the time between Christmas and New Year has been a strange one as the weather has been so mixed up, thankfully we haven't suffered with the flooding, but those poor people who have - totally devastating, I'm hoping they are back in their homes soon and get the help and support they need! 

We did manage a jaunt up to Yorkshire Sculpture Park and got to see the display by Jonny Hannah, which I loved but hubby and said 15 year old were a little undecided on! 

It has been lovely to just relax and chill and enjoy time together if I'm honest, a great blend of time and family, making the season all the more special! 

We had a great evening at my sisters last night (hence the late post), great food, company, wine, party games and music - nothing finer!  

As I reflect on 2015 in places it was fairly epic for all sorts of reasons, getting to see Harry Potter World finally was brilliant (and a tick on the Bucket List), watching salmon jump the river was an amazing sight!   Fabulous sunsets in Northumberland and great beach walks!  Getting to see not one but two of the Poppy exhibitions was pretty fabulous too.  Making full use of our Chatsworth card!  Said 15 year old going off on his amazing expedition to Lesotho! Spending a day at the Button Tin with said 15 year old - we had such an amazing time!  So many memories, other things I'll be quite glad to see the back of and hope not to see a repeat of in 2016, but life is what it is and we have to take what it gives us and make the very best memories and time with each other that we have.

I hope your 2015 has been kind to you and hope you are excited to welcome the brand new clean sheet that is 2016 - I hope it is an awesome one for you and yours! 


  1. Happy New Year Virginia, hope 2016 is very good to you and your family. Glad you had a lovely Christmas. xx

  2. Happy New Year Virginia - I hope 2016 brings all you hope for.
    I love the photos. The Christmas gathering looks wonderful.
    Toni xx

  3. Happy New Year Virginia. It sounds as though you had a lovely Christmas, with lots of family time, and good food too.
    Thank you for sharing your year with us, and encouraging us to look for the positives in our own lives. Here's to another year of happy memory-making. Kate xx

  4. Happy New Year Virginia!
    It looks like you enjoyed your holidays to the fullest with lots of wonderful family time.
    Have a great week!

  5. Happy (postive) New Year Virginia. I'm so glad I'm now one of your followers and get to see a glimpse of your life and have got to know you and your family a bit.
    Yes, your table looks absolutely shplendid! Well done yu! No photo of the Turkey? (We slowcooked ours overnight, no hassle on the day). Did it turn out OK?
    I'm still abroad (Holland) and next week we will be in Denmark so Idon't know if I can manage a Friday blog, but I'll do my best.
    Have a great start of the new year and may it continue that way,

  6. Lovely to see parts.of your great Christmas <3

  7. I think your table looked beautiful.... and you did have lots of epic things going on.... I totally agree with what you said about doing your best with the not so good stuff.

    Wishing you a brilliant New Year... Happy, healthy and creative

    Karen x