Wednesday, 20 January 2016


Good Morning, well I'm sharing layouts again, next up Made It - said 15 year old enjoying the Colour Assault challenge for the second year running, also photographed, my first cousin and his daughter who found out about it when we were chatting at a family party and came along for the fun of it! 

Isn't it lovely when impromptu gatherings lead to happy memories! 

The craft table is busy again (you'll be glad to hear) but this time with Christmas cards, after managing 42 using up the cards I'd received at Christmas I was significantly short of the 97 goal that I made last year or the 100 or so that I used this last Christmas.

I've decided to create some original art pieces for fun using old leaflets that were out of date from work (they are really good pieces of card stock), some black gesso, gelli plate, handpainting, fineliner and some glitter glue.

I'll share some photos later - but just in case you were wondering what was happening on the desk as it were! 


  1. It's lovely when occasions like this can be captured and stored as memories on a LO. The LO is super Virginia.
    Toni xx

  2. A lovely page and it sounds as if you all had fun together. Well done getting ahead with the Christmas card making. Look forward to seeing some later. Barbxx