Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Good morning lovely people, well it's mighty grey and windy out there this morning, so a couple of layouts from said 15 year old's expedition to South Africa, both taken when they were still in Cape Town. 

The first is a close up of a rather cute lizard I'm sure you will agree, he was just chilling and said 15 year old managed to get a couple of great photos of him (or her actually) - isn't he (or she) cute!

Then a photo taken from Robben Island Museum, where Nelson Mandela was kept captive looking back towards Cape Town and Table Top Mountain. 

I assumed this was a rather small 'poster' sized frame, however, we have subsequent photos with the group that were standing in the frame - just to give you some idea of the perspective!

I've found it something of a challenge to scrapbook a photo that I know nothing about, so I've found that preparing the page to the point of requiring journalling is the way to go and then asking said 15 year old information.  Initially I get the factual - we were here doing this - type answer, but then I ask him other elements and the day comes to life, telling me snippets of what was said, or who bought what or if it was what he expected.  I've found it really fun up to now, I've got loads more to scrapbook and if I remember correctly a load more to send off and get printed too! 

Hope you are all having a happy scrapping day (wish I was but work beckons). 

Catch ya later lovely people! 


  1. The LOs are lovely Virginia. It seems that you are getting a double hit of enjoyment with these photos - that actual scrapping AND the chats with Said 15yr old.
    Toni xx

  2. Those are great lay-outs! Why don't you ask said 15 yr old to write his own journaling. On a separate piece of card so you can shove it somewhere afterwords. I'm sure he will treasure this album you are making for him of his fab holiday in S Africa.
    Thanks for visiting earlier and your sweet comment,
    Have a good week,

  3. Lovely pages of an awesome trip and its lovely that by scrapping them you are actually getting more info and feeling for what he saw and did because sometimes its really hard to get said 15 year old males to give you any insight! LOL I have some fabby scrap papers from my years in South Africa... would happily send you some to add interest to the album if you want? Just shout!!