Friday, 29 January 2016


Good morning - it is Friday - time to count those blessings, silver linings and positives from the week! 

OK so meeting up with my old boss for a natter last Friday was fab, haven't seen him for ages so we had loads to catch up on and he brought me a belated Christmas gift in the form of a two jars of honey from his first batch from his hives and it has to be said having now tried it that it's amazing!

Saturday brought a meander up to Sheffield to meet with my brother and his girlfriend, we were going to check out a free screen printing session but the deli where it was being held was mighty full so we checked it out from outside and then had a wander to the market.  It was lovely to catch up and have a proper natter!  Said 15 year old had gone to the cinema with friends so he had a lovely afternoon also. 

Another grateful was said 15 year old making his way home (it's a fair trek) on his own but keeping us informed as to where he was etc. 

Sunday was a Winter walk with hubby and we stopped for a cuppa at the end! 

And here is said cuppa - actually it filled the cup 2.5 times which after the walk was very much appreciated and yes despite it being rather damp out, we sat outside to enjoy the fresh air a little bit longer! 

Then my new gadget that I have a slight obsession with at the moment, we have become the family of fitbits and this was me achieving the daily goal, however, it has to be said it is the only time this week that I've actually managed that, which shows me part of the reason why I'm carrying too much weight at the moment!  

Tuesday said 15 year old had his first hospital appointment - not for anything too serious, but glad the hospital are being practical and getting things sorted.  He'll be on tablets for a short spell but this should resolve things, so grateful for the NHS and our Doctor being sensible and referring him! 

Wednesday was lovely as we grabbed last minute a couple of games of bowling with some family, it was a little rowdy with the music blaring but it was a happy couple of hours, chatting and catching up!  

Thursday came and went in the blink of an eye and here we are on Thursday evening with another week gone, did I mention the next Rocking post will be in February we'll be getting the Christmas decs back out at this rate! 

I hope you've all had a fabulous week and have some positive silver linings to look back on, if you fancy joining in, pop a post together, pop back link up and I shall come and visit, don't forget to leave a message to prompt me - brain like a sieve these days!

Thursday, 28 January 2016


Good morning, well for those that follow my blog you'll know that I've made a start on said 15 year old's expedition to Lesotho photos recently.  

He has some amazing photographs of the animals he saw on the two game drives he went on at the end of his trip, I decided to use a selection of them in a double page spread and I wrote the journalling from his perspective with his words as it were.  He did write an amazing 'diary' whilst he was away that he'll have to look back on as well! 

Hope you are having a happy scrapping day! 

Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Good morning lovely people, well it's mighty grey and windy out there this morning, so a couple of layouts from said 15 year old's expedition to South Africa, both taken when they were still in Cape Town. 

The first is a close up of a rather cute lizard I'm sure you will agree, he was just chilling and said 15 year old managed to get a couple of great photos of him (or her actually) - isn't he (or she) cute!

Then a photo taken from Robben Island Museum, where Nelson Mandela was kept captive looking back towards Cape Town and Table Top Mountain. 

I assumed this was a rather small 'poster' sized frame, however, we have subsequent photos with the group that were standing in the frame - just to give you some idea of the perspective!

I've found it something of a challenge to scrapbook a photo that I know nothing about, so I've found that preparing the page to the point of requiring journalling is the way to go and then asking said 15 year old information.  Initially I get the factual - we were here doing this - type answer, but then I ask him other elements and the day comes to life, telling me snippets of what was said, or who bought what or if it was what he expected.  I've found it really fun up to now, I've got loads more to scrapbook and if I remember correctly a load more to send off and get printed too! 

Hope you are all having a happy scrapping day (wish I was but work beckons). 

Catch ya later lovely people! 

Monday, 25 January 2016


Good morning lovely people, well I'm sharing two more layouts this morning, these are from said 15 year old's expedition to Lesotho in South Africa last Autumn.  I'm doing lots of layouts in relation to his trip to create a single album documenting his time there. 

The first layout documents the paintings that were done to brighten the school.  The wall was initially grey breeze block - I'm sure you will agree it looks much better for some colour!

The second layout documents the hand print said 15 year old left behind.  The hand print on the left is his and on the right was a student from the school in Lesotho! 

I enjoyed doing these layouts as I played with a few stamps and ink whilst creating them. 

Hope you are all having a happy scrapping day - ooh for a day of scrapbooking! 

Sunday, 24 January 2016


Good evening all I thought I'd share another layout I've created, this one documenting the end of the Colour run, said 15 year old did last year!  

I used my wavy boards to create the dimension on the right and added some punched hearts, sometimes it's the simplest of things that make the difference! 

Hope you've all had an awesome weekend! 

Friday, 22 January 2016


Good morning it is Friday which means only one thing! 

A time to take a step back and remind ourselves of the positive times, silver linings that have been contained in the last seven days! 

So first up is arting time, there is nothing finer than pratting about with paint!  Having only made a measley 44 Christmas cards from the collection of cards I received last year, I knew I'd have to make some more.  January is definitely my month for Christmas card making and so I dragged out some leaflets from work.  'Why?' you may be asking yourself well these leaflets were no longer used as the project they related to is no longer operating.  So they were technically heading for the recycle bin before I 'rescued' them.  I set too with some black gesso (first time of properly playing with that) and obliterated any elements that identified our organisation, I then got out my large gelli plate and played with a combination of white and blue paints to create the pieces below!

I have made significant progress since this photo was taken as they are now adorned with my take on whimsical Christmas trees (although it has to be said some do have an almost cactus look to them - quirky - maybe quirky is the word I'm after) and also various types of snowmen! 

Talking of snow next grateful was the snow on Saturday.  Which sounds like a crazy thing to be grateful for because we were out - yes we had had the foresight to book ice hockey tickets without first checking the weather - go us! 

We parked in the park and ride at the tram station which is about a 30 minute walking from arena, we arrived there at 5.57pm and it was snowing, the weather forecast told us that it would start at 6pm - I don't think I've ever known the weather be so accurate!

Needless to say the intervals were spent checking outside and confirming that it was still snowing! 

So why the grateful, well I don't actually think I've ever done a night walk in snow, it was lovely, the roads were really quiet, we had a giggle walking both there and back and I got a couple of decent photos!  I also noticed the black shadows snowflakes leave as they fall under artificial light at night - it was a strange thing to notice! 

Here are my two men on the way back! 

And here was the roads as we drove home, thankfully hubby was driving and despite the dodgy roads we took our time and arrived home safe and sound! 

Oh I forgot yes other grateful getting out at a weekend and doing something!  This last weekend meant a trip to see the Sheffield Steelers and we won! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I took this before the game started, hubby has actually got some with players on the ice, but just being there was pretty brilliant!

Then a family meet up, we always promise we will but it often doesn't result in us actually managing it, this time we decided that regardless we were going to meet up for a cuppa.  So we did, as you can see said 15 year old was mighty happy with his drink, which made me giggle with it's double handles! 

Other grateful moments include being treated to the most spectacular sunrises you could imagine, honestly they have been gorgeous, unfortunately as I'm driving i haven't been able to capture them but they were fabulous! 

A busy week at work which meant the working week flew by, this was the photo of the canal yesterday on my way to the second job.  The canal was frozen over in places!

Other positives, seeing a good weight loss on Monday morning made me very happy and the same for hubby.  

Enjoying our food and getting on with the plan as well as formulating plans for after the 8 weeks which is the time limit we are on this plan for. 

Seeing hubbies blood pressure start to decrease - happy happy happy!  

Let's hope it continues!

Blindspot the TV show - absolutely awesome watch, it has us all hooked! 

Feeling positive, January isn't a month that I would normally associate with that but I am feeling positive with a very much 'can do' attitude!

That my lovelies is my week, hope yours has been as good and that you've got lots of positives and grateful moments, if you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back and link up so we can come and visit! 

Wednesday, 20 January 2016


Good Morning, well I'm sharing layouts again, next up Made It - said 15 year old enjoying the Colour Assault challenge for the second year running, also photographed, my first cousin and his daughter who found out about it when we were chatting at a family party and came along for the fun of it! 

Isn't it lovely when impromptu gatherings lead to happy memories! 

The craft table is busy again (you'll be glad to hear) but this time with Christmas cards, after managing 42 using up the cards I'd received at Christmas I was significantly short of the 97 goal that I made last year or the 100 or so that I used this last Christmas.

I've decided to create some original art pieces for fun using old leaflets that were out of date from work (they are really good pieces of card stock), some black gesso, gelli plate, handpainting, fineliner and some glitter glue.

I'll share some photos later - but just in case you were wondering what was happening on the desk as it were! 

Tuesday, 19 January 2016


Morning all, sharing some more layouts this morning.  The first one is a piece of art textile created by prisoners of war from their uniform, it can be seen hanging in Bamburgh Castle and really is the most intricate work of art made up of tiny pieces.

It was a thank you from the prisoners for their good treatment, an amazing piece of documented history. 

Then two shots of Holy Island (aka Lindisfarne), the first is the causeway across to the island - always an amazing journey.  The second is a of the large statue inside the priory. 

Hope you are having a happy scrapping day!

Monday, 18 January 2016


Morning all - drat Monday again - how did that happen, two layouts, the first of me and said 15 year old enjoying a giant piece of Rob Ryan work at Yorkshire Sculpture Park last year! 

And another Yule Ball layout (promise this will be the last one for a while - I've got another 700 photos from that day to go at!  Blame it on the fact I had Christmassy papers out that had blues etc in them!)

Hope you are having a good Monday - Happy scrapping!

Sunday, 17 January 2016


Hello lovely people, another couple of layouts from me. 

Another photo from the Yule Ball table at Harry Potter World, a brilliant close up of the bottle tops! 

Then one from Yorkshire Sculpture park, this one a photo of us taken looking into a piece of reflective Venetian glass. 

Hope you are having a fabulous, happy scrapping time!

Friday, 15 January 2016


Good morning lovely people, 'tis Friday which means it is time for Rocking Your World post

So first up is completing my Journal Your Christmas album for 2015, here it is fully completed.  I used an 8" x 8" album as a base and had great fun working with it. 

Next up was said 15 year old tucking into a hot chocolate he'd made himself complete with squirty cream and marshmallows - it was running down the sides!

Then a romantic meal for two with hubby, sometimes we forget that the simplest of things can be great fun, we were enjoying the freedom of food before setting out on a diet on Monday.  Said 15 year old laid the table with all the lights as a surprise whilst we were out of the room.

Next up flowers from the supermarket a blend of new ones and last weeks making a really big positive display.

A close up of the flowers - I love roses!

Then said 15 year old making pasta at home for the first time!

He'd made pasta at school as part of his DT food class in the week and decided to put his Dad's unused (for several years I might add) pasta making machine through its paces, as school didn't have this fun contraption to play with! 

Next happies, said 15 year old having a good afternoon on Saturday with school friends bowling.  We dropped him off and he had several hours of fun before making his own way home (making us parents feel slightly redundant - but I think that's the point isn't it). 

Doctors for actually listening to hubby - rather than just handing out tablets!  Those that read this frequently will be glad to know that his follow up blood test was normal meaning the tablets were the culprit, so the plan now is 8 weeks of dieting and it is proper dieting (limited calories), but there's a reason for hubby to do it (medical) which has spurred me on to join him as I really do want to shift this weight but a slow methodical pace just doesn't cut it for me at the moment so we are going for it - pretty big time if I'm honest, I will update you on how things are progressing next week.  

First job for being busy and positive and second job for being crazy mad but the day flies by which I love! 

Scrapbooking my evening enjoyment - I did some Christmas cards last weekend and then started on (and now completed) 18 new layouts - yay!!!!!  I've started scrapping in chronological order (which is a first for me) but there is a reason I want to start getting the layouts in albums and as I file them chronologically I hate having to re-jig albums to fit new layouts in! 

I hope you've all had a good week, if you fancy joining in then pop a post together, pop back and link up!

Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Another two layouts - I've used the mini owner sketch again - it's a fab blog with a great monthly sketch. 

The photo documents a trip to the Chapel at Yorkshire Sculpture Park last summer with a display of Venetian glass.

The second layout documents the Yule Ball display from Harry Potter World - which was quite honestly awesome, the attention to detail was fabulous!

Tuesday, 12 January 2016


Morning well Monday disappeared in the blink of an eye - so we are at Tuesday, two layouts that I've created recently.  

First up a photo from the Poppies at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, photo of me and hubby. 

Next up said 15 year old at Chatsworth's Garden Party last year with a plate of fresh homemade scones and lashings of cream!  Happy times - ooh for some sunshine! 

Both these layouts were done using the sketch for this month on Mini owners blog always a grand place for a sketch if you need some inspiration! 

Hope the week is treating you well! 

Saturday, 9 January 2016


Finally a craft related blog post - I bet you thought I'd forgotten how to do one of those don't you! 

So here is not one but two layouts created recently. 

A fabulous mix of colours - very 'my style' as it were. 

The first one documents the first ever game of croquet that the two of them had at Brodsworth Hall.  Very Alice in Wonderland-esque if I'm honest, I sat and enjoyed watching them play, they had me giggling quite a lot! 

Next up a layout document a photo hubby took at sand level on the beach at Seahouses, I didn't know he was doing this and I loved loved loved the finished effect with the close up texture of the sea weed. 
So have I been crafting lots since the New Year, well I've finished off my Journal your Christmas and it is pretty epic if I'm brutally honest.  I used an 8" x 8" album and then used kitchen cupboard joining bolts to extend the book and then I had to add extenders on to them!  I'm so glad I've finished it though for one from 2014 remains unfinished and despite going to extreme measures to make that particular book it is very frustrating from a usage basis, I may need to rethink the cover and take it apart. 

I've also started on my Christmas cards, using this years cards that I received as the base, quick and simple but means that the cards don't get wasted. 

I hope you are managing some crafting time. 

Friday, 8 January 2016


Good Morning and welcome to the 2nd Rocking your World post of 2015! 

Well I thought I'd load up a few photos from over the New Year weekend, first up me and hubby on our rather wet - very muddy walk around the local dam.  Said 15 year old had more sense and stayed at home but we did enjoy the walk if I'm honest! 

Then this photo I shared with friends, documenting my niece my Mum and said 15 year old - I have a similar photo of them the year before which really highlights how much said 15 year old has actually grown in the 12 months - it would appear that my Mum is officially shrinking! 

Next up is said 15 year old and his Christmas gadget, in amongst the usual detritus on his wish list was the request for a popcorn maker and not wanting to disappoint, we did actually pick him one up!  It is hysterical to watch it firing the popcorn out, despite the bowl and despite their being an 'escape route' from the machine it still ends up everywhere!

Another positive, crafting time to enjoy making mini books, I'm thinking about setting up an Etsy shop - what do you think?  

And then we thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the cinema to see Kenneth Branagh's take on William Shakespeare's 'A Winter's Tale' - it was amazing with Dame Judy Dench taking a key role, it made me cry - really fabulous acting and a great way to set the ball rolling for January. 

Monday arrived and the alarm clock was something of a culture shock, but I was ready to crack on and make a good start on the week ahead.  Job number one proved busy and interesting and the days flew by and my second job has proved just as fruitful today, albeit that the atmosphere is a lot busier and sometimes more difficult to concentrate! 

I've managed to watch what I'm eating, I've also managed to do some exercise, these are fairly tentative steps but good ones nonetheless. 

Hubby has had some blood tests recently that have thrown a bit of a curve ball at us, I'm hoping that everything is OK we will know a little more tomorrow, we have a bit of a plan provided the news tomorrow is OK, we are hoping the blip has been caused by some new medication he was prescribed recently - but we shall see. 

My two men listening to me planning out a busy and eventful month and asking for their help to make the house and home run a lot smoother - they've been awesome. 

Hubby for volunteering to come on a very early walk on Thursday morning - we did good! 

I hope your week has been a good one and that it has lots of positives and silver linings to it.

If you fancy joining in pop a post together, pop back link up and we shall come and visit. 

Friday, 1 January 2016


Good Morning - nope whoops it is officially afternoon here in Yorkshire - but it's still Friday which means the first positive post of 2016

Getting the table ready is always good fun, managed a family selfie in front of the table!

There was the annual sprout massacre

The table looked lovely - well I thought it did!

Some of the detail up close

Christmas Day was lovely, we had family time, a turkey interlude (when we had to get the turkey into the oven following the programme we'd watched on Christmas Eve - all I can say is Mr Oliver has a lot to answer for, but then the turkey was fairly epic this year!). 

We had a lovely day with some great company - nothing finer! 

The rest of the time between Christmas and New Year has been a strange one as the weather has been so mixed up, thankfully we haven't suffered with the flooding, but those poor people who have - totally devastating, I'm hoping they are back in their homes soon and get the help and support they need! 

We did manage a jaunt up to Yorkshire Sculpture Park and got to see the display by Jonny Hannah, which I loved but hubby and said 15 year old were a little undecided on! 

It has been lovely to just relax and chill and enjoy time together if I'm honest, a great blend of time and family, making the season all the more special! 

We had a great evening at my sisters last night (hence the late post), great food, company, wine, party games and music - nothing finer!  

As I reflect on 2015 in places it was fairly epic for all sorts of reasons, getting to see Harry Potter World finally was brilliant (and a tick on the Bucket List), watching salmon jump the river was an amazing sight!   Fabulous sunsets in Northumberland and great beach walks!  Getting to see not one but two of the Poppy exhibitions was pretty fabulous too.  Making full use of our Chatsworth card!  Said 15 year old going off on his amazing expedition to Lesotho! Spending a day at the Button Tin with said 15 year old - we had such an amazing time!  So many memories, other things I'll be quite glad to see the back of and hope not to see a repeat of in 2016, but life is what it is and we have to take what it gives us and make the very best memories and time with each other that we have.

I hope your 2015 has been kind to you and hope you are excited to welcome the brand new clean sheet that is 2016 - I hope it is an awesome one for you and yours!