Tuesday, 8 December 2015


Well Monday was a weird one, you know the one that you know isn't going to quite pan out but you don't know why, then you get the call from school with a poorly 15 year old on your hands!  Yep that's the one, so having left work I dashed over and collected him, he really wasn't very well at all, so I spent a good proportion of the day running around getting things for him, making sure he is OK, he isn't feeling quite as rough this morning but with a decidedly dodgy belly it really isn't sensible to send him in (they will probably only end up sending him home again anyway!).  So like I said a weird Monday!

Well I'm officially sharing the last three layouts in my blog folder - gulp - I cannot remember the last time it was actually empty!

First up me and said 15 year old at the top of Gainsborough Old Hall earlier in the year, it really is an amazing place to visit, we had a fabulous day there!

Then yet another Alice trail photo, this one taken from a distance, if I recall correctly off the pier, I've left off an additional title as I think 'Llandudno' in the photo more than makes up for it as it were!

Then Bodnant gardens, we were amazed that these rather spikey trees were anything but spikey and we actually quite soft to the touch!

I really had better get a move on with making some more layouts, at the moment I'm working on some homemade gifts which are taking time and my Journal your Christmas which is taking on a mind of it's own - but that's fine I can live with that! 

Hope you have a beautiful and blessed day ahead.


  1. You all certainly get about a lot. Some lovely photos and layouts. Enjoy your day. Barbxx

  2. Hope Said 15yr old is feeling better Virginia.
    Lovely LOs and fabulous photos.
    Toni xx

  3. Your layouts look great, I'm down to a pretty empty blog folder as well, hope to remedy that after I finish the Christmas decorating.