Thursday, 3 December 2015


Morning all, well another mix of layouts this morning,  this layout documents the inspiration behind the art.  In the left hand picture you can see hubby stood next to a giant piece of smoky quartz at Chatsworth in the right hand picture you can see said 15 year old next to a resin seat made using the quartz as inspiration.  Both pieces are beautiful!  

Then the Alice trail in Llandudno - yes another layout - I told you I've got almost a full album on that one trail alone.  Here is me and said 15 year old stood next to the Cheshire Cat sculpture in the park (there are two in this trail, the second appearing in the second part of the trail which covers 'Through the Looking Glass').

And finally a layout documenting Colin the crow at Harewood, he is really cheeky and quite tame and very very inquisitive and he likes it when visitors pass him sticks through the bars apparently, a couple of up close photos and a family 'selfie' with Colin in the background!

Hope you are having a fabulous day 

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  1. Lovely pages Virginia. The art inspiration photos are great - I love crystals (especially smoky quartz) and that seat looks amazing.
    Toni xx